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Types of wetlands 

Sad that so many people are more upset about the possibility of being called racist, than they are about actual racism.

Hey @puffinus_puffinus and @squeakypancakes, sometimes if I try to check out someone's profile, I'll get a bunch of Error 500s and no posts will load. Is that a problem at our end, or theirs?

Just a reminder that 2020 is the UN's International Year of Plant Health. This year is all about raising awareness on how the health of plants can help people affected by hunger and poverty. Healthy wild plants are also vital to preserving the environment and biodiversity of both plants and animals.

Earth is a garden, and all of us are intimately connected with it. Try to keep this thought in your mind this year.

more lewd food โ€ข cursed image โ€ข NSFW? 

Most carnivorous plant species live exclusively in wetlands habitats, where the lack of soil nutrients is what caused them to adapt to catch insects. Many have extremely small natural ranges. The venus flytrap is native only to coastal bogs in North and South Carolina. The cobra lily is only found wild in bogs with cold running water in Oregon and Northern California.

The parable of The Blind Men and The Elephant isn't great but it's interesting how directly it applies to Mastodon and the wider fediverse given the elephant connection.

We all see our little corner of fedi as determined by our follows and federated timeline, but more often than not, it's never enough to understand the whole system, and no two people see the same network.

The Milky Seas Effect is an ocean phenomenon where huge patches of water glow blue, brightly enough to be seen from orbit. From the surface, the sea would glow from horizon to horizon for days.

It's called "milky" because old accounts describe it as white. It's actually blue, but human eyes aren't very good in low light.

It's probably caused by some kind of bioluminescent bacteria, but no one's sure exactly what kind. No known bacteria match what we see.

Hmmmm, I was wrong in my image descrption. That isn't a central pillar, it's a massive stack of books!

I just love the aesthetic of the Vapra library from The Dark Crystal.

lewd food 

But yeah. Pretending that you own more stuff even though you don't is definitely a realistic worldview. Please keep doing that while telling people how unrealistic things like universal healthcare are. That's not illogical at all.


I think any post-capitalist system would do away with strange contrivances like inflation and aim for equilibrium, instead of chasing the fairy tale that they can somehow just keep making more and more money forever. Let's be honest, after a certain point you simply don't need more. No one does. If even your most extravagant needs are being met, there's no legitimate reason to want any more. It's just greed, pure and simple.

Those who deride even the mildest socialist policy by arguing that "there's no money for it" are the same people who pledge themselves to a system which revolves around the idea that endless economic growth is somehow a realistic achievable goal.

I just want to find some decent apolcalypse/post-apocalypse fiction to watch which isn't full of Humans are the Real Monstersโ„ข storylines, and doesn't have any fucking zombies. Is that really so much to ask?

Today's gender is queerness and the smell of an old book.

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