@teslas_moustache I liked this but for me it's still missing a lot of detail, like e.g. how are Assayish elected? Do you know any good resource that really nerds out on the details?


@powersource @kawaiipunk personally no, I don't. I've heard that unless 40% of the vote is women, proposals don't pass.

@teslas_moustache @powersource So I don't have anything on the Assayish specifically but checkout this pdf for the macro structure:


@teslas_moustache @powersource I imagine Assayish would be elected by the local commune (perhaps by the commune defence committee if there was lots of people in the area).

@kawaiipunk ok lol seems doing that would be pretty hard for me. it doesn't happen to be under 5MB and you could send it on ssb?

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