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Please leave all political issues to me and my incredibly oversized pumpkin.

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📢 Calling all Sunbeams! 📢

If you have a federating account on and you've been here a month or more, this is relevant to you.

We, the co-operative, have just passed a proposal (2019-07-22) to allow our Mastodon users to join the co-op free of charge. Previously, we required a small monthly donation before allowing participation.

This means you may now create an account on if you wish, so as to be able to join in with discussions, have your say in how the co-op operates, and contribute to deciding what we do and what services we provide. You may do all of this without donating any money, if you so choose.

It would be great to see some fresh faces, as more recently we've become stretched a little thin and discussions on Loomio are fairly infrequent. There are also plenty of small tasks that a newcomer could take on if they feel able to support the co-op.

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I'm Puffinux, my interests are , , spaces, , , , , , (cycling), , , and novels, and . I'm a very practical, hands-on sort of person who's happiest halfway through a project, soldering late into the night with the radio on.

More recently I've been learning about cooperatives, communal living, intentional communities, tech / energy and alternative, self-sufficient lifestyles.

I seek to learn as much as I can so as to contribute back to communities and help create a future that we can be proud to leave for the next generation and beyond, rather than the slow-motion train crash we're currently victims of.

I'm very open to both teaching and being educated.

I'm also the current admin of , so hit me up if you have questions related to our wiki, or want a wiki account with which to contribute.

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Most people: "would you like to pet my cat / puppy / lizard?"

Sunbeam City comrades: "would you like to water my plants?"

@rain I can recommended "Glass and Gardens : Solarpunk Summers". It's a collection of short stories and I found it hopeful and inspiring.

There is a list on the SBC wiki that's worth checking out:

climate strike 

Not spending money is a non-optional part of a general strike. During strikes you can't cross the picket line, and during general strikes the picket line is everywhere

Don't feel bad if there's an unavoidable expense, but just try to avoid consumption as much as possible. If there's anything you're going to need next week, stock up on it now

Today is the start of the first Congress of Municipal Movements! Remember to if you haven't already - something big is about to start!


ukpol, arms sales 

News orcs are saying that striking GM workers make $250/day while on strike.

That is because they have a strike fund.

That is why they pay dues to a union.

So they can put money in a strike fund, and support each other in emergencies.

What the fuck is wrong with you.

harsh take, suicide, climate collapse 

harsh take, suicide, climate collapse 

Sept 21-22 in is the Mortlake & Co's "2019 Texts & Traditions Colloquium, a weekend of esoteric presentations and book fair. Continuing a tradition begun in 2009 the colloquium is host to authors, publishers, artists, and booksellers participating in the unique field of esoteric thought and practice."

Book Fair is free & open to the public. Lectures require ticketing.

I'm concerned about the concept of performative leftism in online spaces, and using "solidarity" and self-flagellation as a more privileged person to gain social capital more than because of actual solidarity with marginalised people. What do people think of this? It's a thought I've had since pip left Sunbeam City as it was related to her criticisms, and I feel like Angie Speaks is conveying very similar ideas here:

John Ericsson's solar-powered steam engine (technically a "heliostatic Stirling engine"), Egypt, 1883..


On this 8th anniversary of Occupy, I'm remembering the times at Occupy Oakland I got shot at by cops with rubber bullets, the choking on tear gas and the getting kettled by lines of riot cops for marching. The coordinated attacks organized at a federal level.

Seattle (Ballard) local neo-nazi community warning, please boost for visibility 

My skills:

1. Mathematics
2. Plumbing
3. Anarchism
4. Film Production
5. The ability to say Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch

Alright, so, what /is/ the Global Climate Strike, and like, why a strike?

Here's an interview with Sab, the Earth Strike organizer for the southwest UK.

re: genitalia / bathrooms / question 

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