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@FirstProgenitor if you have the energy and resources, it's not too late to learn. Unfortunately capitalism often takes those away...

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Kinda want to join a community garden but all community gardens I know are annoying to get to and I am worried about not getting along with the people there lol

Sometimes seeing all the bad stuff happening to the word can be distressing. I found a website that helped me see that not everything is bad.

There are many good people in the world who want to make everything better. If we work together, our future will be bright and happy.

White people have innovated how to make *plants* bad for the environment. Impressive.



@hystericempress I noticed the trope as a child and found it so annoying. It just tries to make you stressed out for no reason.

@byttyrs I'm in Australia and atm it's too hot to cuddle anyone so I feel like everyone is a furnace

I am in between big spoon and little spoon though, maybe one square towards little


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