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Get out there and put up some flyers this week. Maybe advertising a local group/event, maybe linking to a more widespread org like Symbiosis or Demand Utopia, maybe sharing general resources for personal action/resistance, maybe just spreading leftist ideas

Flyering is easy and can be very effective. Wheatpaste is great, but in most cases packing tape is enough. Get some work done!

under communism, the only form of transportation will be ziplines.

Hi, it's me, American wife.

I'm here to marry you so I can steal your surplus value. Fear me.

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What if we didn’t manufacture a single new electronic device that couldn’t justify its complete embodied energy cost (AND the costs of recycling whatever it was to replace) by energy savings over its lifetime?

Ok so enough people have asked me this that it seems like a common misconception so here it goes:

Bleach is not a drain cleaner, it is a disinfectant. Pouring bleach down your drain is doing nothing but contributing to more chemicals going into the water. Drains are cleaned by pressure.

If your drain is blocked, you need to find a way to create pressure, there are two ways of doing this.

1. Running water and using a plunger to create a vacuum that will dislodge debris, usually bringing it back up

2. Using a pressure hose to flush a large amount of water down the drain at once, forcing debris to go down with it.

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It takes 320 liters of fresh water to grow a single avocado. Feeding water hungry trees CAN be more devastating to the climate and the people who need that water than not planting any at all in some cases. If you're using a desalination plant powered off of fossil fuels this is even more prominent.

Truth is, we don't know if we could even manage to make the process of greening a desert carbon negative in the first place. We have to be strategic about global climate, yes, we must also be sensitive to local ecosystems. A dam can provide green power, but it can also flood massive regions and drain others, displacing people and nature alike, all while releasing tons of CO2 just via its being made of traditional concrete. Where and how we build them, where and how we green deserts, this is important.

It should be illegal to own a home you don't live in

put redistribution of housing to tenants and the homeless on the #DemocraticPlatform2020

you might say that the Count from Sesame Street is part of a counter culture movement

be the sword butch you want to see in the world i guess

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