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Shout out to all the folx doing wage labour and social reproduction today Show more

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My poetry, sad, hope, rough draft Show more

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Bring down
The capitalist system

UK, Labour party, anti-semintism Show more

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#tfw you think you know what you are doing... But type reboot on a remote server and your OWN workstation goes off.

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Your boss makes money by not paying you for the full value of your labour.

Pass it on...

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I've put up more items in the shop! I have all the collages pictured here available at:

Please feel free to check them out, and I'd be happy to ship anything ordered today by tomorrow.

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Did I mention that I started writing a hacker techno muay thai novella with a trans femme protagonist about 2 years ago.

Yeh I should really get back into that 😁

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Next weekend we're having the 4th Annual Anti-Repression Forum in

There will be talks and screenings during the day and a benefit gig at night. The theme this year is "From Franco to Francoist Democracy". Please come along if you have the chance!

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Ok so sbc minetest now has its mobs updated, fences now stop mobs, armor wont make you invulnerable, and food should all be sorted now.

Some point over the weekend I might start adding new content <3

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What's your favorite quote about gardening?

I’m going with:

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Although I am also partial to Ron Finley’s “Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. Plus you get strawberries.”

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Following the proposal from the Sunbeam City cooperative, Mastodon on no longer shows follower counts.

Robert Smith from The Cure is a non-binary icon

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"In this paper we presented Cwtch, a protocol for building metadata resistant applications based on Ricochet. The protocol solves a number of open problems with contemporary metadata resistant designs, providing asynchronous, anonymous multi-party communication through the use of untrusted,
discardable infrastructure.
We have released an open source prototype of Cwtch which can be found at ."

#Ricochet #Cwtch #Tor #Onion #IM

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Try a new tool for getting organized if your current ones aren't working.

Not speaking to your lover at all on valentine's day is queer culture

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something i don't talk about enough is that I'm very open to doing music commissions for podcasts, videos, and games. Depending on what you are looking for I could put something together for you for $20-$100

Ah I'm really interested in adding some cool stuff to the self care section of the wiki.

Is anyone interested in working on that? It could have all kinds of cool little life hacks in there from our collective experiences.

Remember, you don't have to have an account on to use the wiki!

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