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Work is where you spend a third of your life, but it doesn't even come close to a third of who you are as a person.

Work is what facilitates you to be/come who you are outside of work, and that's actually a fucked up situation.

There shouldn't have to be any kind of transaction involved in you being yourself.

Email thread about adding LGBTQIA(?) points to and how they should be tagged

[Imports] Fwd: `lgbtq=primary` ? | Re: Import of information and care points in Catalunya, Spain

Happy Equinox, mes chéries. I wish you all life, growth, and abundance in the coming year. 🌍

Anyone know what this beautiful flower is? I snapped a photo at a gardening center but didn't get a chance to read the tag.

ok i’m reading this prepper ebook so you guys don’t have to. it’s very selfish and capitalist but still some good ideas. i will share in this thread as i read i guess? may be slow.

hey so!!! are you asking a specific question online and not getting any help?

make a second account and answer your own question incorrectly

people will be piling on to correct you with specific explanations within an hour

it works literally every time ive been doing it for years

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(new & improved) (i know the bandana isn't right but fuk ur authoritarianism)

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Would a 'radical self-care' #peertube channel be of interest to you?

I guess that turned out OK. I don't think I baked it long enough. Also didn't have enough berries. 🤷‍♂️🍞

So this is fascinating to me. I switched from the $4 magenta grow light to a full-spectrum light. A couple days ago I noticed that my mustard leaves were getting to a bit of a richer green color.

I had completely forgotten that when these plants actually grow in the sun and the dirt the leaves develop this beautiful purple color. So now that it's getting colors other than red and blue, that color is developing now.

The leaves were also starting to bleach, so I moved the light up a few inches.

OK. What am I doing wrong? Everyone says YMCA membership is cheap, but it shows up as upwards of $60/month here.

The unfortunate cross-section of amazing graphic designers and people who suck at making beer.

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