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gone and did a union organising page in the wiki finally, but it's a 1am effort and more than open to contributions & criticism Show more

" These latter day Leninists are most likely to be found in anything resembling a popular movement, where they’ll promptly form a ‘coalition’ and appoint themselves leaders. Calling for ‘unity’ behind their leadership (often, rival ‘coalitions’ each calling for ‘unity’ and decrying the actions of the other), they tend to smother any grassroots initiative with a stifling routine of marches (a great recruiting ground) and diversions into parliamentary politics. The examples are too numerous to list here.
But whilst we can complain about the antics of the Left, ultimately their ability to control movements rests in the weakness of a libertarian, direct action culture within the wider working class which would render such manoeuvres transparent and ineffective."

“The council system brooks no dictatorships as it proceeds from totally different assumptions. In it is embodied the will from below, the creative energy of the toiling masses. In dictatorship, however, only lives barren compulsion from above, which will suffer no creative activity and proclaims blind submission as the highest laws for all. The two cannot exist together. In Russia dictatorship proved victorious. Hence there are no more soviets there. All that is left of them is the name and a gruesome caricature of its original meaning.” - Rudolf Rocker

free pdf of Fighting For Ourselves, by the Solidarity Federation, imo the must read anarcho-syndicalist guide/manifesto for the UK this century

Rough, depressing day so I designed some messaging as a fuck you to the system that's killing me

It's got little pull tabs full of links. Obviously if you use it (you're welcome to) you should replace the bottom 2 links with local groups of your choice

(and I know you're skeptical but actually our DSA chapter, specifically, rules)

*wakes up feeling troubled*
*proceeds to listen to Bella Ciao a dozen times to help*

Police looking supposedly for robbery suspect ran up and unloaded on a couple in their car, shooting one woman literally in the face. She survived, but protests in #NewHaven right now are popping off - as should we all. Follow @RevAbolitionEC for updates.

@scottishwobbly @GreenandBlack yeah, I just really can't do stuff like that. I am really squishy and affectionate and when they just kinda don't do that back I just feel uninterested. then you get into a lot of the toxic attitudes and stuff that a lot of cis men have and... ugh. dating trans gay and bi girls is A LOT easier I'll tell ya

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