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so I've been listening to y'all bitch and moan about XR and Earth Strike and quite frankly, I agree with you. So I've been drafting up a proposal for a loose network of activists (united by shared principles rather than with any official structure, think antifa) to work alongside such groups to try and make sure the climate movement isn't dissolved or crushed, and I've posted it as a page in the wiki. Please give it a read and share it if you like it, trynna get other propaganda stuff based around its principles on the go too

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gone and did a union organising page in the wiki finally, but it's a 1am effort and more than open to contributions & criticism 

UK pol, election, scotland 

suggestion for next year 


Instead of asking why we would strike close to Christmas or a general election which we didn’t even know the dates for, ask yourself why Royal Mail aren’t honouring their agreement. They’ve had months to sit down and talk with the CWU National Officers, but have treated the mediation talks with very little respect.
You have to ask yourself why would RM do that?
All we ask the British Public to do is back your Postman and Women and show them your support, they deserve it."

The strike hasn't started yet, but it looks likely to happen around Black Friday weekend at the end of the month, with a possible second strike in the leadup to xmas. Don't cross a picket line, don't use Royal Mail during the strike. :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

"In the next few days and weeks you’ll see issues with Royal Mail in the news. You’ll see the union are preparing for a strike. You’ll see the news try and put the union in a bad light and make them out to be the bad guys. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve had an agreement in place for over a year and all we are asking for, is for this agreement to be honoured. Instead the CEO is trying to bleed the company dry and destroy our service, and we are simply trying to protect it.
Many postal staff wake up at 4am every day, working in all weather conditions facing all sorts of hazards with a busy workload that dictates what time we get home to our families, all to provide you with the service you deserve.
We may strike for a day, we may strike for two but compared to what would happen if we didn’t it’s minimal disruption. Don’t fall for the media lies... (1/2)

transphobia, calling UK & Scottish comrades 

anyone know any decent groups in Nova Scotia? asking for a friend

“ And the strangest thing about the nightmare street was that none of the millions of things for sale were made there. They were only sold there. Where were the workshops, the factories, where were the farmers, the craftsmen, the miners, the weavers, the chemists, the carvers, the dyers, the designers, the machinists, where were the hands, the people who made? Out of sight, somewhere else. Behind walls. All the people in all the shops were either buyers or sellers. They had no relation to the things but that of possession.”

Sometimes Ursula Le Guin writes feelings and experiences I've never known how to articulate in words in a way that makes it seem impossibly obvious forever after you've read it. Case in point: "There was a singing in his ears which was not the orchestra but the noise that came when you kept yourself from crying; he had observed this singing noise several times before."

It costs 0 pounds 0 pence to carry your empty mug back to the overworked barrista

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