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I'm Puffinux, my interests are , , spaces, , , , , , (cycling), , , and novels, and . I'm a very practical, hands-on sort of person who's happiest halfway through a project, soldering late into the night with the radio on.

More recently I've been learning about cooperatives, communal living, intentional communities, tech / energy and alternative, self-sufficient lifestyles.

I seek to learn as much as I can so as to contribute back to communities and help create a future that we can be proud to leave for the next generation and beyond, rather than the slow-motion train crash we're currently victims of.

I'm very open to both teaching and being educated.

I'm also the current admin of , so hit me up if you have questions related to our wiki, or want a wiki account with which to contribute.

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Non Compete video recommendation 

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Most people: "would you like to pet my cat / puppy / lizard?"

Sunbeam City comrades: "would you like to water my plants?"

SBC co-op 

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A girl that likes a planet vs. old people in weird uniform clothing
#lateStageCapitalism #fff

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Dear Internet, do you know the interior dimensions of typical minivans as they are in the US (Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sianna, Kia Carnival ...). It is mainly about the clear height and width of the rear sliding doors or the tailgate. In addition, it would be good to know on which models you can simply take out the back seat. I would like to know if I can get into the vehicle with my wheelchair (via a ramp). Thanks for any info and also for sharing!

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ICE in SEATTLE Head's Up 

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To make this clear for the yuppies:

Someone I work with was illegally pulled over because he was black and given a bunch of bogus fines. Also punched while in cuffs. The judge gave him a choice, pay the fines, or go to jail. Paying the fines would've taken money that was needed to pay his wife's rent, so he CHOSE to go to jail for nearly 3 months - and the agreement was for 4.

If you DM me I'll forward any donation you give to for him. 1/n

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boost if someone calling you a radical leftist is a compliment

Puffinux :ancom: boosted is gone.

But I have the torrent. DM me if you'd like a magnet link. Can't stop the signal, Mal.

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This older homeless lady just broke down sobbing toward me because I listened to her tell me about her weekend while she smoked a cigarette on a bench near my apartment.

Talk to folk around you, folk.

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Y'know if 1 person just 1 person blocks bigots, folk might think she's really sick and they won't like er.

An if 2 do it, folk might think they're both weirdos and they won't like either of 'em.

An if 3 do it; can you imagine 3 of us sittin down blocking bigots and carryin on? Folk might think its an organization.

An can you imagine 50 people a day? I say 50 people a day sittin down blockin bigots and carryin on?


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Folk may think it's a movement, and that's what it is,

the federated anti-fascist movement, and all you gotta do to join is block a bigot the next time you see a new one mentioned on your timeline.


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Okay, I've tried everything else, let's see what happens here. I'm a 56yo IT professional currently facing age discrimination in the job market. My skills are proven and broad. I can do operations, project management, service delivery; am versed in multiple OSs, monitoring systems, ticketing platforms. I'm a technical writer and published author. I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere for a job that pays enough to cover my mortgage. I need employment by Sept 30. CV on request. #job #dayjob

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[fascists approach a diverse* community]

marginalized: close the gates!
privileged: We don't know if that's the best thing to do!

m: they're getting in
p: We can reason with them!

p: Have you tried reasoning with them? They seem reasonable, when we debate them.
m: they're threatening my safety i'm going to leave

p: We're just doing our best
m: i'm leaving

p: Hmm the conflict stopped. Our best must've worked! Go us!

* containing both marginalized and privileged communities within itself.

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Y'all remember how draining it was to read 1984? I mean here's this dude who's every interaction is rife with subtext, and he just... can't help but see it. And it's weighing on him, and it weighs on you. What follows his indoctrination in Room 101 almost feels like a relief in comparison.

That weight, that inexplicable subtext, is felt by all those who aren't in the privileged class.

This lesson in empathy brought to you by the letter A for Apply your education.

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riches and poverty 

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"emsenn what's wrong with using my privilege to secure loans to buy property from less privileged people and renovate it to be used by people with my amount of privilege or more?"

What's... wrong with... using privilege... to take things from poor people... and give them to rich people?

I mean.

Literally everything.

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literally within 2 weeks of being suspended by a bunch of instances, the "most ready to wake up" (imo) person on fosstodon has said they:

- want to become a professional gentrifier
- think AI will eliminate proprietary software
- want to watch less news because it makes them pessimistic

That's a wild set of beliefs to put forth, publicly, for someone who thinks they're able to address systemic inequity better than well, me.

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I'll be honest the thing that has me the least confident about FOSStodon, or any fossbro, being able to recover is that literally two days after my instance suspended theirs, someone I'd had hours of one-on-one video chat with made a blog post saying they were going to earn their income gentrifying (I mean flipping houses), started sharing videos of fancy consumer tech, and complained about how the news was making them pessimistic.

Months of work undone by as soon as I stopped propagandizing.

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