Good night you beautiful people - let nothing tarnish your joy, and crush those that seek to crush you :) x

Mastodon: I need your help. I'm in charge of the holiday social trivia, and I want some questions from other religions/culture's winter festival/holy day traditions.

I've got @DialMforMara giving me a Jewish question or two, but there are LOTS of societies and religions with winter or solstice events: Are you a member of one? Would you mind giving me a trivia question so any students or partners who are a member of one of these groups can go "I'VE GOT THIS!"?

(I can't ask the students)


I know that are a few Muslim members of our dept and someone in my lab is a (non-observant) Hindu, so any trivia that makes these people go "I know that!" would be great.

(Please boost).

thus sayeth the lord: it’s always gay if you’re an enby

Just spent a good hour writing a fifteen-page children's book, including storyboards and working out art style - everyone loves giraffes as much as me, right?

I'm actually excited at the idea, and genuinely want to stay drawing it :D

4chan's attempt to piss off leftists are always hilarious just because they're so terrible at it. It's either dumb juvenile shit which everyone ignores, or stuff about how we're all homosexual america-hating communists, which is literally true in every sense.

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**the appropriate response is to not delete any of them - they all apply to every one of you ;) x

Good afternoon/evening my wonderful/beautiful/amazing/gorgeous/hilarious/sexy people* - how are we doing?

*delete as appropriate

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So far today I've had two students tell me I'm their favourite teacher, and one tell me to "suck [her] dick", so I guess it's a bit of a mixed bag today? :p

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Good night, fedipeeps - your wings shall grow out in your dreams tonight, and you shall finally reach the cookie jar after all these years x

making a masto blanket fort. fave to add a blanket. boost to hop in and get cozy

Trans men? :valid:
Trans women? :valid:
Nonbinary people? :valid:
Gays? :valid:
Lesbians? :valid:
Bisexuals? :valid:
Pansexuals? :valid:
Aro/ace people? :valid:
Queer people who use other words to describe themselves? :valid:

Cishets? You can stay but you're on thin fucking ice.

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