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#bikepunk; mutual aid; disaster relief 

Bicycle-powered relief efforts are environmentally friendly and easy to replicate and don’t require highly skilled cyclists as Green Map notes in its Bike Ready guide: Even walking bikes loaded with supplies can be helpful in an emergency.

: How cyclists in NYC are delivering disaster aid

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Municipalist politics 

Want to learn more about ? Symbiosis has a great resources list of recommended reading for people interested in municipalism/social ecology.

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Shameless self promotion:

Caught some friends streams and then studied Latin with a friend. I really forgot a lot in those few months away from LLPSI. I'm trying to catch up on everything I've forgotten while learning new material and it's difficult but worth it. For some reason I don't really wanna give it up at all now. I'm too invested in it. lol Anyways, gonna work on sketching some noses tonight.


I love everything about this

(comic is the COVID risk of different activities graphed against their regular risk.

the low-low corner is staying home; the high-high corner is things like, "getting a COVID test from a stranger in a bar"

Take that productivity! I got all of February pretty much scheduled and organized. 😈

There's a .2 mm hole in the international space station, that the Russians call "insignificant".

That's absolutely a wild thing to think, to know.

There are people living in space, and their space station is leaking.

We really need to get better at democracy cause this is getting silly and scary and sad.

Start in daily life: Work, neighborhood, online. Every day. Exercise. Practice commoning and cooperation. Build power the right way. Undermine demagogues. Live not by swords. And sleep well.

What if online groups ran on consensus by default, and mods and other hierarchies were adopted only with the consent of the governed?

Vermont Event 

For #VT folks, the "Invest in #Vermont series is shaping up to be quite interesting.

The private equity peeps who did a Vermont Investors Summit didn't do one in 2020, so I conspired with a few folks at the local community foundation to put on a virtual version that *just happens* to include several sessions on alternative and solidarity economy investing. :blobhyperthink:

Info and registration here:

#impactinvestment #coopCapital #NewEngland

Had a lovely call with the folks at #PeepMe, a sex-worker platform coop.

I'm really excited to continue exploring how #Convene and #ZincCoop could work with them to support the socioeconomic stability of sex workers.


Just joined a new co-op! -- "a cooperative of journalists and readers committed to covering news and views of the underrepresented and marginalised and to create a new way of reporting through independent, uncompromising, quality journalism. Our focus is on social issues through the perspective of real lives."

I encourage anyone interested in Japanese labor and social movements to subscribe and support this pathbreaking cooperative.

@chiematsumoto @emi #japan #newscoop

In preparation for ‘Reclaiming the commons: From austerity and debt to public space and health as commons’ we are sharing stories to highlight activist and grassroots response to health and economic crisis.

Education discourse? 

@solarpunkgnome @emsenn thanks for this post and boost, TiL about sudbury model!

seeking book recommendations, boosts welcome 

Looking for interesting books in languages indigenous to Africa, the greater Caribbean, the South Pacific, & the Indian Ocean. Boosts & tags with the intent of reaching someone who has suggestions very much welcome!

Education discourse? 

I wonder if we'll see some more or less diversity in teaching after the pandemic?

I think the underlying idea of voucher schools giving people the option to try different teaching/learning styles is good, but it seems like it's used politically as a mechanism to defund public education, which isn't so great.

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@solarpunkgnome @Ephaemera You know you did a good job at teaching people the basics of riding a bike when I learned something from it.

@solarpunkgnome @stolas Yeah, it'll just be using it as a holder and using the default tilt controls then there.

It'd be nice if it did work in MK, but that would require an update and there was barely one of those between the Wii U and Switch versions

It was requested of me to make some How To guides for a couple of simple (to me) technology tasks.

This includes things like picking a web host, publishing a website, building a media center, etc.

I've had lots of people (as in seven or eight) ask specifically about the media center thing, so I'll probably do that one first (it's also super easy, and can be done for not much money.)

I would like some feedback on a potential media center making video (see next post.)

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