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If you have 0 posts, or you only boost other peoples' posts, I'm not going to let you follow me, and I'm not going to follow you.

Please let people know who you are and what you're about before attempting to follow. Engage in this dang community please.

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introduction, begposting 

Kansas City wobbly/artist/worker/anarcho-somethingorother.

Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them

I like messing with Linux/Free Software, electronics, decentralized networks, encryption, making musical instruments, seizing the means of production, and yelling at cops.

I also like helping people when I can, but a lot of the time it feels like I'm the one in need of help.

💸 PayPal is dead to me.

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PSA, things about interacting with me, mild MH stuff. 

I hesitate to self-DX just because I don't know, what if I'm wrong and I end up mistreating myself, or taking space away from someone who *actually has* a condition? So I won't put a name on it. But my vague guess is that there's Something Going On With Me that makes social interactions with me seem not-quite-right. So I just want to put this out there.

I do not interact to "get a rise out of people". That's not fun for me. I am sincerely never trying to bother, be a pain in the ass, creep on, or annoy anyone.

If I reply to something you post, it's simply because I have something to say about it. I am never trying to "logical debate" you. I hate that shit. I am never hitting on you. If I reply to something you say that seems tangential or knit-picky, that's just me being unintentionally asinine, and I'm not as mad as I might appear to be.

I think that covers most of the bases.

That said, if you're a Nazi/bigot, fuck you.

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Work is where you spend a third of your life, but it doesn't even come close to a third of who you are as a person.

Work is what facilitates you to be/come who you are outside of work, and that's actually a fucked up situation.

There shouldn't have to be any kind of transaction involved in you being yourself.

Nihilistic thought 

Then, we could all grow like 10 times more food. No joke.

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Nihilistic thought 

Wish society would collapse so I can cut down the branches at my neighbors houses without worrying about power lines, or their landlords getting pissed at me.

deadly fire in the Bronx NY, fuck landlords and fuck capitalism, crowdfunding for the Diallo family

"Hi , we are close friends of the Diallo family . On January 10th,2021 tragedy struck when they lost their beloved father Mamadou Bobo Diallo. After facing two massive strokes he fought for four long years when on this unfortunate day Allah called him to rest. Please help us send our beloved father,friend, brother and uncle home. "

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deadly fire in the Bronx NY, fuck landlords and fuck capitalism, crowdfunding for the Wague family

"The fire originated in my family’s apartment, an immigrant family from Mali who was desperate to stay warm , which resulted in a disaster that killed at least 17 , injured dozens , and displaced many many others.
... All proceeds will go to Mahamadou and Hawa wague , their children , and grandson. "

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Post Surgery Recovery, IBS, Gut Biome, Beans (+) 

@teslas_moustache Thanks! I will!

Neighborhood economic observations 

Tbh I'm the only one who shovels snow off the sidewalk here. I guess because the sidewalks are so fucked up everyone just walks in the street. It's what I did growing up though, and I feel like it's good.

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Neighborhood economic observations 

Lawn mowing: people expect to be paid for this, go door to door asking for money to mow lawns.

Leaf raking: everyone is left to fend for themselves.

Snow shoveling: it's the 'neighborly' thing to do. No money or thanks expected.

Wordle 210 4/6 

Wordle 210 4/6


Fridge magnets are like an inside joke for humans.

There'd be no way to predict their existence from the combination of those two technologies or their purpose.

Good morning, comrades! The temperature here is 25.74°F and fog with 95% humidity. The nearest storm is 0 miles away. Ozone is 360.2 DU. The average Air Quality Index is 26, which is considered good. It will be mist today. Snow (2–4 in.) today. Remember, drink plenty of water, eat something that's not processed junk food, and stretch before physical activity. Solidarity, and have a good day!

I made these hoe cakes a few weeks ago. They're like fried cornbread kinda. Really good with soup, chili, stew. I'm about to make some more.

food diy 

#fedikitchen I'm interested in making DIY vegan protein bars.
recipe recommendations welcome!

@teslas_moustache a boutique guitar pedal. The circuit is the same as the Ibanez TS-808 but there's cooler art on the box and it costs $300

@teslas_moustache a normal looking ground hog that screams so loudly on the new moon windows shake

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