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white socialists please gain even a basic fucking understanding of what is on the line for non-white people and why they might choose to vote in elections even if the best choice is a dumbass centrist challenge

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intro (long) 

if people followed this advice more the world would probably significantly better

like i'm not saying a leftist platform might want to handle this seeing as local news is incredibly important to community vitality but uh yeah, it's probably a good idea to not have literally four fucking places to get news in all of america!

moreover, this consolidation is leading to the few remaining sources of news being some of the worst, most uncritical, most anti-labor and anti-progressive (much less leftist) news sources

we're seeing mass consolidation of where people have to get their news almost entirely because of this

one field leftists seem to not focus on often that is super important and incredibly inhibited by capitalism is journalism

in no universe should the news be a business, but it literally needs to be in a capitalist system like everything else and because of that, many places around the world are literally not able to sustain a journalistic presence and suffer because of it

if i don't kill myself it will be a fucking miracle

fuck this country and fuck its garbage politics, actually fucking nuke everything

the dirtbag left fucking sucks and if these are the people who end up being the future of leftism i'm going to fucking die

pretty sure we're going to find out that half of their "members" were just FBI agents and anti-fascists owning their actual devout members repeatedly

lol @ the base getting all their shit leaked to the guardian over the course of several days

especially if your work incorporates religion in which the sun and/or the moon is revered because like, that's a natural fit for both of those aesthetics

more works with solarpunk and lunarpunk aesthetic pls

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@alyaza shitty conspiracy theory: HRC and H.R. Clinton are both shitty neoliberals whaaaat does it mean! :thinkin:

the human rights campaign somehow did this and i really have to admire their dedication to somehow having the worst possible takes at all times

gryphons like to congregate in big groups wherein they do gryphon things like beep and overthrow hierarchical structures and unjust powers

you should not ignore the power of people like joe rogan and it is important to utilize them to reach their audience because of the sorts of people who watch these shows--however, that does not mean you need to go out of your way to defend the shitty takes of people like rogan or ignore the fact that many of them have fundamentally reactionary takes on many issues that conflict with leftist values

in light of the joe rogan sanders endorsement thing thing, here is a reminder that:

you can recognize that these people can be used as useful idiots for the left to propagandize to the sort of disaffected white men who would otherwise become reactionaries and fascists--but at the same time that we do not need to and should not pander to people like rogan just because they happen to be useful idiots due to their elevation of harmful rhetoric against minorities and LGBT+ people

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