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white socialists please gain even a basic fucking understanding of what is on the line for non-white people and why they might choose to vote in elections even if the best choice is a dumbass centrist challenge

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it's literally just an ideology for people who want to virtue signal about how "white" and minority-hating they are

right-wing populism is a brain worm and nothing demonstrates this more than headlines like "Italian far-right leader Salvini swears off eating Nutella after finding out it contains Turkish nuts"

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[BOT POST] intellectual property and neo-conservatism

this interview with venezuela's fake president is really funny because you can kinda tell he's really grasping for straws to justify overthrowing maduro at this point now that everybody is ignoring him

my notifications are getting destroyed right now which is a mastodon first for me and is simultaneously really cool and probably annoying enough that if it doesn't abet in an hour i'll have to turn them off lol

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tumblr is such a good platform *and* one of the few remaining social media sites which actually allows any sort of customizability which makes it genuinely infuriating to me that it was so badly mismanaged for so long that it's worth next to nothing and it'll probably get the axe sometime in the not-too-distant future because i can't imagine it's a serious moneymaker

eagerly looking forward to the Jeb! 2024 campaign where he takes it one step further and says no more humanity, campaigning on a platform of revolutionary posadism and transhumanism

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"Domino’s Employee Kills Boss For Telling Him To Do Work" is definitely not a headline i expected to see but i guess that's the nature of illegalist praxis

the police literally did more to endanger the public here than the *actual armed robbers who took a hostage*

this thread is an excellent demonstration in why that whole shooting in miramar where police lit up two completely innocent people is just a master class in why--at the absolute minimum--policing as it currently exists needs to be fucking annihilated

by all means be bernie or bust in 2020, or don't uphold the bourgeois electoral system, or whatever else. that's your call, not mine.

but know that if a democrat--even if that democrat is a useless upholder of the status quo like joe biden--does not win in 2020, a lot of people who only survive now because of the government *will* fucking die, just like what happened in the UK when austerity passed.

elections don't go away because you ignore them. the consequences of elections do not go away because you ignore them. you personally might not be affected by four more years of this shit, but a lot of non-white, vulnerable people like me *will*.

my family lives or dies based on food stamps. we already don't eat consistently because even with food stamps we are exceptionally poor. there is no alternative for someone like me. there is no alternative for a lot of people.

so yeah, joe biden and pete buttigieg are soulless ghouls and i hope either bernie or warren wins the primary because they're the only people who even want to attempt reform, much less the revolution we need. but i'm also not about to fucking starve in the name of upholding some nonsense anti-electoral socialist dogma

a large number of the people who are most receptive to socialism, for example, are people who are basically and completely fucked if trump gets a second term because he wants to gut things like food stamps, what remains of the american welfare state, access to healthcare of all kinds, and other policies which are functionally classicidal

as much as white socialists love to equivocate about how both american parties are the same because they're both liberal, capitalist parties, there are very clear material differences in outcomes between the policies of these parties and those material outcomes do fucking matter for people who are otherwise at the fringes of society

if i have to explain to one more white socialist why it is i will vote for joe biden if he is the democratic nominee despite my incredible distaste for him, i am going to go on a psychotic rampage

white socialists please gain even a basic fucking understanding of what is on the line for non-white people and why they might choose to vote in elections even if the best choice is a dumbass centrist challenge

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