(-) but I'm ok dw 

I haven't really been talking to many people in general tbh. I have like 3 friends that I'm happy about and trust, which is good, but I'm scared of making new friends.

Pretty much every social interaction gets me misgendered for sexist reasons, and having to deal with millions of microagressions wears you down when they all add up to seeing you as subhuman. And the worst of all, I don't feel supported anywhere, not even leftist spaces, with so many people doubting what I have experienced.

I think I'm just overly sensitive to discrimination. It gets tiring to think about.

I'm just going to focus on having fun with my special interests, make my garden super nice and start drawing more again.

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(-) but I'm ok dw 

If anyone noticed that I have been away, don't worry, I'm fine. Just don't want to be on mastodon or anywhere political at the moment.

Really tired of activism and politics because it just really rubs it in that people don't care about issues that affect me pretty much anywhere, and I see other people descriminated against too (like the racism problem here) and it just makes me so tired and sad.

It's much more happy to just live my life and not think about stuff like this. Maybe the person who's plant pic I'm looking at is a horrible bigot, who knows? But at least I don't have to know. With leftists, it hurts more when you find that out because it's somewhere you felt safe.

Idk maybe this attitude may be frowned upon here but I just want to live my life. I want to look after my plants and have fun with my special interests. Thinking about this just makes me feel unsupported and alone.

Are there any good feminist youtubers? Like, actually talking about sexism. If you search up feminism you only get anti-feminist channels :/


@teslas_moustache @stackingstones thanks. I sometimes doubt myself and feel like I'm being too harsh.


@stackingstones we haven't talked in so long, I thought he forgot about me by now :/


He's a sexist who doesn't care about consent and made that really clear. He doesn't seem to realise that what he's doing is abuse and not just normal male activity. Why would I want to talk to him?

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Ah an ex friend who abused me messaged me on Facebook trying to ask me "how are you"

Kinda don't want to talk to him???

Mastodon meta, anarchy 

@stackingstones that's comforting to hear. Mastodon has been my only experience of "anarchy", so it's been a somewhat disappointing first introduction.

Mastodon meta, anarchy 

Maybe there's a way to make this all better. I just think it will take more effort and more kindness than we previously thought.

It may also mean that we will have to listen to more voices than just the average white trans woman. The more diverse the voices we listen to, the better imo.

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Mastodon meta, anarchy 

When I first came to SBC, I was excited by all the ideas people had about anarchy and decentralisation and whatever, I was excited about the idea of a society where everyone can live happily and be equal.

As time went by, I grew to be more and more disappointed by mastodon. If this is anything like how anarchy would work, I am not sure if I have such a positive view of it anymore. I think we still need to work on our ideas and work towards solutions, utopia won't come so easily to us.

In my time here I have come across mountains of unexamined sexism and most of my efforts to have people question their biases didn't seem to have much of an impact. I have seen other users have racist harassment thrown at them. I've seen users just being plain assholes to each other.

It feels like there's still no way to be heard if you're not the majority. People aren't kind to each other.

sex, consent, grapefruiting 

@popstar@myasstodon.xyz wtf I had to look this up and that's... gross. Definitely not informed consent, can't believe people think this is ok.

If you want to do something weird, ask first. It's that easy.

Identity Politics 

@DissidentKitty it's especially gross when some random priviledged person does it. I saw a cishet white man say that sexism isn't as bad as another form of opression, having experienced neither.

All it did was signal to me that they didn't think that sexism was that big of a deal. There's no point of saying stuff like that, and it ignores how different everyone's experiences of opression are. It's not something you can compare.

@alyaza @Awizadofearthsea @puffinus_puffinus @lilly I'd be happy for you to be a mod, I have no objections

@nothingwindsky white cishet men are angry all the time and no one cares. You get a marginalised person being like "hey maybe this is a bit problematic" and suddenly that's "outrage". The anger of priviledged people in response to a marginalised saying something is never seen as outrage.


@Isocelesisopod I don't hate it but the bubbles also hurt my mouth and I agree that it's way too sweet. I really like Korean type of sodas but I am mostly indifferent to the American type of sodas.

@garfield what always drives my bio major ass buckwild is that... survival of the fittest also never means what these folks want to make it mean

evolution doesn't do "best overall". it doesn't do "clearly superior above all others". it doesn't do that. it does "most successful at passing on genes in a specific ecological niche", and if you look at animals for, like, two seconds, it becomes obvious that there's a whole lotta GOOD ENOUGH I GUESS going on out there.

@wigglytuffitout @garfield oops also a bio major and keep accidentally bio ranting on people's posts when it was meant to be one paragraph long :(

@popstar@myasstodon.xyz sorry if I ranted a little, I have a bachelor of science and bigots misrepresenting biology is just so gross. They have no evidence for their disgusting views so they just make it up.

@popstar@myasstodon.xyz and even if that was how it worked, which it doesn't! But let's pretend it does. It's still not genocide. Wouldn't it be the "survival of the fittest" they keep preaching about?

If everyone was to stop being white/blonde/redhead/whatever freely and happily out of their own choice, that's not genocide. That's just evolution.

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