Follow when racists cry about "white genocide" they're literally just talking about white women deciding to date interracially, or freely deciding to not have children. They're scared that if a white person and a non-white person mix, the child and all the following grand children will always be non-white. I had an old white lady literally tell me this. I am a white-passing mixed person, and the old lady assumed I was 100% white because she expected me to agree, so obviously that's not how genes work. I studied genetics. It's not how genes work at all. The recessive genes don't just disappear.

White people have a lot of recessive genes for skin and hair colour, because it is basically a gene that is "off", so an "on" gene can mask that at first. The genes don't go anywhere. That's how you can have two non-redheads with a redhead child. The redhead gene is still there, it's just not visible. Racists preach about "biology" but they don't even understand how basic biology works.

Β· Β· 1 Β· 0 Β· 1 and even if that was how it worked, which it doesn't! But let's pretend it does. It's still not genocide. Wouldn't it be the "survival of the fittest" they keep preaching about?

If everyone was to stop being white/blonde/redhead/whatever freely and happily out of their own choice, that's not genocide. That's just evolution. sorry if I ranted a little, I have a bachelor of science and bigots misrepresenting biology is just so gross. They have no evidence for their disgusting views so they just make it up.

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