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Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City 🌻 Mastodon hosted on sunbeam.city

Sunbeam City is an instance focusing on the solarpunk aesthetic. It is run and managed by the Sunbeam City cooperative! But you don't have to be a member of our cooperative to use the instance. Check out our Matrix chatroom if you're interested.
Our co-op's governance policy
The code of conduct for co-op members

This instance aspires to be:

  • Anarchist
  • Anti-Capitalist
  • Intersectional
  • Ecological
  • Utopian
  • Fun!
Direct any questions at Cocoron. Searx Murray Bookchin.

Kio estas sunbeam.city?

Sunbeam City estas nova komunumo, kiu fokusigas la sunpunkan estetikon. Ĝi aspiras esti:
  • Anarkiisma
  • Kontraŭkapitalisma
  • Intersekta
  • Ekologia
  • Utopia
  • Amuza!
Rektu ĉiujn demandojn al Cocoron. Searxu Murray Bookchin.

Home to 593 users
Who authored 34,451 statuses

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