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I still haven't made an about me after about a year on here so I guess here it is:

I have studied biomedical science at uni. I have many hobbies, including art, gardening, sewing, learning languages and more.

I am trans (unspecified, prefer to keep my gender private) and also bi. My sexuality is more complicated than that but it still fits.

I am a white mixed immigrant. I can't speak for POC because I am treated as a white person now, but if you're white and think this means you're "safe" to say gross shit around me, please fuck off.

I am undiagnosed autistic. The above listed hobbies were actually special interests.

Feel free to interact if you're not being mean :)

Personal, suicide mention, negative but everything is ok 

Discrimination by "leftists" against minorities 

mtf and ftm solidarity idea 

Sexism, sexual assault 

Sexual assault 

Trans issues and trans men, sexism 

Trans issues and trans men, sexism 

Does anyone know if these types of butterfly decoy things are actually effective at scaring away butterflies that lay eggs on cabbages and stuff? I haven't been able to find any scientific articles or anything, just people selling them saying they work. It would be easy to make some but I don't want to waste time if they most likely don't work. I thought butterflies would be able to tell the difference between plastic and another butterfly but idk.

Job search 

If you garden, what's your favourite plant to grow?

I think the most easy plant for me is tomatoes. They grow year round for me here. I have had a few problems but I haven't really had many plants dying without producing a single tomato. I love the variety in the shapes and colours of tomatoes also and it's so easy to collect seeds from them.

What are some biggest gardening challenges you have faced in the past?

For me personally I'd say it's pests and diseases. I have had plants grow so well until a bunch of bugs or a virus or fungi completely destroys it.

Abuse, kinda negative? 

Abuse, kinda negative? 





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