Does anyone know if these types of butterfly decoy things are actually effective at scaring away butterflies that lay eggs on cabbages and stuff? I haven't been able to find any scientific articles or anything, just people selling them saying they work. It would be easy to make some but I don't want to waste time if they most likely don't work. I thought butterflies would be able to tell the difference between plastic and another butterfly but idk.

Flower ID request 

Does anyone know what this flower is? I found it growing in the grass in my backyard and I dug it up and potted it so no one steps on it by accident. I think it's really pretty and I would like to find out more about this plant. The flowers look more blue irl than on camera.

Vegetable harvest 

So happy I'm getting so many vegetables!

Yellow zucchini

Cheap DIY vertical planting idea for people who don't have much space:

I made a strawberry tower with three pots of different sizes that you tend to get for free with plants you buy at nurseries :) it cost me $0 to make, since I already had a lot of pots.

I made it by making a + shape cut with a sharp knife in the walls of the containers. You should be able to bend the edges back to make a diamond shaped hole. Then, I stacked up the pots after filling them with soil. And that's pretty much it. All that's left to do is plant your small plants (such as strawberries) into the pots :)

I hope I helped someone out! I was going to buy a vertical planter but I'm so glad I made my own :)

The science of autism 

In autistic people, there are many proteins that may be altered, but a lot of them are involved in synaptic signalling and wiring of the neurones.

From what I have seen, many of the proteins may increase the strength of the synapse (more easy to excite). This means that it takes less excitory signals to activate the next neuron. This may explain the sensitivities and sensory issues that autistic people often have.

I have also seen some proteins associated with autism alter the connections that the neurons make. For example, there can be more dendrites (projections from the cell that receive signals) which as you can imagine would create a difference in the way this person's brain would function.

There are many more theories, but the main ones that I have seen involve strengthened or increased synaptic connections.

I included a diagram from google for the more visual people who may have been confused by my explanation :)

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Potato harvest :))) this is maybe from 5-6 plants. I am pretty happy, this is my first time growing potatoes.

Very pretty tomato 

This one tasted very fruity and citrus-y and acidic but another tomato from the same bush wasn't acidic at all! It's a very pretty tomato :)

Harvest from garden 

A platter of veggies all grown in my garden!

Includes: snow peas, capsicum, tomato radish, lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi

Selling art commissions 

Hey I decided to try doing art commissions for the first time!

I will start simple with offering headshots shoulders up :)

You will receive:
High quality scan of the requested drawing.
Note that I will not ship the drawing.
Headshot of your character in anime style or semi realistic - I'll give you a couple of styles to chose from!

$5 USD to my PayPal account before I start drawing

PM me on info of what you want me to draw

For personal use only, not commercial use.
I will not ship the drawing, you will receive a scan
Specify time frames before paying to see if I can meet them :)

Thanks for reading!

Food from my garden 

I ate mostly only food I grew until around 4pm! I added oil, salt and cheese but most of it was my own :)

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