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mom says it's my turn on the Being the Party that [huge, cartoonish winking] "Doesn't" Hate Black People

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I'm just saying, have you ever seen the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the same room?πŸ•΅πŸ€”πŸ™ˆ

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"it wasn't me who did that, it was my alter ego, countess boochie flagrante"

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matter of fact the kropot emoji is gone too. did the emojis just get nuked at some point and not all of them got put back?

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It would be ridiculous to start a Clue roleplay instance right

Haha, unless

this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

I don't know how else to explain it to ya, Mark... there ain't one 'true' socialism. different material conditions, cultures and periods in time call for different kinds of revolution. All contradictions are not the same.

Listen, man. any existin' socialism is an experiment and we must show support for those nations in their fight against imperialism.

Mark, listen, I gotta go. Boss is houndin' my ass. Go read some Mao like I told you before.

shrek the musical is about gay and trans people developing class consciousness and rising up to overthrow feudalism

what uh.... what happened to the smokey emoji i made for sbc back in the day

not that it's a huge deal or anything but like if it was removed that was something that someone had to actively do and i just?? why

damn smokey, only *i* can prevent forest fires? im not even a fire fighter

proposing to my #dankwife in our favourite place (Talk:Dank memes on Wikipedia)

post hog:

FINISHED! (Aside from washing and ironing, and choosing a frame so I can decide how to sign it.) The pattern is Mars by StitchingLand, it's about 20 cm across, and 10437 stitches. The photo doesn't capture how pleasing the texture really is, so many stitches so close together is deeply satisfying.


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