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First image: Sunday afternoon
Second image: Monday morning
Third image: Tuesday morning

Also I have trouble understanding more general social constructs and vague ideas like that even though I can be ok at social interaction sometimes. When thinking about stuff like that my brain just defaults to some kind of nihilism. I don't really get gender for example, although I don't really consider myself agender necessarily. To me it just seems like nothing is there and like some people have a weird secret club. There's a lot of other stuff like that I find confusing too, not just gender.

Could being bad at "normal" hygiene be an autism thing? I'm usually very organised (but only in one or two things at a time, for example uni + maybe something I'm really into atm) and tend to lose track of other things. It took me ages to make brushing teeth a habit. I also don't shower every day habitually like most people do, only when I notice that I might be dirty and I'm not really sure how often that is. I saw something in one of the posts about "executive dysfunction" and I'm wondering if that could be a thing.

More things that my girlfriend thinks are symptoms:
- I can be too loud and have trouble controlling my voice volume
- I'm bad with conveying tone sometimes and it stresses me out to have to have a "good" tone during daily social interaction

There are some things that I thought would mean that in not autistic but tbh I don't know much about autism so I would like to know if these are a thing

- I don't have "the" special interest, but I get obsessed with things every few months. Sometimes I want to talk about my hobby for hours and if I run out of stuff to talk about I repeat stuff. But it changes every couple of months.
- I think I'm actually fairly good at reading people's emotions and body language.
- I was ok at socialising as a child and had many friends. The only really obvious symptom during childhood was sensory issues. I feel like my symptoms got worse as I got older.

Hello, does anyone here know much about autism? My girlfriend is autistic and thinks I might be too, and tbh I don't really care either way if I am or if I'm not but I'm a bit curious whether she could be right.

So some things that make her believe I might be autustic:

- I have sensory issues. Sometimes they can get bad enough where I go mute or actually start being very loudly upset.
- Apparently I'm selectively mute because I stop talking in some stressful or uncomfortable situations. I think it's because I'm worried about being rude so I end up just not saying anything when I want to object.
- I repeat stuff a lot. She noticed it like the second day we met. I have trouble getting thoughts out of my head. I also get really obsessive with things.
- I get really stressed out by having my stuff moved or re-arranged.

(I'll continue this post in a reply)

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Here is a photo of a recent garden bed that we just made :) my mum is planning to put some roses in it later but I have vegetables there for now.

In my perfect world there would be cool vaporwave parties (with a dark quiet room at each party in case of sensory overload) where instead of gender we get nice tunes and pink lighting. Instead of gender pronouns would represent the mood of the situation (vaporwave party or normal every day situation). The two neopronouns I have in my bio are actually the pronouns I'd want in this perfect world - xe/xir feels more shiny so those are party pronouns and ne/nem are every day pronouns. Calling someone ne/nem pronouns at a party could be pretty insulting because you're basically saying they're not fun enough to party :)

I find it so disappointing that out of all the things pronouns could represent somehow we have ended up with gender. We could have pronouns that represent the relationship you have with the person you're talking about or whether they're a cat or dog person (or maybe both or neither?) or something else cool. Instead we get gender, which is a personal and sensitive subject for some people and basically gives people an excuse to try and figure out someone's gender and/or sex, which tbh, isn't any of their business in most situations. It's such a personal thing that has to be made public just so people can talk about you in third person.

Would anyone be interested in seeing some of my garden beds instead of individual plants? I share the backyard with my family members so sometimes I squeeze things in between my mum's plants :)

My vegetable!!!! It's growing so fast. Those two photos are taken just over half a day apart.

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Eat the rich πŸ€‘ 🍽️
Fry the bacon :acap: :acab: πŸ₯“

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