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next on the list for ... homegrown cucumbers that for some reason are massive and orange and now that i think about it they're all interplanted with the summer squash, ah

IMPORTANT UPDATE: After rassling with the jar for a solid month, i finally got it open and I'm pleased to report that these pickled carrots absolutely fuck

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spent most of my day redesigning my mom's website because the one she came up with caused me a deep, spiritual, pain

dear Dropbox dot website why the FUCK do you send me a security code and THEN tell me i put in the wrong password

America in 2020. People using forged (and mis-spelled) cards from a fictitious organisation to misrepresent legislation intended to protect disabled people so they can avoid showing a basic amount of courtesy to help protect others during a pandemic.

Not only is this bullshit ableist as hell, it would literally be easier just for these people to put a damn mask on their faces.

If you're in the US and someone hands you one of these, cut it in two and throw it in the trash.

Good afternoon friends! Clouds appeared again today. A shock at 1st, over the morning we had a still, gloomy grey blanket covering everything for a while–squeezing pressure of threatened thunder. Just as much of a surprise when it broke up over a few minutes, simmering away & rising into pale, soft-edged fishscale fragments.

Back fully mobile again–feeling generally refreshed & focussed, too.

May we break down old, toxic narratives & find a deep hunger for genuine growth & understanding today!


@whiskeysailor @healyn they have this uncanny ability to see the system for what it is and then behave as if it's not the case.

Like they'll speak about our corrupt, entirely for show elections, gerrymandering, election theft, purged voter rolls, all that. Then in the same breath they'll blame the voters of a particular state for anything bad their rulers do.

Mirror pic of me 

I only spilled a little coffee on myself

anyone else vaguely annoyed when the cis say you're "gender non-binary"

me: well the world i was told my whole life to prepare for is both rapidly dying and also unspeakably cruel, and the possibility of the better world i have learned to imagine is being actively assaulted by all forms of institutional power. so i'm probably gonna be thinking about that

my boss: ah ok! my weekend plan is probably to go to new hampshire

feel like it says a lot that every guide about "what to do if you're pulled over by a cop" is basically written in the exact same voice as what to do if you run into a dangerous forest animal and need to appease it

gender of the day: muscle dad mitsurugi in soulcal5

When I started God Save The Queer I did not expect the impact it would have on my life. I am so grateful to the queer community and the wonderful people in it, for the creativity, the care, the growth. I hope we can keep shining together and that you know your light is truly an amazing thing in this world. You matter, so much. Love and resistance 🌈

money request :boosts_ok_gay: 

hi there, my name is wen, and I'm a mentally ill nonbinary lesbian with chest dysphoria; which has recently been especially distressing to deal with.

i have no income and have zero savings, part of the reason i have been unemployed is due to worsened mental illness from my dysphoria, while i know that a binder wouldn't fix my dysphoria or mental illness i do know that it would aid me in pursuing employment and even just being able to go outside

what I'm looking for is enough money to cover the cost of the binder (£34.17/$42.45) & shipping (£12.07/$15), and in addition a cheap foam roller that would allow me to perform stretches that help reduce how damaging binders are to the wearer's body (£10/$12.42)

in total, excluding the roller, the cost is £46.24 (or $57.45)

if you are able to help, it would mean the world to me, but if you cannot afford to please do not worry a bit - thank you for your compassion 💖

cashapp: £Wenom
dm me for my paypal (it has my deadname so I don't feel comfortable sharing it publicly)

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