It's very interesting how so many English folk heroes are criminals

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@InvaderXan *horrible histories' dick turpin song immediately starts playing in my head after reading*

if they're trying to make highwaymen seem unsexy here??? they are NOT doing a good job

@chillgamesh @InvaderXan that's why it's so good I am all about dick Turpin what a suave twink

@scottishwobbly @chillgamesh Yeah, he’s been glamourised but the real Dick Turpin was actually a villain who robbed and brutalised farmers as well as rich people. Not exactly a hero.

@InvaderXan oh?

(i am not familiar enough with English history/literature)

@meena Lots of them were thieves, pirates, or smugglers. Robin Hood, Dick Turpin, Francis Drake, Tom Crocker.

Many of them, at least in the stories, took things from the wealthy and helped their local communities – though how much of this is true and how much is just myth is uncertain. Robin Hood, for instance, is famous for giving to the poor. Dick Turpin, on the other hand, was probably less altruistic.

labor; folk heroes; us pol? 

@InvaderXan @meena

Makes me think there's a conspiracy afoot when American folk heroes are laborers, but they just worked really hard and stayed in their station - John Henry, Paul Bunyan, or Johnny Appleseed. Probably has something to do with that pesky Puritan work ethic that outlasted the religion and has wound its way into every aspect of our lives here.

Working when you're sick, tired, or dying at your post are weird badges of honor here.

labor; folk heroes; us pol? 

@solarpunkgnome @meena
Yes, there is something rather unhealthy, I think, about glorifying overwork and conformity.

labor; folk heroes; us pol? 

@solarpunkgnome @InvaderXan @meena note that they are also all "frontier" heroes as well, and associated with resource extraction.

The American mythos is diseased

@auravulpes They did actually have a revolution one time, like France, when they got rid of the monarchy. And then... they put them back?... for some reason...? I don't know the full story.

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