One thing I've noticed is that media is *very* content with categorizing any form of PoC dissenting as "outrage." I could post a tweet like,

"just watched wes andersons isle of dogs. bit orientalizing, no? lmfao anyway 2.5/5"

Take a moment to ponder how much more profitable it would be to report on an aggregate of posts in that nature and attitude and frame it as "outrage."

"Outrage" is inflammatory: it draws clicks. It always happens to PoC in order to present us as aggressive, threatening.


@nothingwindsky white cishet men are angry all the time and no one cares. You get a marginalised person being like "hey maybe this is a bit problematic" and suddenly that's "outrage". The anger of priviledged people in response to a marginalised saying something is never seen as outrage.

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@Some_Person It's an anger rooted in an implicit allegiance to the ascendancy of the instituted kyriarchy, an adherence to the longevity of a system which offers them material benefit for the low price of frustrating attempts at liberatory social change.

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