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I am a writer, illustrator, and developer. Currently building an online repository for my mind and striving towards a 100% solar powered nomadic life

My tiny manifesto:

Got a question for the net:

What are your suggestions for podcast apps / tools that work across iOS/Android but also the web?

It's funny to think that Merveilles, a long time ago, was this small MMORPG built in PHP, and it has changed shape and became so many other things and so much more over the year. I still have a part of me that thinks about Merveilles and sees this kind of imagery.

This essay on Artifact reveals Artifact is everything I expected it would be. The perfect motivating force to drive an economy that Valve can extract wealth from

@errordays Hey there! Always nice to see a fellow autistic person

Realizing I like being creative, but my creativity doesn't usually stem from images in my mind I want to create.

I like working with constraints and rules and seeing what results.

@raye You're right, it won't do that. Cops are going to violate the law whenever they can if they feel they can get away with it

But it is better than not having the ruling

Reached this space in my head where nearly every taste seems to be the interaction between one's makeup (experience, biology, memory, etc) and stimulus...

So I feel no urge to argue for or against any bit of media being "good" unless I can explain why it's Good to Me

I just stumbled across a famous blog dedicated to teaching people how to reach early retirement:

Their advice seems to sum up as

1. Have two very large salaries
2. Save up those salaries
3. Use the savings to buy properties and stocks to extract wealth from others

Not sure how repeatable this is

I feel the urge to do a translation of Walden that removes all the archaic and racist language but retains the deep anti-capitalist energy so folks will read it through without getting, understandably, upset and putting it down.

It's real good

Trying to imagine how much easier it would be to learn things on the internet if there was no incentive to publish / repost mostly useless content with a headline that implies it's useful

I've been making homemade salsa for awhile and I finally have a recipe I consistently enjoy.

Here's the recipe

This little tutorial on Carpet Tech in Blendo Game's new project has some wisdom in it

Seek simplicity

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