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#bikepunk; mutual aid; disaster relief 

Bicycle-powered relief efforts are environmentally friendly and easy to replicate and don’t require highly skilled cyclists asΒ Green Map notes in its Bike Ready guide: Even walking bikes loaded with supplies can be helpful in an emergency.

: How cyclists in NYC are delivering disaster aid

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Municipalist politics 

Want to learn more about ? Symbiosis has a great resources list of recommended reading for people interested in municipalism/social ecology.

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Shameless self promotion:

Anyway, for #actuallyautistic folks and all #neurodivergent folks, I cofounded a forum just for us! It's called Sol Garden, and is tiny right now and we would love you to be there!

Folks who have ND friends outside of mastodon, please do let them know about us!

Our 3 mods are all #BIPOC, and neurodivergent of course! Here's our Code of Conduct:

use #solGardenInvite to request invites, and a mod will contact you :)

#solGarden #ADHD #schizophrenia #redinstead

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. please read this.

when I moved to Germany I was depressed, dysphoric, didn't speak the language, didn't leave my room, didn't make friends for >2 years. Trump had just been elected on racism against Latinx immigrants, and I had trauma from gender-based street violence in my country. Europe was having an immigration crisis, and parties like the AfD seemed on the rise. I felt as afraid in the streets as I learned to be in Brazil, scurrying through the evenings, heart thumping. Are neonazi emboldened by all this? Am I going to get beaten?

I was vaguely socialist but not politically aware. I was barely aware of what was "antifa" until Spencer got punched. It was a surprise for me to see antifa graffiti and "immigrants welcome" stickers almost every block, everywhere I went. It made me feel like there were people here who would stand by me (correctly :anarchismred:⁠).

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. it makes a lot of difference. you make people feel seen and cared about. with all my heart, thank you <3

omg. OMG. **OMG!!!**

Okay I know this sounds like nonsense but oh my god! Captp + handoffs on three *independent* peers over tor onion services, with everyone chatting over goblin-chat!

Each user has their own address on the p2p network! *No* central server!

This is HUGE!

Inclusive Future Magazine is an anthology of speculative prose, poetry, and art in the guise of a pop culture magazine from the future.

They're looking for pieces right now for Issue 1:

repeal and replace the highways with high-speed trains

already went to the temporal paradox store tomorrow does anyone want me to have gotten anything

We could simply block *all* the main waterways and make international trade collapse, thus bringing about global socialism in a landslide

I'm gonna go and get the boat ready, this plan is too dumb to fail

Saw the news that Tesla is now accepting Bitcoin payments for cars, so I looked up some figures and did some math.

According to Tesla's own figures, a Model 3 saves 30 tons of CO2 emissions over its lifetime compared to a traditional car. A Model 3 costs 0.69-1.21 BTC. Mining one BTC results in 257 tons of CO2 emissions.

For the next time someone tells you Elon Musk is saving the planet.

the german language is a scam invented by grammar companies to sell more syntax


@solarpunkgnome I'd also recommend taking a look at Tom Campbell's My Big TOE as a framework by a physicist and consciousness researcher that can make sense of a lot of things in the realm of spirituality and spiritual experiences (*not* a materialist or atheist, in case that's unclear from my description)

re: religion 

@solarpunkgnome Is the Patheos site religion comparison a bit too wordy?

I feel like it's not perfect, but at least a good primer on many main religions.


Are there any good surveys of religion for kids? I feel like spirituality is important, but also don't want to pigeonhole my kid when they get here.

french-to-english translation request 

If anyone (or any group) would be willing to translate this open letter into english it would be very much appreciated. Obviously asking for something more carefully done than a machine translation & more detailed than a general summary of what he said, so please boost if you think you can get this to people who would help.

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Are there any good surveys of religion for kids? I feel like spirituality is important, but also don't want to pigeonhole my kid when they get here.

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