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Hello! I am a researcher specialising in human-computer interaction & user experience. I <3 books, and I also write. I was once a musician, and once a computer science grad. I love : from growing, to cooking to eating. Also a , including . Nice to meet you!

I'm moving my main account to, and likely fading away from sunbeam city. Hope we can keep chatting, folks. 🌻

One nice thing about a scarf this time of year is that it can keep you warm while you are still knitting it.

Solidarity with all workers striking today #FFS410
For everyone else, boycott Wetherspoons, McDonalds, TGI Fridays, Deliveroo, Just Eat & UberEats
And join a union too:

Suddenly have the urge to blend a perfume. What would a perfume smell like? 🤔


So my attempt to eat everything that needed eating before the next farmer's veg box shows up left me with: one purple carrot, a few sticks of celery, some mushrooms, and a large bunch of parsley 🤔

This might take some creativity.


No batch cooking this weekend (freezer is still full, and so is the fridge!) but I made a litre's worth of tumeric shots this evening. Yes, the effects have only been proven in lab mice and not humans but I love the taste.

Tomorrow: blending some chocolate.

Sorry for not tqgging that rant thread, but like I was seeing red and I needed it out of my system. I'll try to remember to do that in the future but I'm not deleting that thread just to repost with that.

Hey, a few of us in the co-op have been discussing whether it'd be useful to have a place for skills exchange, like a skills swap board where you can post your needs and contact info. Is this something you would like to have?

There needs to be a hashtag that is which doesn't require any additional explanation — when invoked, garners sympathy from knitters everywhere.

You know what would be awesome? Torrents with which a designated seed can edit/modify the seeded content on the fly.

I can think of a few world changing applications of this. Anyone have thoughts on how to make this work?

origin story, kindness, love/hate 

I'm a 3rd culture kid, a child of former colonies, our land was exploited by white foreigners, over & over. People were disappeared if they challenged the authorities. Now my homeland is ravaged by capitalism & will be underwater in the coming decades. But still, the world is not black and white for me.

I hope we can remain kind to one another and listen without judgement. Hate only begets more hate. We need to embrace our biases & not forget how to love.

Our little town meeting last night might lead to more activism around dealing with food sustainability locally, more opportunities for people to grow food, among other things. Really excited about that!

Food, cooking 

Making up a slightly unusual bouquet garni, with the inclusion alehoof.

Food, cooking 

Yesterday's batch cooking yielded eight servings of veggie soup, today I am going to make a big pot of boeuf bourguignon. The freezer will be full by the end of the weekend 🍲

I am going to be teaching a bunch of professional s for a whole day on Halloween. Wonder if I should do it in costume? 👻🎃

I saw another a white person in town today, it had been a long time. We exchange the glare.

Solarpunk fashion week is great and all, but what if I started a action week? Get everyone out there doing something useful then sharing pics and resources

I'll probably wait until Spring so that it'll be a good time for planting. Maybe the week of Earth Day?

Boost if you'd be interested in something like that!

If anyone knows of resources on using Arduinos as a distributed mesh network or as powerline communication modems I’d love a link to it please 📶

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