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Hi! Gonna introduce myself real quick. I'm a college student currently majoring in environmental science. I'm really interested in how to make cities better for both people and the environment, but who knows what I'll be doing when I graduate. For now though, I'm looking forward to seeing some cool solarpunk stuff.

I'm not sure if I have good or bad timing for finally logging back into my Mastodon account after a long, long time. Guess I'll have to find somewhere to migrate to?

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I was looking at old timey Halloween costumes and found this hundred year old Very Mastodon illustration

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UBI: meh

what about universal basic services? UBS. Everyone gets everything they need without having to buy it. Housing, food, water, energy, transportation, education, health care, child care, reproductive care, elder care.

Why bother bringing money into it anyway? Skip it. Give people what they need to survive.

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Windmills above the treeline in forests
Solar panels over vegetables in farms


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Future Proof yourself:

- Learn a language or two. Get some language pins for your jacket so you can help translate when other need help, also free language practice partners. Immigrants can go months without speaking because no one speaks their language. Be the person that does.

- Learn how to mend and/or make your own clothes.

- Learn how to navigate with a map and compass.

- Have a go bag together Incase of emergency. Keep an encrypted jump drive or two with your important documents backed up to it and anything else you may need. (Maps, phone numbers, travel guides, first aid books, list of shelters, medication lists, etc.)

- Get a jump drive and install Tails.

- Learn good password security, gpg, etc.

- Know where to meet others I case of emergency. Have locations for different events (hurricane, wild fire etc.) In mind.

- Learn basic first aid.

- Learn how to grow your own food I different conditions. (Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, keyhole, spiral etc. Know your soil.

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seven ways to fight fires in the amazon 

1. Learn more about what’s happening, and why.

2. Support resistance on the ground.

3. Challenge companies driving the destruction.

4. Stop your own government from worsening the crisis.

5. Donate to organizations that are supporting indigenous resistance.

6. Support local alternatives.

7. Organize against far-right politics.

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Got somewhere to build where the cops of the world won't hassle you, but can't afford to build traditionally?

Look into earthbag construction! It's a wonderfully #solarpunk way of building things, since you can make extensive use of salvaged and found elements for both structural and decorative purposes, and there's all sorts of building plans available to peruse that are compatible with earthbag construction methods - these are just the start!

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If you have money to spare, show solidarity with the people fighting climate and social devastation, donate to the Landless Workers' Movement (MST), a group that has been actively fighting the commodification of the amazon for decades:

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West Papua 

Solidarity with West Papuans fighting against the Indonesian regime

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So im looking to write up a short guide for people wanting to live a more solarpunk life whilst living in city apartments (so very limited access to garden/green spaces)

I'd really appreciate ideas or things people have already done.

And I'm trying to avoid "buy an x" recommendations

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New Gab-Powered Gab-Federated Instance 

Carnal Gabhub: The new home of Gabber-alt-right Newsbots.

All the charm of racist white nationalism, and all the personality of bots, all in one Gablin offshoot.

Already added to my #blocklist


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EU citizens in the UK 

If you are a non-UK EU citizen in this shit country, you must file for settled status. You guys certainly know this already, but almost two million migrants who are eligible to file have not yet done so.

If you are one of these persons, this shitty government will kick you out on 1 November. If you want to stay past then, it's in your best interest to file rather than wait and hope we're not going to fuck everything up.

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Are you in Edinburgh tomorrow?

The local Green Anticapitalist Front :gaf: and Earth Strike :earthstrike: are co-hosting a panel discussion featuring guest speakers from several local groups, including the Industrial Workers of the World :iww:

Come along if you fancy!

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ukpol, the coup 

Highly recommend if any of you plan on going to a protest that you read the 'Demonstrations and Law Enforcement' guide, within libcom's 'Organise' compilation.

This stuff is tactically vital to know, stay safe comrades :ancomheart:

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TODAY, shut down climate liars EXXON MOBIL:

Morning at Park Lane Esso
Time: 9am to 11am
Place: 83 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 7HB

Evening at Camden Road Esso Time: 8pm to 10pm
Place: 196 Camden Rd, London NW1 9HG

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