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#bikepunk; mutual aid; disaster relief 

Bicycle-powered relief efforts are environmentally friendly and easy to replicate and don’t require highly skilled cyclists as Green Map notes in its Bike Ready guide: Even walking bikes loaded with supplies can be helpful in an emergency.

: How cyclists in NYC are delivering disaster aid

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Municipalist politics 

Want to learn more about ? Symbiosis has a great resources list of recommended reading for people interested in municipalism/social ecology.

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Shameless self promotion:

does anybody know of a way to use a bluetooth gamepad as a midi controller in linux? I've been searching without much luck.


There's nothing better in this world than waking up and realising you have leftover pizza.

I’m just going to say it. The people you’re worried about losing contact with if you leave Facebook will find a way—text, email, Zoom, Slack, whatever—to stay in touch if you matter enough to them.

#Seattle now has an indigenous #radio station.

"Our goal is to have 90% Native American (encompassing all the Americas from the Arctic to the Antarctic) music and up to 10% of music from those who specifically support Indigenous causes or have spent significant time learning Native instruments and styles."

the fact that emasculate means to take masculinity away but effeminate doesn't mean to take femininity away has always pissed me off

a cis guy talking about feminism 

I get itchy when I see other cis men trampling into talk about feminism like kids with their shoes untied. Please shut up dude and listen and learn.

This isn't about anything in particular, but I am literally begging you to have some humility.

If you find some cool art via RedBubble, Etsy, TeeSpring, etc: Don't buy it! There's a very high chance it's stolen, and your money will NOT go to the artist.

Take a moment to check the artist's pages elsewhere and see that you're looking at one of their own listings, or if they have their stuff elsewhere.

If you can't find the artist via the shop page, then it's almost certainly stolen, please don't buy it, save your money for something else.

"I expected someone..."
"Yes," the knight said, looking down at the dragon.
"Dragons grow in proportion to their hoard."
"I heard your hoard was huge, thousands and thousands of books."
"It is."
"I went digital," the dragon said, showing the SD card they lay on.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I spent a day helping to maintain a 3000-year-old hillside chalk monument with a group from Long Now London. Crushing chalk into the ground with a hammer was so satisfying that I kept forgetting to enjoy the view, and I had some great conversations with the interesting people that the task attracted (including @mdales)

Here's a writeup with photos from the previous excursion:


wait 15 minutes to let the owner address it. then: crawl under, use a screwdriver to pop the hood latch, disconnect the battery. byee

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The Laser

Is Cutting.

Yes. Yes!

The Laser is Cutting some wood.

honestly video games never needed to look better than ps2 era

Racist-colonialist capitalism operates by misusing terms like "natural" and "universal," hiding its highly social and contingent assumptions under these platitudes, walling itself off from criticism like a coward.

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