Pokemon Go 

Hey friends and trainers alike! You've done so well adding me for gifts and xp alike, and I've got one more favour to ask - do you mind adding one more person? 😁

Baby trans experiences 

Today's interesting discovery: waxing your legs is... An unusual experience (tm)

Like, I was surprised at the fact it didn't make me scream in pain, and the feeling was more "wow, my nerves are overloaded" than "oh god oh god the pain" - not a complaint!

...that being said, they are now bright red and pin pricky so maybe I just had to wait for the pain to turn up :p But hey, I've never seen my legs look this good! 😁

Good morning! I hope your Saturday was productive and fun, and that your Sunday will prove relaxing and restful πŸ’œ

I've got very little on for today apart from ironing and making pancakes, how is your day looking? 😊

Just come back from The Lego Movie 2 - thirty second review, we really enjoyed it (not as much as the first one, but so many things can't be seen for the first time again), and they still manage to capture a real sense of the joy Lego brings to so many without being overly twee 😊

If you liked the first one, go see this one - you won't regret it πŸ‘


Yes, hello - I ordered a medium cod and chips, there seems to be some mistake, this seems to be three larger fish in an overcoat

Interesting fact of the day: Greek temples used to get so cluttered with offerings from the public, priests had to hold a ceremonial Marie Kondo style clearout every year, where they would bury whatever had been left over a certain time

You don't really think about the sheer volume of crap left everywhere when you think "classical temple", do you? :p

"I was gonna say things tomb looked Mycenean, but they've gone for Minoan it looks like"

...sure babes, whatever you say - I'm sure we were all thinking it :p

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"Oh my god they've painted the temples! And the grave steles are accurate! ...okay, those carvings were on the Parthenon not the Temple of Apollo, but I'll let that slide!"

God bless you, woman, you're adorable πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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I'm currently watching my wife play Assassin's Creed Odyssey and squeeing over the details, it's really lovely 😍

(She has a variety of degrees in classical archaeology, and has studied Ancient Greece for nearly a decade :p )

Good morning folx! How is your day ahead looking? Try and get out and enjoy the sunshine 😊

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Shout out to my fellow #nonbinary folks who do in fact want the most androgynous presentation possible for us! You don't have to be androgynous or a masc AFAB/fem AMAB or look like any particular thing to be enby, but I know it can be disheartening to hear people talk down about the "stereotypical" nb look. Just know that if something you want happens to fit a stereotype that's totally okay too! It's all right to just be yourself. :heart_nb: :heart_gq:

(Apologies to all my German followers for my undoubtedly awful grammar!!)

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Them: "Woah, sir, can you speak German?"

Me: "nΓΌr ein bischen, aber habe ich fΓΌr zehn Jahren es nicht nehmen!"

Them: ... *blank stares*

Me: "that means yes" πŸ˜‰

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So I'm a German teacher today... This is a new one!

On the bright side, it seems my GCSE from back in the mists of time has left something behind, the kids all think I'm fluent because I can remember a few key phrases :p

That was meant to say today, but you know what? Screw it, have that good time toast! Bring out the celebratory bread! Warm your cockles with warburtons, and be cheered by croissants - be buoyed by bagels! 😊

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Good morning! Have a good time toast, whatever it is that you're doing πŸ’œ

Briefly coming back from sleep because I remembered how unreal pregnant kiwis are

Look at this shit, it's like if a human gave birth to a four year old

Good night my lovelies - I hope you sleep deep and easy, with only the most pleasant hand-picked dreams πŸ’œ

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open for self-care domme 

hey, there.
take a deep breath, stretch, and put on your favorite song.
i want you to clean your space or do a small organizational job you need to do for the duration.

are you getting up? i’ll be so proud of you. you deserve to feel good about your space. c’mon. let me know when you’re finished so i can tell you what a good job you did.

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