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#bikepunk; mutual aid; disaster relief 

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Poll about Solarpunk Wallflowers 

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Municipalist politics 

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Shameless self promotion:

Vegetable harvest 

Joke, ableism but reversed 

Hey folks, I've finally convinced my cute datemate to join fedi (which is good news for all of you bc they're a delight and also super pretty and you'll get to talk to and look @ them)

They're hunting for an instance that is anarchist and queer focused. I know, I know - queer anarchists? On the fediverse? It's a bit of a long shot, but I'm sure we can figure something out (/sarcasm)

Please recommend cool instances full of cool people that would fit for this! Boosts very much requested!!!

@solarpunkgnome If we work hard, we can see corporate husks converted into proper housing. A nice big block living space with a K-mart logo sun-seared onto the front

love that new windows update smell

@ all the experienced older trans/nonbinary people watching me figure out my identity and doing some epic cringe moves because of my posts...I'm sorry

Gender; fandom; ableism 

gender re: can't believe I have to say this but someone has to so it may as well be me 

Gender; fandom 

demonstration tactics, violence 

People tend to discuss economic systems based on the conscious thoughts of hypothetical individuals within the system and the design intent behind the system, instead of talking
about what actually happens.

Pronouns and gender 

Thinking about a post-capitalist future, where I/we can place our needs for time, for space, for health, for love, above our needs to survive and pay off the debt of being born without wealth, and our absences are not felt when a shoddily built system shakes without our backs beneath it, and without requiring us to pick a means of survival and lock into it until the end.

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