Aardehuizen is a mostly off-grid eco village in the Netherlands. It's built from recycled, repurposed, and locally sourced materials, and gets most of its power from the Sun.

And, well... I kinda want to live in one. Anyone else care to join? Like, maybe we can snag a patch of land somewhere and just be free.

@InvaderXan With everything going on in EU + US politics, sign me up. I'm so tempted to find some nice green land in the Pacific Northwest. Offline Wikipedia + Library Genesis, build some solar powered aeroponic farms, and play board games with fellow sciencey folks for the rest of my existence. 😬

@InvaderXan children there will always need teachers, sign me up! :)


There was an energetic study concerning this community (and 3 others)

"New Strategies For
Smart Integrated
Decentralised Energy Systems"

That would be the dream, yeah. Something else that would be really hard but really cool to pull off would be to get not one but a whole network of them started. Cause then you'd have a built in way to share resources and knowledge.

@zabet This is the kind of thing I like thinking about. A hypothetical way to build a decentralised civilisation.

@InvaderXan as long as we're still adding to the culture and not just hiding out

@InvaderXan But if you can find some free land in a good place I'm down

@dualhammers But of course. Humans have built society for a reason and in many ways, it's served us well. Some people seem keen on isolationism, but I'd far prefer to be a part of human culture on my own terms.

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