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I am a writer, illustrator, and developer. Currently building an online repository for my mind and striving towards a 100% solar powered nomadic life

My tiny manifesto:

@bentwaters A tiny game about being a forest witch, I believe. I found it quite cozy to imagine living this life

This interview with Yanis Varoufakis about a new leftist movement in Europe was interesting.

Yanis mentions being inspired by Star Trek, so my kind of person.

Staying up far too late reverse engineering some else's exocortex

Not only is this book of poetry by @abundance beautiful, the explanation of how it was created taught me some things

Consider reading 'i've never picked a protected flower'

To grow, things must be removed
Trim away the old leaves and dead Branches
Of things you could have become

Find new buds near old wounds
Give them sunlight
And water
See what they blossom

And do it all again


We are made of broken things
The mulch from which we emerge
Is rich
When we have lived and died
Gained and discarded
Tried and failed

@red Hi - I saw you followed me awhile back (logged in for the first time in awhile) and I wanted to say your avatar is ace

I'm really excited about Pantone Color of the year

My monthly log is out.

I am an artist trying to build a sustainable practice so I document my journey and what I do each month.

t a k e
y o u r
p e r f e c t
v i d e o g a m e
m a k e
i m p e r f e c t
i t e r a t i o n s

amateur videogame creators are every bit as important as the most popular and acclaimed videogame creators. dismissing their work is doing videogames a disservice.

I want to not pay Quicken for budgeting software since they're taking over detroit OCP style

Any open-source alternatives for budgeting and freelancer finance / tax tracking?

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