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so I've been listening to y'all bitch and moan about XR and Earth Strike and quite frankly, I agree with you. So I've been drafting up a proposal for a loose network of activists (united by shared principles rather than with any official structure, think antifa) to work alongside such groups to try and make sure the climate movement isn't dissolved or crushed, and I've posted it as a page in the wiki. Please give it a read and share it if you like it, trynna get other propaganda stuff based around its principles on the go too

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gone and did a union organising page in the wiki finally, but it's a 1am effort and more than open to contributions & criticism 

death, police, ICE, martyr 

John Brown's body lies a'mouldering in its grave
But his soul goes marching on

death, police, ICE, martyr 

anyone know of any active radical groups in or near colorado springs?

anti-catholicism, kids being attacked 

does the US anarchist black cross have a protest support line number like the green and black cross here? If so can someone send me it?

brexit, bj 

ICE, guns, US pol 

Deportation crackdown expected to start in Miami — and these other cities — on Sunday 

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