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the only good bird is all of them because they are an important part of most ecosystems

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"omg how will I explain this to my kids??"

in elementary school we had a kid named Terrell who declared they were a girl for the day and that their name was Llerret, and pretty much everyone's reaction was "cool okay"
And when they came in the next day and said "I'm Terrell again" everyone was still like "cool okay" and moved on
Kids really don't give a shit unless you tell them they should

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So, @LunaOi_VN and I wanted to share some of the lessons we are actively learning from this recent unpleasantness. It's a bit long, so here is a Google Doc. Please read it in good faith:

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To everyone who's followed me over from Twitter: it might be good if we have our own little Hashtag group where we can all get together and follow each other. I'll go ahead and propose #LeftTwitter (get it? we're leftists and we left twitter?) -- if you're not sure how hash tag saving works, check the quick start guide I linked to earlier

the online left sucks an unbelievable amount of nondescript genitalia and nowhere is this more prominent this week than in the bullshit going on with angiespeaks over on twitter

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@alyaza As the person who has been the #1 contributor on the Appropedia, I just want to point out that help is welcome, including anyone with the time/ability to handle the use of archival services (the ultimate goal of the appropedia being that it can be shown to wikipedia to prove that we exist and hopefully get ourselves back up there).

also, a PSA for wiki writers: ***PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE*** archive things! use archival services where possible to save copies of important links. way too often stuff just gets disappeared by changes in link formatting and what not

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aether strikes me as a really interesting platform that in practice is probably extremely fucking dead, lol

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this feels like something people should read:

"Can we ditch intensive farming - and still feed the world? "

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i know people tend to not like the libs, but if you're a leftist and you're not trying to copy the actblue model of fundraising you're probably making a gigantic mistake, because democratic candidates have milked that model to massive success

don't reinvent the wheel when someone's already demonstrated a model that works

while we're on the topic: when designing things (particularly digitally, because there are plenty of digital tools to facilitate design with the disabled, impaired, or otherwise differently abled), consider actually fielding opinions from people who are disabled so you don't make it harder or (literally impossible) for them to use

this would probably save people a fuck ton of headache both on the designer and user end

(not that they ever had a good excuse, to be honest)

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