Hey! I’ve set up a gofundme to rise money for top surgery! My quality of life is vastly hindered by my chest and I’d be so so thankful for all the help I can get. Even Β£1 makes all the difference. Thank you πŸ’•

Please share! :)


Dissociation and autism 

Sexual assault (-), description 

Virgin shaming, sexual assault 

Imagine being 12 years old. You've written your very first fanfic scene after an awesome episode of Inuyasha and then you post it for your other 12 year old friends to read and they love it! They encourage you to keep going. Hell yeah.

Now imagine here comes some entitled, judgmental prick who has decided that "critic" is a personality trait. They lift your story, your character, post it on their blog, and rip your work to shreds. They leave your blog name up and there come the hordes.

Asking for transition resources 

Uni, negative, mental health 

Uni, negative, mental health 

Uni, negative, mental health 

SBC meta 

I probably won't go into research although I love science due to this.

I have some pretty bad sensory issues especially when stressed and a deficiency which often make me tired. I can't really "compete" and this competition is so fetishised in science despite being counter-productive!

I feel like I could've had a contribution to science if I could work in that field. Maybe I wouldn't do as many experiments as someone who is able to work 8+ hours a day, but every little bit counts! If less people were scared away or just straight out barred from research due to this demand, we could've cooperated into discovering so much together.

Xenophobia, racism 

Xenophobia, racism 



Jobs, feel free to give advice 

Selling art commissions 

Jobs, negative, feel free to give advice 

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