Are there any good feminist youtubers? Like, actually talking about sexism. If you search up feminism you only get anti-feminist channels :/

· · 7 · 12 · 5 Lindsay Ellis does more general movie analyses mostly, but sometimes does videos and video series exploring feminism concepts through the lens of movies.

@Some_Person I mostly use YouTube for cooking shows, but Pop Culture Detective and PhilosophyTube come to mind.

@Some_Person I'd be remiss if I didn't share a pointer to Lindsay Ellis' introduction to feminist film theory in her "Film School by way of the Transformers movies" series:

@Some_Person the channels i subscribe to that, i think, discuss feminism most frequently are jouelzy & forharriet
@Some_Person feminist frequency by anita sarkeesian comes to mind

@Some_Person you can filter out words in a search by using the minus sign. For example: "feminism -logic -debate -cringe -fails -shapiro"

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