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Project Drawdown is running an EcoChallenge from April 3 to April 24, 2019. I'm going to be traveling for most of it, but would this be something we might want to as a Sunbeam Team? I haven't had a chance to dig through everything yet, but it seems interesting.

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Recommendations for a good LED Edison bulb (ideally candleabra, but I can use an adapter) grow bulb?

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@ben @lynnesbian @captainflarg @petra super ultra agreed

my coworkers encouraged me to drop uni because it wasn't actually of any use to me or the job

@lynnesbian I wonder how many people learned metallurgy from RuneScape

Just read this newspaper article about a guy named Andrew Yang who is running for president on the platform of universal basic income, and is planning on campaigning with mobile tupac style holograms. Normally I vote 3rd party to piss off the "ur ThROWning AWaY uR voTE" status quo maintaining defeatists, but this guy might be crackpot enough for me to vote for a democrat next year. Well anyway, at least this election is going to be more interesting than the boring one in 2016.

I don't know how to 'mount' this camera's memory card. I guess I'll have to boot to windows to upload the vlog entries...

but there must be a way to do it on #Kubuntu #linux .... right?

Hallelujah! You cast a weird spell from an old book that turned you into a huge jaguar! #AlwaysChanging

@rekh127 I don't care about the Catholic Church, that's not the point. Attacking lay people for being Catholic (and I'm not Catholic) is religious bigotry. I have lost family and have almost been murdered in more than one arson attack because of the crime of being raised Catholic. People from WASP countries saying "being bigoted against Catholics [not the catholic church] is good" is not only sad and bigoted but makes light of the countless deaths and trauma that I and other people have had to endure.

I lost family members in a 30 year conflict because they were innocent Catholic civillians and almost died myself but I guess that just makes me overly sensitive to "being 'racist' to Catholics is good actually" posts on this here web sight eh

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If you made art and didn’t take pictures of it, did you even make the art

biodegradable disposable cups made from gourds grown in 3d printed molds. sustainable, cheap, eco-friendly. fantastic idea. purpose-grown plants are the future of common household items. why use a semi-permanent petroleum product for something that can be done with what pretty much is elf magic?

#sustainability #solarpunk #botany #biodegradable #3dprinting

Here is a list of Action Squad members and their responsibilites. If you have any issues get in touch with them or alternatively join the general SBC chat on Matrix:

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