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intro (long) 

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Teen Vogue is the best of modern journalism and that sentence had stopped sounding weird to me.

reading a book on the khmer rouge and honestly it is incredibly hard to understate what a shitty, genocidal regime it was

great model for how not to run a country though, thanks pol pot and kindly rot in hell, lol

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The impact of industrial agriculture on biodiversity.

(not mine)

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mastodon idea 

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i'm sympathetic to syndicalism but for some reason it is impossible for me to wrap my head around anything but the simplest explanation of it and so i feel like i don't know anything about it lmao

for those of you who are curious what i've been up to the answer is lots of dumb twitter drama tht other people draw me into and school shit that is boring, but now both of those are hopefully over with

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Here is a side by side comparison of todays released EHT Reconstruction and a simulation that matches the result.

ecosocialism is good, but it's better with birds

good morning

today would be a good day to abolish capitalism

mother anarchy loves her sons is a fucking bop :black_bloc_blob:

if any of y'all are anarchist or anarchist-leaning and involved in direct action/anarchist community work/etc and are willing to potentially be anonymously interviewed about what those look like that would be helpful to me, since i'm going to probably be writing a paper on the anarchist community as a mini-ethnography for something and i need a few interviews to draw from. hmu if interested.

more 👏 radical 👏 decentralized 👏 platforms

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