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๐Ÿ“ข Calling all Sunbeams! ๐Ÿ“ข

If you have a federating account on and you've been here a month or more, this is relevant to you.

We, the co-operative, have just passed a proposal (2019-07-22) to allow our Mastodon users to join the co-op free of charge. Previously, we required a small monthly donation before allowing participation.

This means you may now create an account on if you wish, so as to be able to join in with discussions, have your say in how the co-op operates, and contribute to deciding what we do and what services we provide. You may do all of this without donating any money, if you so choose.

It would be great to see some fresh faces, as more recently we've become stretched a little thin and discussions on Loomio are fairly infrequent. There are also plenty of small tasks that a newcomer could take on if they feel able to support the co-op.

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Most people: "would you like to pet my cat / puppy / lizard?"

Sunbeam City comrades: "would you like to water my plants?"

The first map is the propaganda printed in every American history textbook. It pushes a lie that the U.S. acquired all its land fairly from European nations. No mention of Native Americans. The second map shows how it was really acquired and all the nations they cheated to do it.

@emsenn for what it's worth, radikalgrafitio apologises for the thread from yesterday. They were drunk and playing a video game while responding to you without giving it any thought.

All sunbeams need to follow @emsenn because they are doing The Most for y'all right now.
While you're at it?
Go support them materially.
But don't get in their menchies.

Hey @radikalgrafitio so what was going on last night? The whole thread here just seemed like you arguing for argument's sake, being contradictory, and generally pissing emsenn off. I believe what emsenn is proposing is entirely possible.

Getting the co-op to sort out its own problems would be great, and we can achieve a certain amount by getting more people involved - that's something I've worked towards on and off for a long time now.

However, as we, the co-op, have been called out on whiteness / what amounts to racism before, would you not agree that there's a problem we are not currently able to address?

That's what emsenn is proposing we address, and I believe if we hired people to help us set up in a way that favours diversity and squashes racism / whiteness, we'd come out of that a better instance.

Do you not agree?

I think it would be better to begin discussion about SBC on Loomio again, after reading's Loomio thread they shared ( ) and after considering how difficult it is to follow what's actually going on and what everyone is saying.

Do folks think this is a good idea? I am imagining anyone, not just someone with an account on the federating Sunbeam City instance, could contribute to the discussion on Loomio.

I've picked Loomio because we already have an instance of it running at, and because it's designed for this sort of organising.

I know some people find it confusing, but I believe posts on the fediverse spread across time and cyberspace are even harder to follow than a few thread on Loomio. Loomio's also had an update, so it should be easier to use.

This would be the beginning of step two in emsenn's plan they laid out here:

Replies very welcome. This poll is open to the whole fediverse not just SBC.

Ideology is like accent: If you think you don't have one, it's because you haven't met a lot of people who don't share it.

I have this notion I talk about sometimes of the "firewall of fascism," those people or communities that serve as a buffer for more explicit fascism. Instances like FOSStodon, groups like the Daughters of the Confederacy, y'all know the sort.

The issue is there are few places which serve the opposite role, serving as a guard against white supremacy spreading further. More often, places see white supremacy encroaching and fall back to where it is not. 1/n

There's this biphobic stereotype that coming out as bi is a stepping stone to coming out as gay. Which is of course not the case, but people who believe it often base that belief on having personally observed people around them first coming out as bi and then as gay. My counter to this is usually that I've also observed the reverse; people first coming out as gay, then later as bi/pan. That doesn't mean that coming out as gay is a "stepping stone" to coming out as bi or pan.
But I do think these dual phenomena, people coming out first as bi/pan, then as gay, and people coming out as gay, then as bi/pan, is interesting. So I want to muse a bit about why this happens.

you know i'm actually curious how many minorities are on this instance (and other explicitly leftist instances) because to be perfectly honest i just assume most leftists are lily white and most leftist spaces are likewise

Quick Newbie Guide For :

- Caption your images. It doesn't have to be detailed, but any caption at all would make it easier for people who use screen readers.

- CW things. Err on the side of caution. It's better for someone to find out the content isn't as bad as the CW made them think than the other way around.

- One thing you absolutely should CW is a post with a lot of emojis: it won't make sense for someone using a screen reader, but it would be very annoying to them.

- Pick an instance that aligns with your interest, especially if you're queer or a POC. These instances would be more aggressive in banning people and instances that may harass you.

- Interact. Many people here aren't interested in gathering a huge following and won't follow back just because you faved or boosted something they posted.

- Be nice. If you act here like you'd on Twatter or FaceCrook, you'd either find it to be not much better, or you'd get blocked by everyone quickly, probably both.

Sbc meta 

One thing I've noticed is that media is *very* content with categorizing any form of PoC dissenting as "outrage." I could post a tweet like,

"just watched wes andersons isle of dogs. bit orientalizing, no? lmfao anyway 2.5/5"

Take a moment to ponder how much more profitable it would be to report on an aggregate of posts in that nature and attitude and frame it as "outrage."

"Outrage" is inflammatory: it draws clicks. It always happens to PoC in order to present us as aggressive, threatening.

@nothingwindsky @IngaLovinde @DissidentKitty white ppl (with regard to race) and cishet people (with regard to LGBT) [etc] are often so removed from understanding the experiences of {marginalization} so it's even easier. Just add spin and anyone who doesn't experience {marginalization} is probably going to agree that it's illogical. Which means they won't listen and learn so they'll keep thinking its illogical... ugh

@menziesii @DissidentKitty would you mind I asked you some questions? We can go private if you'd prefer.

Many cultures in East Asia was primed for white supremacy and anti-black racism since ancient times, due to an aesthetics that view fair and white skin as beauty and dark and brown skin as ugly. A likely theory is that this is the result of whiteness signifying a life of wealth and luxury while dark skin signifying a life of hardwork and toil. Combining this cultural tendency to favor white skin with the early advancement of modern technology and Liberal democracy in the West, as well as the chokehold US has on the world narrative through Hollyshit, you have an entire population of (technically) people of color readied to be brainwashed into boot-licking white supremacists who wouldn't think twice to punch down on black and brown people, and that's exactly what happened: casual racism against dark-skinned people is rampant in the medias of East Asia, and those "enlightened" ones who know enough English to read 4chan or Reddit throw n-slur around like it's nothing.

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Aleppo celebrates past midnight, yet not a word from CNN, BBC 

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