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Work is where you spend a third of your life, but it doesn't even come close to a third of who you are as a person.

Work is what facilitates you to be/come who you are outside of work, and that's actually a fucked up situation.

There shouldn't have to be any kind of transaction involved in you being yourself.

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I navigated from Hasty, CO back to Denver with just a physical map and it felt so good.

How can I get a map in print quality/resolution with more than one gpx drawn on it?

So what I need a service or application where I can upload 5-7 gpx files and get a pdf or other high quality map with those tracks added on, high enough quality that I can send it to a professional print shop.

Yes, I've looked at I've also tried inkatlas, which worked, but the tracks does not look good at all.

Thank you!

Here's the speakers from the anti abortion law protest today in Kansas City. 4,000 activist turned out on a 24 hour notice.

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Due to popular demand Fuck 12 Week has been continued til further notice

To many cops in public office. The only qualification the Governor had was County Sheriff. No more cops or prosecutors in congress

This is how I'm choosing to ruin my day before I've even put clothes on

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