(-) but I'm ok dw 

If anyone noticed that I have been away, don't worry, I'm fine. Just don't want to be on mastodon or anywhere political at the moment.

Really tired of activism and politics because it just really rubs it in that people don't care about issues that affect me pretty much anywhere, and I see other people descriminated against too (like the racism problem here) and it just makes me so tired and sad.

It's much more happy to just live my life and not think about stuff like this. Maybe the person who's plant pic I'm looking at is a horrible bigot, who knows? But at least I don't have to know. With leftists, it hurts more when you find that out because it's somewhere you felt safe.

Idk maybe this attitude may be frowned upon here but I just want to live my life. I want to look after my plants and have fun with my special interests. Thinking about this just makes me feel unsupported and alone.


(-) but I'm ok dw 

I haven't really been talking to many people in general tbh. I have like 3 friends that I'm happy about and trust, which is good, but I'm scared of making new friends.

Pretty much every social interaction gets me misgendered for sexist reasons, and having to deal with millions of microagressions wears you down when they all add up to seeing you as subhuman. And the worst of all, I don't feel supported anywhere, not even leftist spaces, with so many people doubting what I have experienced.

I think I'm just overly sensitive to discrimination. It gets tiring to think about.

I'm just going to focus on having fun with my special interests, make my garden super nice and start drawing more again.

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