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My poetry, sad, hope, rough draft 

Painted nails chipped and dirty
Form a fist with skinned knuckles
Caught between redevelopments
Our city rendered unrecognisable
A watching eye on every corner
A cop in every phone
Unrecognisable regeneration
No space to feel alone

If one day we could tear it down
Every office block a home
Destroy every shopping centre
Every police station closed
Repurpose, redistribute
A seedling in sunlight grows
Rewild, regrow together
No need to feel alone

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Bring down
The capitalist system

Has anyone in the got a spare scanner that they don't want?

Don't mind if there's a printer part that's broken.

Needs to work ok on Linux.

hmm a couple of peeps joined but didn't post. Can anyone say hey today?

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anyone want to try the new chat feature in Onionshare. Come chat with me!

Open this in Tor Browser:

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Help is out there. Ask for it if you need it.

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Get your tickets for #rc3 while they are hot and free!

They'll still be free, when they became cool. :D

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If it was me, I just wouldn’t tempt fate that way.

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The politicians calling themselves the something something "tsar" are making things so much harder for themselves when the revolution comes.

Ok we watched the film. The film that has haunted me since childhood.

The script: bad
The jokes: terrible, even at the time
The acting: even worst
The costumes: very good

I have learned that if someone offers you a potentially life changing choice, think very long and hard about the decision.

Don't just rush into the choice that sounds good on paper.

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Wow did you know that Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in the Matrix to be in the critically despised steampunk flop Wild Wild West?

That was a bad call for him.

minor injury to my fingernail that invovles a splinter, gore 

argh I got a splinter down behind my nail whilst putting some carpet down. It's pretty big 😬

Can't seem to tweezer it out. This will be fun. An excuse to take more baths? Anyone have any other tricks?

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37 years ago, 17th Nov. the Zapatista Army of National Liberation was born in Mexico.

Greetings to the people of Chiapas. Your fight against colonialism and for a free life inspires us!

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Obituary for Jan Morris that manages to gender her correctly throughout and mentions she was trans without making it the focus of the article. Better than I expected of the BBC at this point, tbh:

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Nazis and p2p 

When it first started I was a fan of ZeroNet. Simple and fast UI. p2p-ish architecture. Forums, chat and socnet.

But a while ago I tried it and the default user experience was packed with not-even-ironic nazis. If this is the default, then it's something I don't want.

I checked again just now and it's still the same. Even if you're a p2p enthusiast, I'd recommend to avoid.

It just goes to underscore that whatever systems we create in future need to have moderation capabilities from the start, built into the system design. If we neglect this then decentralized or p2p systems will not be useful, or worse, will actively do harm.

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you wonder why kids like pirates so much, its cos they're anarchists

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