Would anyone be interested in some paid work on the Sculttlebutt clients Patchwork and Oasis?

UX and front end focussed. Occasional interaction with stuff further down the stack.


You've probably heard Zuboff's excellent coinage "Surveillance Capitalism" and perhaps you've read the paper it was introduced in, or the book that it led to.

Today, I've published a response to that book, "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism."



sector7557 is a collaborative peer-to-peer mud i made on-top of cabal and which i *juuust* released
tutorial: youtu.be/21PCb5G_EUM
install: npm i -g sector7557
join the public instance:
sector7557 mud.cblgh.org

My talk "Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, Popculture: technological narratives tl;dr" will premiere on HOPE2020 this Monday 27th of July 15:00 CEST / 11 EST!


The Twitter hack is the latest in a long line of failures of centralised platforms. Regardless, the decentralised community underestimates resilience of these platforms and remains dangerously unprepared for the wolves that howl at the door of our users.

"This is Fine": Optimism and Emergency in the Decentralised Network.


does the fediverse have a follow friday kinda thing? it would be nice to expand my bubble a bit :~

Oh gosh check out
substack's gorgeous solarpunk garden computing setup:



we had an ActivityPub-focused hang earlier this week, and (finnnnally!) finished oiling all the struts for the geodesic dome!
cc @rra @powersource

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Someone shared this wild chart of the Fediverse with me. Groovy 70's meets Tables. And 2009 and 2012 are missing? I'm in awe. How..

I hate being a moderator 

I hate being a moderator.

Moderators shouldn't have to exist. People should be able to report toxic shit by vote or whatever and I should never have to see it. I don't trust myself with this kind of power just as much as I don't trust anyone else on their own. Being put in a situation where the people wronged are by design powerless and have to appeal to me for help first puts me in a position with an uncomfortable potential for coercive power over another human being. I'm not naive enough to believe that I'd be the perfect dictator everyone wanted, a white-knight. I want people to have power for themselves. But the moderation systems we design simply don't allow us to do that. Its a technologically reinforced hierarchy which can't even abolish itself in its own misery without a high degree of technical work. And even worse, an issue impossible to sidestep when it goes awry.

I hate being a moderator.

it's out! read the latest missive, from yrs truly, chronicling some of the community & technical happenings of Secure Scuttlebutt

now also on ssb! see %ykBS+CxyBCkNaBJz2HL+m2oyDHKWZWRsxkBQbPbPxL4=.sha256

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being able to is a container

I've been previewing the new @OpenAI API, and honestly despite myself I was a bit nervous when I typed "go ahead and try it." It's that good.

The same tools that tamed the oil barons and the rail barons and the phone barons will tame the tech barons. Tech is unexceptional, and so no exception need be made.


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