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Poll about Solarpunk Wallflowers 

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Municipalist politics 

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Energy; supply chain; food 

Anyone have the setup program for a Samsung Samtron? I think this machine is a rebadge or clone

The sun beat down so fiercely that a breeze felt like a stuffy cloak.

The dragon bobbed lazily in the lake, blowing bubbles into the water. His numerous human children squealed and blew bubbles back.

He kept a close eye on the youngest ones, still figuring out how to float, clinging to his wings or scales.

He flicked his eldest off his tail, at their urging, into a deeper section of the lake.

The outing went over very well with everyone.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

when society collapses, I will rest secure knowing that I will starve because every plant I try to grow dies

why must you do this, plants??

Signed the lease for my new flat today 😎

fun fact about browser location reporting 

Please reply with pictures of your animal companions (and boost this as well)

I need it today

I haaaaaaaaate trying to find room mates on Craigslist.

Any queer people in Portland need a place to live? Hmu

you can pick your pronouns
you can pick your friends
but you can't pick your friends' pronouns

I won't respect a man unless he's dabbled in Other Genders.

Cyberpunk thoughts; alternative physics in VR 

Today, I taught ska guitar to a punk several years younger than me and felt like the master of an art lost to time

re: Parents, usPol, concentration camps 

One of the greatest revolutionary hurdles will be normalizing the discomfort of unlearning. We've learned to live with and enact so many endless expressions of oppression, and the process of identifying, isolating, reflecting on, and dismantling those impulses is very, very long under the best of conditions.


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