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#bikepunk; mutual aid; disaster relief 

Bicycle-powered relief efforts are environmentally friendly and easy to replicate and don’t require highly skilled cyclists as Green Map notes in its Bike Ready guide: Even walking bikes loaded with supplies can be helpful in an emergency.

: How cyclists in NYC are delivering disaster aid

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Municipalist politics 

Want to learn more about ? Symbiosis has a great resources list of recommended reading for people interested in municipalism/social ecology.

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Shameless self promotion:

Hi all, I wrote an essay pulbished in the Gargoyle about what the old norse god Óðinn might have to do with queer representation. Loki is there too!

why would you have a magazine & then have it only accessible via scribd. not going to read that, thanks

"I started ISeeChange to help people tell stories of how they are personally impacted by climate change. The idea was to create a system in which anyone, anywhere, could make observations about what’s changing in their environment, and then ask questions about those changes."

I wrote a review of Rewiring America by Saul Griffith:

It's a plan for transitioning the US to almost 100% renewables by 2035.

re: Urban planning ; food 

@solarpunkgnome Flour, but make it non-vegan


@solarpunkgnome "Pulling on small threads."
I think this is a really good point and actually the core of any realistic and believable story. Good things are very rarely windfalls or Deus Ex Machinas. They are usually the result of lots of unseen, unappreciated hard work.

Even stories that have characters with just insane luck/destiny's favor/superpowers still have to build up these abilities and these realities over time to be convincing. Even a steel suspension cable is made of threads.

Municipalism; Covid-19 

"Much commentary on the pandemic has focused on the interventions of central states in the areas of public health and the economy. But what of the responses of municipal governments? Kate Shea Baird explains how Ada Colau’s administration in Barcelona has sought to meet the challenge of COVID in a way that tackles inequalities and promotes climate action."

Urban planning ; food 

"Art Works for Change commissioned Terreform ONE (for Open Network Ecology) to create Cricket Shelter Farm, an innovative living space that addresses both sustainable food systems and modular compact architecture. Essentially, it is housing that also serves as a cricket farm and, hence, a source of food for its human residents. Each of the hundreds of off-the-shelf plastic containers that form the main structure house a self-contained colony of crickets, which can be turned into high-protein flour. A typical shelter might have 300 such units, each producing a bag of "chirp chips," or the ingredients for making such things as bagels or pasta, every few weeks."

@InvaderXan So, uhh, we'll gladly hope for internet sentience. It'll be one powerful ally to those that support life and prosperity in all forms -- regardless of whether the life is made of carbon or silicon.

@solarpunkgnome I'm bad at it myself sometimes. Especially since I was gaslighted. This was a reminder to myself as well!

And you're welcome, ofc! :ablobcathappypaws:

This is your friendly reminder that it's ok to ask for help when you need it. :blobsathy:

fedi I hate ebegging but as y'all know my car got hit by a truck and I am now left without a vehicle.

is there any way y'all can help me get $500 so I can buy a Volvo S60 for $2K? My friend offered to cover $1.5K as long as I pay her back when I get a job, I need a car so I can get a job here in the charleston area so any help would be great.

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Hey yall, putting the call out again for face masks.

We've got quite a few that we've been making, and can send within the US to anyone who would like them. Preferably folks who need them first.

Sending two in a pack, no cost. DM me for details!

A distinction should be made between "hard work" which is just a glorification of exploitation and suffering, and the position many BIPOC, working class, and poor people are forced into by the white supremacist state.

To say the working class and the poor "work hard" is to fall into the same myth the middle class giddily spout: that hard work is a blessing in disguise.

We also need to stop with the glorification of manual labor. Workers deserve to own the means of production, not because they "earned it" but because it's theirs to begin with.

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