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Is there no way to just undownload a video in signal? Do i have to delete the whole msg?

video game take violent games vs empire 4x games 

I think there is definitely a complex discussion to have about violence in video games, though my personal take is that jingoism, nationalism and an unquestioning embrace of the military is far more problematic (much like my issue with super hero movies).

There is a rising awareness of colonialism in games but I think 4x games in general get too much of a pass.

“For decades, geneticists have collected the blood of thousands of Roma people, a marginalized group living in Europe, and deposited their DNA in public databases.”

But, hey, they’ve got nothing to hide, so why should they worry, amirite?

I mean it’s just a little colonial data gathering… nothing Facebook or Google doesn’t do, what could possibly go wrong?

Would be great if signal let you set the chat msg expiry timer to 1 year. You'd have access to basically all the messages you need, but things wouldn't be lying around forever.

CWs are nice but when every toot has them the ux kinda falls apart, at least in Tusky


Daily reminder to not start yet another Discord server if you believe in free open-source software and privacy. Looking at you "Discord Administered Organizations (DAOs)" & "decentralization enthusiasts". 🤡 Try or alternatives for a change.


@shibacomputer and I will be hosting Silvio Lorusso's (@entreprecariat) Welcome to my Thread Talk, a stream on design and disillusion, Friday 19 November @ 17:00 GMT.

More info:

I'm gonna be in Berlin, 16th-26th November thereabouts. Holla if you want to hang out!

Person on having problems following me (looks like a follow request to them, doesn't show up for me) and i can't search them up. Something weird about sunbeam?

Hey fediverse -- what are the best sources to read on #rojava and the role of worker and other cooperatives in the strategy and practice?

Oh boy, these two are starting to look really similar!

One of the early, often repeated arguments in favor of #matrix over #xmpp was that it didn't have complicated standards and extensions that one had to keep track of.

I'm curious to know what the difference between the systems is in terms of procedures, governance etc. are? What lessons have been drawn from two decades of XEPs? (Or three-and-a-half decades of IETF)

How does one make sure the system still works after, let's say a decade, when it is no longer exciting and new and everyone is full of energy? When it has become yet another grueling technical bureaucracy like any other real world (open?) standard which needs to deal with legacies, weird real-world requirements and parties which have really different opinions? Not even touching upon corporate capture here.

The same goes for #fediverse and the talk about #FEP or fediverse enhancement proposals.

This is not meant to disparage these processes at all, by the way. Rather, these are genuine questions on how to make this work because we need this kind of stuff to work well for us. We need protocols not platforms.

Dodging corona in the uk but getting pneumonia instead

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#Signal introduces closed-source code in the application for spam protection.

Terrible decision if you ask me

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