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some personal boundaries 

Apparently I can't even sneeze around here without someone trying to give a lecture in my mentions. So I'm setting some boundaries. Cross them and expect to be blocked, muted, or just ignored.

🌵 I am under no obligation to reply to you.

🌵 Actually read what you're replying to. I'm sick of being deliberately misunderstood.

🌵 Don't DM me if we've barely even spoken before.

🌵 Don't write several unsolicited paragraphs to Explain™ something to me if I don't even know you.

🌵 If you need more than one post to make your point, I won't read it.

🌵 All bigots are blocked on sight. No racists, TERFs, homophobes, mysogynists, etc. This goes for science deniers too.

🌵 Don't be disgusting for lulz.

🌵 Don't be an asshole.

Posts like this always bring out the fash sympathisers...

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Stop saying antifa.

Start saying anti-fascist.

Make them say out loud what they’re really afraid of.

Let's be honest, this is just taking retro to its logical conclusion

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Which of these garments should we bring back into fashion?

Wherever it came from, it's funny how we have a collective "realistic" idea of something which doesn't really exist.

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One of the earliest descriptions in literature which seems to match comes from an 1893 article by H.G. Wells, titled "Man of the Year Million" which describes a whimsical idea of what humans might be like in the far future.

"Eyes large, lustrous, beautiful: above them, no longer separated by rugged brow ridges, is the top of the head, a glistening, hairless dome, terete [round and tapering] and beautiful; no craggy nose rises to disturb by its unmeaning shadows the symmetry of that calm face, no vestigial ears project; the mouth is a small, perfectly round aperture, toothless and gumless, jawless, unanimal, no futile emotions disturbing its roundness as it lies, like the harvest moon or the evening star, in the wide firmament of face."

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Interestingly, the image seems to come from America. You get reports of encounters with aliens and cryptids from all around the world, but the US has more reports which match the picture of the "grey alien" than anywhere else 👽

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It's pretty weird the way so many of us have this cultural idea of what aliens look like, isn't it? 👽 Say the word "alien" and a lot of people will immediately think of little grey people with big heads and large black eyes.

It's as ubiquitous in modern culture as elves being pointy eared blonde archers living in forests, and dwarves having big beards, carrying axes, and speaking with vaguely Scottish accents for some reason.

Sadly, running away to become a forest hermit is not really a viable career goal, because... Ehhh. Let's just say I'm salty that apparently every piece of land everywhere apparently needs to be owned by someone.

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My desire to just quit society and run away to live alone in the forest has never been stronger. My new life goal is to be a mysterious hermit and have the locals spread rumours that I'm some kind of wizard.

The 100 • the images are technically spoilers, I guess 

A lot of the writing in The 100 is... problematic. But as apocalyptic settings go, I like it because it's an interesting concept. It may re-hash a few old tropes, but the basic idea is fundamentally different to most of the other apocalyptic fiction out there.

Also, I kinda like the whole crashed space station aesthetic.

Tell me something which seems like magic to you, but is actually science

Studio Ghibli just released a ton of free-to-use 1080p images from their films, which gives me hope that we’ll someday see these films come into the public domain.

Thanks, Miyazaki-san!!

This is our world. We should be the ones who decide how it should work. And every idea that ever changed the world began in the mind of just one person who wanted to make something better.

That person could be anyone. That person doesn't need privilege, wealth, a career in politics, or enough theory knowledge to write a PhD thesis.

That person could be you.

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And I encourage everyone to do this, because we are human and diversity is the key to our success. Diversity of ideas, opinions, and experiences. Everyone you will ever meet knows things you do not.


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Anytime you see something in the world, you really have two choices.

You can complain about it, and tirelessly tell everyone that "this thing is bad and something else would be better"

Or you can think through the problem itself. Pick it apart. Look for what the flaws are. Consider how it could be replaced by something better. Think about how that could really work, and think about ways it too might fail.

The first option may be cathartic, but the second is more useful.

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"cops are bad"
Yes. We know. Many of us have known for years.

"Defund the police"
Ok, sure, that's a start. What does that mean? How does that work?

"Decriminalise non-violent crimes and treat them as social issues rather than legal ones. Divert excessive money from police funding to social programs and restorative justice rather than punitive systems. Give support to those who need it, and hire social workers to identify and treat problems at the source."
Now we're talking...

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My point here is, do more than just complaining about stuff that's bad. Consider solid ideas about something good instead. Otherwise, you're doing little more than making a very educated complaint.

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