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gone and did a union organising page in the wiki finally, but it's a 1am effort and more than open to contributions & criticism Show more

considering the months of planning, you'd have thought The Independent Group would at least have bought a domain name lmfao 😂 :blocblob:

@CornishRepublicanArmy @scottishwobbly @GreenandBlack The movement for Irish independence was the convergence of many strands of left wing movements in Ireland at that time - tenants' rights, women's rights, trade unions and Socialists. Which is why a reading of the constitution of the first draft of the Irish republic sounds like something from a Socialist state. Like many left-wing independence movements it was co-opted by right-wing Nationalists who adopted the guise of being the true "anti-Imperialists" while simultaneously pushing for a rollback on women's rights and public enslavement the Vatican. They became more concerned with creating an Irish* state than a Socialist one.

*Their definition of Irish was rural, Gaelic and Extremely Catholic

The card reader on the bus broke so the bus driver is waving everyone on for free, lmao

I'd love if we really expanded allotment to be more like city communal gardens all over the place. Little permacultures we all keep alive to feed a city sustainably and grow a community around through such a joint project

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@CornishRepublicanArmy @scottishwobbly @GreenandBlack This is exactly how I feel about Sinn Féin, they call themselves a Socialist party but they're perfectly content with implementing austerity in both Irish jurisdictions. There's something to be said about the institution of parliamentary politics creating the role of the "opposition" that's actually quite cushy and is an incentive against rocking the boat. I think there are many SF MLAs, MPs and Teachtaí Dala and SNP MSPs and MPs who are quite happy with the their statutory paypackets.

You may be wondering if I'm joking or serious. I'm joking and serious.
-- Bob Black

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*cough* you guys.... we should just like... do something about that and not just electorally...

:blobcatknife: :guillotine: I'm here when you need me

Solarpunk Action Week official dates: Spring 2019

This year's first action week will take place on the first full week of March (3rd-9th)! Start planning and organizing now for a week of community building and practical projects, and make sure to post about your actions with the hashtag so we can share them here!

Ideas for actions will be posted here as well as our official tumblr, and you can find even more resources on the Sunbeam City wiki

Please boost this post and spread the word, and we'll see you punks in planting season! ✊💕

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Imagine trying to emulate Macron, a president less popular with his own people than Maduro, because you don't want to "become like Venezuela"

That is how the independent group do

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