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What might a future without the big #platforms look like? How can we combine cheap computing like @Raspberry_Pi with new protocols like @dat_project, @IPFSbot, ActivityPub, and Secure Scuttlebutt to build #decentralized portable servers?

Check out my thoughts:

free #seeds for UK people! please boost, more info upthread

here's what i have:
- cosmos "polidor mixed" x2
- verbena "intensity"
- parsnip "tender and true" x2
- carrot "autumn king 2" x2
- courgette "zucchini" x2
- swede "marian" x3
- beetroot "detroit 2"
- beetroot "boltardy" x3
- radish "french breakfast 3"
- onion "(spring) white lisbon winter hardy" x2

[cont. below]

#gardening #plants

New #blog post! After watching a few thrift videos on YouTube, I've decided to write up some thoughts on the "#Archaeology of #Thrift Stores" and how they present complex and interesting archaeological sites for study:

@otama Unfortunately the manager is a fan of in-person communication. No tech skills at all, which is why I'm in charge of his social media

Hey @Gargron, have a look to this thread. Maybe you could consider an opt-out for blocked_by?

After your grandfather’s sudden death, you inherit his massive mansion. You find that the basement has been converted to a massive jail filled with various supernatural creatures. Except for one cell. In it there’s a weak looking simple man who begs you to let him out.
#writingprompts #writing

@vicorva my cat is definitely my manager. She encourages breakfast, afternoon naps, and a consistent bedtime.

You might remember that due to my occasional inability to regulate how much work I do or to feed myself, I was given a new manager ... my cat.

The rules are, I eat when he wants to eat. I break when he wants to break.

Today, he can be your manager too. I'll time-stamp each of his management moments so you can follow along in your timezone.

#Framadate is a free open alternative to Doodle:

Like Doodle, Framadate lets you make quick, simple calendars and polls for finding out the opinions of your friends or colleagues without needing to register.

Unlike Doodle, Framadate respects privacy and doesn't show ads or track you.

It's made by @Framasoft and the source code is at

#Doodle #Alternatives

my flight captain just said this Show more

@em all goth gfs have sacked Rome but not all gfs who sacked Rome were goths #GallicGFs

Social media break has been lovely. Don’t worry, I’m posting less because I’m doing better 😁

me: *looking through some old art folders*

me: ...

me: im,, i did this?

The whole human race was excited when we found the objects. Perfectly geometrical, orbiting a dying sun, covered in indecipherable writings and each possessing a single repeated logo. That is, of course, it was discovered that every single one contained organic matter- a corpse of a human.
#writingprompts #writing

While I'm thinking about pop culture and trends, though, I will say:

I don't think the partner realized that when I said I was out of touch with most of culture, that I was totally serious. I don't see it as a good or a bad thing, it's just A Thing.

Mostly it means that some of the stuff he loves is completely inaccessible to me. There's a larger context that I'm missing. I can fake it with some things, but with others I might as well be from Mars.

Hello Fediverse,

What is your opinion of the search site Ecosia? How privacy-conscious is it? How green is it?

#SearchEngines #AskTheFediverse #AskMastodon #Ecosia

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