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@sjfleming solarpunk is ripping a fistful of grass out by the roots and just sprinkling that sweet sweet dirt in your mouth

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Don't mean to rush any couples, but if you get married this Saturday, your 50th anniversary will land on 4/20/69

@socalledunitedstates yes, but sunflowers are incredibly thirsty plants, as well. In the event of a climate crisis, where water isn't as easily accessible, you're immediately left at an extreme disadvantage. It depends a lot on what contaminants you're trying to deal with and the zone you live in.
Which, naturally, makes a catch all zine like this very difficult.

Is there a zine that's like, prepping but for collectivists? As in "when the 18-wheelers stop coming, here's what to do." How to grow food in soil you can't test, how to make abandoned buildings livable, how to maintain and create organization with your neighbors, food preservation, medicine, etc

Something you can stash in a drawer for just-in-case, to keep your neighbors alive in case of collapse. I'd definitely buy one

every black, native american and native australian person deserves full reparations for the land and free labour stolen from their ancestors.

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sure, when some goon on the birdsite said "Gritty is a worker" Gritty went on to become a symbol of radical leftism but when I said "Mater is a worker" you all scurried and fled from the truth

I once lost GPS for an hour and got lost on my way back from Detroit metro and actually ended up in Hell by mistake.

For real though, I don't get why anyone working in science in the 21st century would be anything other than anticapitalist. Or critical of it at the very least. It does nothing but make our lives difficult.

We're all constantly grovelling for funds. Important articles are hidden behind paywalls. We need to pay to get stuff published. And I'm so tired of hearing things like "yes we'd love to hire you, but we don't have any funding right now."

if donkey kong (anno donkey kong) was a bottom would he be the bottom of the barrels

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