Planting trees by searching for stuff is AF. Everyone on SBC should be using Ecosia.πŸ‘ ecosia.org

Account information: sunbeam.city will remain my main account, but I have set up an alt-account for less serious toots. You can find my alt at @communisthorse πŸ‘ 🐴

Germination station update:
My tiny green children have actual soil now, and they're growing up so fast. πŸ’š

Today was so good! I started my Junior year at Oregon State University, after two years off from school working as a programmer and figuring things out. Environmental Sciences is definitely what I want to study. My classes are all interesting, and my professors are super talented! Goodnight world!~ :_moonfog:

React native development on a Pixelbook is so heckin smooth. Native Linux apps + Android apps = super smooth mobile development workflow. :tux:

Aardehuizen is a mostly off-grid eco village in the Netherlands. It's built from recycled, repurposed, and locally sourced materials, and gets most of its power from the Sun.

And, well... I kinda want to live in one. Anyone else care to join? Like, maybe we can snag a patch of land somewhere and just be free.


What a year for China + Russia. While I have zero confidence that the EU could ever implement such unrealistic internet policies, they're basically slaughtering themselves on the global stage and passing the Eurasian torch to undemocratic nightmare states. Time to live in the woods I guess. :hot_shit:

Content Warning Meta + 9/11 

The lack of content warnings surrounding 9/11 jokes today is very discouraging. I've been setting aside 1-2 hours a day to work on a cross-platform Mastodon client, and today's focus will be tackling this issue. In considering different approaches, I'm curious what the community would find more helpful:

1.) Implementing keyword blocking
2.) Implementing auto CW generation.

If you have an opinion on this matter, I'd love to hear it.

Don't copy that floppy
Don't archive that hard drive
Don't make a dash with that flash
Don't scrape that paper tape
Don't let anyone see that DVD
Don't write an epistle about that holographic crystal
Don't retrain that artificial brain
Don't duplicate that quantum state
Don't retool that psychic mindspool
Don't clone that stone

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