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📣 Looking for testers! 📣

Anyone with an Elgato/Corsair StreamDeck Mini or XL, who wants to help me out testing Linux support I worked on?

I don't have access to these two hardware models, so I rely on your help! Thanks for boosting and forwarding to people with such a device!

Check out:

holding your friends accountable is a very healthy thing. not turning a blind eye to someone’s racism just because they’re your mate and it doesn’t affect you is the bare minimum we can do.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe In addition to @ArtistMarciaX 's tag (I've posted with it twice, will continue to do so, and will happily slap together a recipe for anything I cook), Project Gutenberg has public domain cookbooks:

wikibooks has a nice cookbook
not federated, but at least it's libre

The fediverse needs a recipe database that you can look through. There is barely anywhere you can get tecipes that isn't completely swamped in ads or stuck in some corporate silo or other.

Why do I give food to everyone? Because it's, as I said, about building a culture of abundance: if /everyone/ knows that food is there for them, the employed and the homeless, everyone in the working class, then they all can feel a little less burdened. The homeless can take a break from begging to chat amongst themselves. (The first step of orgnaization.) The employed can take a break to look at their place in the world (the first step of agitation)

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bitcoin, its a currency based on short lived mastodon comedy bits

Did you know testosterone is a controlled substance in America because... I shit you not, some guy cheated in the olympics using it. So they decided to lock it down, despite the medical profession screaming at congress not to do it.

So yeah, now trans mascs can't DIY without it being SUPER sketchy. Testosterone is schedule II. It's as controlled as Cocaine.

There is a lot of effort in trying to contort someone's reality and experiences into something one can easily digest and a lot of times that effort is very violent.

There is no issue that cannot be solved, but rather the main challenge we face is accepting each other's experiences as relevant to our own.

We spend a lot of time trying to get a handle on people by labels, stereotypes, etc etc, but many of them fail to grasp the basic complexity of a person.

This scares the shit out of us.

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Question about the term "latinx", article link 


hey there gamers. ranger rick here. i know we all love our mountain dew, but i'm here to talk about some mountain don'ts. yeah, the real code red.

accomplishments are nice and all but they have nothing to do with whether or not you deserve to live or be happy

Technically there's nothing incorrect about setting all my statuses to Out of Office

fresh-faced garf 18 months ago: finally, a network of leftists who know about things and care about antiracism so that i dont need to walk them through the basic parameters of the conversation, im looking forward to talking about difficult ideas and learn from these people

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Might not be solar punk action week, but I’m super proud. I dumpstered the stand (it was for a satellite receiver) the wood (pallets) the panel (city discard for lowered efficiency). The rest I purchased. There isn’t a battery to save, but I can use the usb port to charge phones and battery banks. Things in the north american south east are bad right now, but I assume things are rough everywhere. Stay strong friends. Capitalism has shown its vulnerabilities.

*lookin at a tree* fuck yeah. FUCK yeah 😩

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