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Here is a side by side comparison of todays released EHT Reconstruction and a simulation that matches the result.

ecosocialism is good, but it's better with birds

good morning

today would be a good day to abolish capitalism

mother anarchy loves her sons is a fucking bop :black_bloc_blob:

if any of y'all are anarchist or anarchist-leaning and involved in direct action/anarchist community work/etc and are willing to potentially be anonymously interviewed about what those look like that would be helpful to me, since i'm going to probably be writing a paper on the anarchist community as a mini-ethnography for something and i need a few interviews to draw from. hmu if interested.

more 👏 radical 👏 decentralized 👏 platforms

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This website is doing great work exposing members of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa. If you have time, be sure to send some strongly-worded letters to their employers. #IdentifyEvropa

uphold the immortal science of marxism-birdism

the only good bird is all of them because they are an important part of most ecosystems

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"omg how will I explain this to my kids??"

in elementary school we had a kid named Terrell who declared they were a girl for the day and that their name was Llerret, and pretty much everyone's reaction was "cool okay"
And when they came in the next day and said "I'm Terrell again" everyone was still like "cool okay" and moved on
Kids really don't give a shit unless you tell them they should

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So, @LunaOi_VN and I wanted to share some of the lessons we are actively learning from this recent unpleasantness. It's a bit long, so here is a Google Doc. Please read it in good faith:

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To everyone who's followed me over from Twitter: it might be good if we have our own little Hashtag group where we can all get together and follow each other. I'll go ahead and propose #LeftTwitter (get it? we're leftists and we left twitter?) -- if you're not sure how hash tag saving works, check the quick start guide I linked to earlier

the online left sucks an unbelievable amount of nondescript genitalia and nowhere is this more prominent this week than in the bullshit going on with angiespeaks over on twitter

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