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intro (long) 

god do day long classes kinda suck lmao

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'Chile students mass fare dodging expands into city-wide protest'

Now THIS is how to radically target public transport infrastructure :ancomheart:

here's a good thing. h/t radicalgraff (

“Against the war in North Syria! Defend Rojava!” A new mural in Basel, Switzerland

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Maoists. Fascists of the left. Violence against humans. 

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Like I was a shitty liberal not too long ago. The knowledge of that never leaves my head and it keeps me humble. But never ever take my word on something on some "I've been doing this longer than you" bullshit. Experienced people make mistakes all the time and new blood should be welcome in any movement

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I saw someone saying "if you became a leftist before me, you are my elder and I respect you." Fucking yiiiiiiick to that attitude. What you're really saying is you expect people to treat you as an "elder." If you got into leftist circles looking for people to look up to you, lots of luck pal

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Is it just me or have a load of rad new folks joined Sunbeam City? :thinknyan:

Hello rad new folks :toot:

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Fascinating way to reduce energy and water use: mist showers. A kit is coming that lets you convert existing showers to six-nozzle mist, and even shower off-grid!

Low Tech Magazine is way :flan_cool:

it seems like a good idea to regularly remind yourself that borders are arbitrary lines on a map that we assign meaning to and that if humanity really wanted to, we could entirely do away with them because they're only extant insofar as we allow them to be

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If you’re prepping for the apocalypse so that you can survive alone while your neighbors are starving,

then you’re the reason we’re going to have an apocalypse in the first place

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The reason why you fear “the horde” is that you think they will kill you and take your stuff

And you’re right.

But the reason why they’re gonna kill you and take your stuff is because you’ve done nothing but horde, and now no one cares if you live or die

If you fed them, they would care

If you shared your knowledge with them, they would care

If you purified their water and instructed them in the magic of the potato, they would care

leftists who go out of their way to fuck up praxis by other leftists are genuinely the worst and dumbest kind of leftist because it means that they're more concerned about their specific idea of the world winning out than *actually* winning that world out in the first place

“Despite what a lot of activists say, it is entirely legitimate to invest in oil and gas because the world demands it,” van Beurden said.

seems like we should probably organize to stop this

the greatest thing the right has going for it is that it has so condensed its worldviews, ideas, and propaganda into little bite-sized ideas like the 14 words that it can spew them endlessly and easily to people while leftists have to write novellas to define even basic tenets of leftism like how leftists view class

this is not to say that proletarians and working people aren't educated and can't figure this shit out for themselves, but think of it as lubrication so they don't all have to be their own little marxes and lenins and maos just to become class conscious and revolutionary

i will reiterate my call for leftist theorists and thinkers to please learn to say shit in plain english so you don't literally need a PhD in marxology to disseminate and dissect their ideas

(also it would save us from so much sectarian conflict over ambiguities in meaning)

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