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some personal boundaries 

Apparently I can't even sneeze around here without someone trying to give a lecture in my mentions. So I'm setting some boundaries. Cross them and expect to be blocked, muted, or just ignored.

🌵 I am under no obligation to reply to you.

🌵 Actually read what you're replying to. I'm sick of being deliberately misunderstood.

🌵 Don't DM me if we've barely even spoken before.

🌵 Don't write several unsolicited paragraphs to Explain™ something to me if I don't even know you.

🌵 If you need more than one post to make your point, I won't read it.

🌵 All bigots are blocked on sight. No racists, TERFs, homophobes, mysogynists, etc. This goes for science deniers too.

🌵 Don't be disgusting for lulz.

🌵 Don't be an asshole.

To all of you who're supportive, thank you, I appreciate you all. But I'm sure you can understand where I'm coming from here.

I'll still be using my writing account, if anyone wants to follow me there. But I only intend to use it to talk about writing.

I'm exhausted with talking here about anything and everything else.

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So... I'm sorry. I think I'm done here.

I don't know who that person was before, but I can't shake their mention of "the clique I appear to be a part of". Evidently, I'm now catching flak for other peoples' toxic behaviour. And I am simply not willing to accept that.

The toxicity of this place has been making me uncomfortable for some time now, and I'm not willing to sit here like a bioremedial sunflower absorbing poison.

So I'm stepping away from this account. I don't know how long for.

I'm honestly sick of this. Every time I start thinking "hey, maybe I should give mastodon another chance" it ends up with people who I don't know, being shitty to me without provocation, and I'm tired of it.

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Do people actively look for me just to throw dirt in my face? WTF is this place even about?

“Hey, I’m nearly finished writing the manuscript for my novel!”

“Cool, what kind of book is it?”

“It’s a horror story.”

“Nice. What’s it called?”


“Yeah, you said that, but what’s the story called?”

“It’s called Horror.”

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Pretty weird making a cyberpunk game and just calling it Cyberpunk. That’s like making a puzzle game called Puzzle. It takes minimum effort to an absurd extreme.

It is nearly fucking 2021. I should not be having to deal with font encoding issues turning commonly used symbols like – and " into a bunch of garbage characters. UTF-8 exists for a reason.


I didn’t make fried rice yesterday, so I did today instead. 這是舒適的食物!

Imagine if we (the so-called "first world") had had an actual lockdown for like two months that would have gotten this virus under control instead of this AGONISING half-hearted on-and-off bs that only causes suffering and solves nothing

Hello friends, it's Thursday, so put this in your ears:

It's the One About to What We're Currently Listening! That reads funny, but I can't rename it without rebuilding the playlist from scratch. Spotify!

I asked my playlisters to tell me what was currently playing in their earbuds, or what the last song they listened to was, and this is what came out. Enjoy!

dinner poll 

Y'all aren't fans of rice noodles, I take it? 😂

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dinner poll 

I'm undecided...

Wearing a mask while sitting around at home to stop my nose from doing that thing where it gets weirdly cold while the rest of my face doesn't

Also, side note, queer identified people are not immune to heteronormativity. It's often behind biphobia, aphobia, and transphobia. Call it out.

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To clarify, for anyone unsure, heteronormativity is the assertion that being straight and cis are defaults and everyone who doesn't fit that description is a deviation from "normal".

On the other hand, various queer identified people (such as bi, trans, and ace), can be in heterosexual relationships but this does not erase their identity.

And even for cishet people in straight relationships, it's not necessary to be heteronormative.

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Heterosexual and heteronormative are not the same thing, and I think it's important for people to remember the difference between them.

Part of the reason I became disillusioned with the STEM and space science people on the internet is that the community there is just teeming with musky fanboys who apparently think billionaires are cool if they also built rockets. It's exhausting TBH.

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Seriously though, the man cares more about the productivity of his factories than the wellbeing of his workers. This is not the kind of person you want to entrust with your life to travel to a different planet.

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