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#bikepunk; mutual aid; disaster relief 

Bicycle-powered relief efforts are environmentally friendly and easy to replicate and don’t require highly skilled cyclists as Green Map notes in its Bike Ready guide: Even walking bikes loaded with supplies can be helpful in an emergency.

: How cyclists in NYC are delivering disaster aid

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Shameless self promotion:

@behold3r @monorail i attest that both witches and wizards know what they're doing. the distinguishing aspect is their approaches to magic.

@monorail i disagree, witches are the ones who know what they're doing unlike wizards

you can be a wizard if you're a girl or a witch if you're a boy. or any other gender. don't let people tell you they're gendered terms. you're a WIZARD if you know what you're doing and you're a WITCH if you throw shit in a pot because a rhyme told you to

"Awards of up to EUR 5000 are available for finding security vulnerabilities in ... Mastodon ... There is a 20% bonus for providing a code fix for the bugs they discover."
ht to @Doudouosm

Another piece of #newhere advice: the alternative web interface for :birdsite: (as we call Twitter around here), Nitter, also provides #RSS feeds for accounts viewed on it.

So you can follow :birdsite: accounts even after you closed down your own.

It works by replacing "" in an URL with "", "" or one of the other instances:

So, if you'd like to follow, say, @dog_feelings on there, you can use e.g.: to do so in any RSS reader.

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@luna With the rainy one I half expect there to be a totoro waiting at the tram stop.

@th Yes!! I want to move to the Netherlands someday, the people-first city design is like a dream, I love it

@luna there are so many nice ones in the Netherlands, often with bike lanes alongside

I have the opportunity to develop a digital lit curriculum for people being released from incarceration, some of whom have done over 20 years in prison.

This has the potential to have huge positive impacts on their lives; they need to know how to attach a resumé to an email, and how to avoid scammers, among many many other basic skills we all take for granted.

Please if you have any input I would appreciate it because I am not omnipotent and can't think of everything.

Please boost this!

Dredful Docs 

This is an old idea that surfaces every once in a while. I wrote the pitch before I knew about SCP, but the premise can be distilled as Victorian/Turn of the Century SCP.

I used to describe it as "A less fatalistic Warehouse 13 (well, warehouse 12, it's the victorian era.)" and both of those things give an impression of the idea, but neither of them really Explains the #dreadfulDocs so let me go grab an old ideas file and copy and paste.

*aggressively ignoring :birdsite: drama continues, but louder*
so I got some frozen imported potstickers the other day, and realized last night that holy shit, the container on the boat had to be that cold the whole way, and then the truck that did the land leg *also* was frozen temperature, and I *still* paid like $6 for these? dude what the hell. oil is too cheap.
and wait there was another land leg too. ALSO with frozen temperature moving storage. yikes.

@t54r4n1 Sail cargo is a thing that's gotten going again in the last 5-10 years. The Ceiba is a wooden schooner that people are building in Costa Rica for sail cargo and to help get the locals trained up in amazing skills. Once it's built it'll help with building the local economy with small scale trade.

us: ehhhh, the new bag of black oil sunflower seeds is unopened, it'll be fine to leave it here overnight and put it in the storage bin tomorrow
all the house finches in a one mile radius: haha! Hahaha! Hahahahaaaaaa

Hey fediverse -- what are the best sources to read on #rojava and the role of worker and other cooperatives in the strategy and practice?

Dear developers, especially those working on free and open software: every new release is an opportunity to have someone discover your tool.

Make sure you explain what your tool is when announcing a new release and have links to where people can learn more about it.

#foss #dev

just found r/antiwork, pretty nice reading. that's a lot of workers hating their bosses

Praise for The Dawn of Everything by Graeber and Wengrow 

Generally, I don't participate into editorial hypes. Not because I'm a snob, but just because I'm distracted: I've my own infinite list of books to read and I focus on that. I know that I'll reach the hyped book when I'm ready for it. This time I made an exception and I started reading The Dawn of Everything by Graeber (RIP) and Wengrow. Oh boy, what a monumental book. Each page a Rubik cube-like twist of historical certainties, every section a dramatic reconsideration of the way we think of society and civilization. Intellectual rigor, crystalline prose, engaging storytelling. A non-fiction book, of the most lucid kind, the reads like a novel. I'm hooked.

raspberry pis run better when you put the sd card in them

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