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Aardehuizen is a mostly off-grid eco village in the Netherlands. It's built from recycled, repurposed, and locally sourced materials, and gets most of its power from the Sun.

And, well... I kinda want to live in one. Anyone else care to join? Like, maybe we can snag a patch of land somewhere and just be free.

@InvaderXan With everything going on in EU + US politics, sign me up. I'm so tempted to find some nice green land in the Pacific Northwest. Offline Wikipedia + Library Genesis, build some solar powered aeroponic farms, and play board games with fellow sciencey folks for the rest of my existence. 😬

@InvaderXan children there will always need teachers, sign me up! :)

@InvaderXan count me in :) happy to lend a pair of green thumbs.

That would be the dream, yeah. Something else that would be really hard but really cool to pull off would be to get not one but a whole network of them started. Cause then you'd have a built in way to share resources and knowledge.

@zabet This is the kind of thing I like thinking about. A hypothetical way to build a decentralised civilisation.

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