The same tools that tamed the oil barons and the rail barons and the phone barons will tame the tech barons. Tech is unexceptional, and so no exception need be made.


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It was just announced that (200,348 accounts) and (59162 accounts) are shutting down at the end of June! that is more then 6% of fediverse accounts disappearing overnight.

I would like to do anything in my power to figure out how to prevent this from happening.

lol cabal got a shout-out on tech crunch (near the end):
"Meething, Cabal and Oasis are taking on video conferencing, team chat and social feeds from a decentralized standpoint, using the miracles of modern internet architecture to accomplish with distributed systems what once took centralized servers."

I'm helping on Scuttlebutt (a p2p social network) and we're looking for feedback and advice like: what are your privacy needs? How would you like blocking to work?

If you'd like to help with a survey or phone/video chat, please let me know by DM or at

This is an anti-commercial open source project. We want to make something accessible that meets the needs of people who have been harassed online and want a safer space to hang out with friends, and don't want to be dependent on Twitter/Facebook.

hi fedi!

us in the cabal club are spending the next 7 weeks creating a subjective moderation system for cabal: a volunteer-driven & open source p2p project for resilient chat. [1]

we think it's important to ground the implementation in lived experiences, hearing concerns, and just listening to other people a bit

we're looking for people to interview & prioritizing those who identify as trans and/or women. please dm me if you are interested

thank you!


This years #antiuniversity festival started with a fork of HOFFNUNG 3000 🤩

"The Antiuniversity is an ongoing programme of self organised radical learning and mutual education events. It is a collaborative experiment to challenge academic and class hierarchy - in, outside and against existing institutional structures."

Are you one of those people only using Facebook because it's where people invite you to events? Well, now's the perfect time to #DeleteFacebook.

I made a thing!


npm --global install pkg


npx global-install pkg

It has the exact same behavior except that it resolves the infamous EACCES problem that makes installation hard for beginners.


Warning: I just hacked this together and it's not very elegant. Contributions are very welcome. ❤

I'm having problems on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop with network-manger crashing a lot.

The WiFi interface then goes down and I can have to restart network-manager by running `sudo systemctl restart network-manager`.

Do anyone have any clues on how to troubleshoot? It's one of those that is annoying but not work stopping with the one command to recover.

It's quite an old install that has been updated through releases so it's a bit fucked up.

The sooner that people who are thinking about replacing Zoom realize that the problem isn't one of software but of infrastructure, the better.

The reason Zoom works so well on a technical level is that they have a lot of infrastrutcture to support the downmixing of streams- including a ton of processing power, as well as very good bandwidth between their data centers.

You could build an equilvient program, but without the hardware and connectivity behind it, it won't be as good.

friendly reminder for folx to put covid-19 posts under a CW marked "covid-19" or similar :)

So Apple just threw the baby out with the bathwater and killed offline web apps (unless you’re cool with all your data being deleted if you don’t use an app for a week). You’d almost think they had an App Store to promote or something.


We are now at the point where someone can write and complete a fully featured, multi-processor, internet-enabled, graphical operating system in one or two years, but a web browser would take over 5 years and requires several big corporations pumping essentially millions of dollars of work-hours into the project to keep up with the w3c.

inside every random block of gpu memory lives a brutalist skyscraper

@phooky If you're worried about what to do while you're quarantined, remember that while he was in isolation, Mathematician Theodore Kaczynski completed more than 16 successful technical projects and wrote a 35 thousand word essay that was published in the New York Times.

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