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Hi! Gonna introduce myself real quick. I'm a college student currently majoring in environmental science. I'm really interested in how to make cities better for both people and the environment, but who knows what I'll be doing when I graduate. For now though, I'm looking forward to seeing some cool solarpunk stuff.

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“Simard specializes in the underground relationships of trees. Her research shows that below the earth are vast networks of roots working with fungi to move water, carbon, and nutrients among trees of all species. These complex, symbiotic networks mimic human neural and social networks. They even have mother trees at various centers, managing information flow, and the interconnectedness helps a slew of live things fight disease and survive together.”

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JK Rowling reveals that Snape threw the first brick at stonewall

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Its time to start realizing that the days of unorganized food workers are over. Low wages, crazy schedules & shoddy working conditions are not going to be tolerated any longer. It starts with fast food but believe me, this will spread....#foodservice #IWW #fastfood #cheflife #1u

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free solarpunk book!

The Weight of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures

"A collection of science fiction stories, art, and essays exploring human futures powered by solar energy, with an upbeat, solarpunk twist. What will it be like to live in the photon societies of tomorrow? How will a transition to clean, plentiful energy transform our values, markets, and politics?"

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I have another idea.

Buckingham Palace: let's kick out the royals and turn it into a part homeless hostel and soup kitchen, but also for small enterprises. Like, a kitchen garden & small forest garden plus chickens, supplying the soup kitchen.

Maybe a repair cafe & bike shop, which also teaches maintenance skills. Plus small scale solar & wind power projects suitable for urban areas. Homeless people can take part, learn how, or not, as they prefer.

Could also have beekeeping, run cooking, practical skill (i.e. sewing) & gardening classes, and rent some rooms out to community groups.

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I need data for a thing

Please send me all of culture's enbies

Popular or not. Games, movies, your zine, someone you know who posts selfies. I need enbies who I can find pictures of or have descriptions if they're just text

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is climbing up a billboard with half a dozen of your closest friends to take off the solar panels and use them to power the abandoned mall that you squat together

And vandalizing the ad with positive messaging while you're up there, because might as well :greensun:

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"The Green Anti-Capitalist Front is an alliance of groups and individuals united by a belief that capitalism is one of the core causes of the environmental crisis threatening us all, and that if we do not act soon the costs of that crisis will fall on the poor and powerless."

"We are calling for a broad anti-capitalist environmental movement based around the following points of unity:

1. An existential threat
2. Capitalism is the crisis
3. International class solidarity
4. Building collective power
5. Diversity of tactics
6. Horizontal, bottom-up structures
7. We need a new system"

"We do not have faith that capitalists – or their parliamentarian representatives – will act in time to limit climate change in a meaningful way."

Open Letter to Extinction Rebellion:

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Pass It On is a wiki for sharing ways to pass on useful items that would otherwise get thrown away.

is great, but is better.

So we're actively looking for details of organisations who can reuse odd items such as (but not limited to): plastic plant-pots, duvets, Christmas trees, knickers, jewellery, used stamps...

We know there are people out there who can use the stuff we'd otherwise throw away.

We know there are people who want to dispose of unwanted stuff responsibly but don't want to spend all their time and energy searching for places to give it to.

We want to connect those two groups and reduce the amount of unnecessary landfill waste.

You can help! Follow, boost, share your info.

I've been missing out on because of school stuff, but I've been loving all the cool and interesting projects people have been posting! It's inspiring me to try and think of what I could get started once my schedule lightens up some. Keep up the good work!

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reposting something I said on tumblr a while back Show more

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“There is no environment ‘out there’ separate from us. The environment is embedded in us. We are as much a part of our surroundings as as the trees and birds and fish, the sky, water and rocks.” - David Suzuki

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The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Gaining Ground and Could Hit Manufacturers Hard

The EU and at least 18 U.S. states are looking to address the impact of planned obsolescence

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Leah Ramugerwa: This Friday I am not going to school. I am going to lead fellow students for I call upon my age mates to do the same. I've today joined Greta Thunberg and

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BREAKING: Today in Accra, Ghanaian activists are calling for action on the Climate & Ecological Emergency in Afrika, in solidarity with those in the global south & the entire world.

(‘Maangamizi’ means the continuum of crimes of genocide and ecocide in the Kiswahili Afrikan language)

:xr: :xr: :xr: :xr: :xr:

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"The solarpunk environmental movement is for anyone who’s digitally inclined but unafraid of dirt. Think post-apocalyptic hacker aesthetics, but with a sunnier disposition."
— What You Can Learn From the Solarpunk Movement


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i made a new song! i'm hoping to write some more like this that are inspired by game music

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