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I'm not in the business of sharing twitter screenshots but holy shit ive been laughing at this for 10 minutes

Today is the birthday of legendary anti-colonial theorist, #FrantzFanon.
His thinking continues to inspire leaders, activists, students, teachers and academics around the world.
Take a look at his legacy! #OnThisDayInBlackHistory

a cw that just says "does minor psychic damage"

Yeah, I'm a freeze peach extremist

[Imagine I took a picture of a peach in a freezer on a little skateboard]


☁️ ⛅


eminem: *in the parking lot, circling, screaming i dont give a fuck*
me: um, you give enough of a fuck to do all that
eminem: *ceases existing due to paradox*

hrt, shot talk 

What's your gender?
It's a massive system of networks made up of a bunch of smaller, simpler genders. It's actually a very important niche in the gender system, as it helps connect and support other genders.


1. Time
2. Location
3. Description of vehicle/agents
4. Did they have any ppl in the car?
5. Were they arresting people?


remember not to access ANYTHING of Amazon's the next two days.
This means:
no Twitch
no audible
no comixology
no kindle
no amazon music
no amazon prime tv
no whole foods
none of the amazon stores

If you have Amazon Prime, cancel it, just resub afterwards if you want, don't even go for it if you're offered a free month. Unplug Alexa if you have her for any reason, don't impulse buy anything.

Support the workers, don't be a scab.

there's enough evidence for me to start assuming that the person who died sabotaging the ICE buses in Tacoma was named emma durutti and used she/her pronouns

her audio manifesto is signed "emma durutti" and it contains a track called "i was a girl". On facebook she had a profile that is till up and is obviously been being used since 2018 that contains the following:
a facebook profile belonging to…

Very Important, but: death, fascism (corrected) 

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