Harvest :) I'm going to incorporate this into my breakfast today

My cucamelons are growing :) I really hope they'll grow big enough for me to taste them!

Not really sure what I'm going to do with all of them if they survive... I don't think we have enough space for 60 tomato plants lol. I am planning to give one away to my friend who is thinking of starting gardening, but I don't have that many friends.

Update on my tomato plants #2:

I've transplanted almost all of them into individual pots! Had to do a lot of upcycling of containers in my house :)

Imagine if public transport was free and available for everyone, and instead of roads and car parks we planted community gardens to provide food for everyone. I think that sounds very nice, fresh fruit and vegetables should be something everyone can get.

Anyone have any suggestions for edible plants I can grow indoors? I would like a small plant to place in my room (which is fairly dark since I get overstimulated by sunlight), and my favourite type of plants to grow are edible plants. I have an outdoors garden too but I think a small plant would make a nice addition to my room.

My strawberry plants are flowering! I'm very excited πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

An update on my tomato plants: tried transplanting some, ran out of pots... had to upcycle a few items, and I still have about a third to transplant.

Scooped out about half a teaspoon or so of seeds from a tomato and put them in a pot. I expected one or two to sprout - the tomato wasn't even fully ripe. Instead, I ended up with 60 tomato plants. Currently trying to transplant them to new pots. Hopefully they will survive.

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