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My poetry, sad, hope, rough draft 

Painted nails chipped and dirty
Form a fist with skinned knuckles
Caught between redevelopments
Our city rendered unrecognisable
A watching eye on every corner
A cop in every phone
Unrecognisable regeneration
No space to feel alone

If one day we could tear it down
Every office block a home
Destroy every shopping centre
Every police station closed
Repurpose, redistribute
A seedling in sunlight grows
Rewild, regrow together
No need to feel alone

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Bring down
The capitalist system

Me to my partner: "the thing I like about you is that you don't entertain my simping"

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My friends!
Has Covid-19 forced you to wear glasses and a mask at the same time?

You may be entitled to condensation.

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An anatomy of a KN95 particulate mask

I saw the thread about possibly counterfeit masks the other day, and I decided to cut open a mask to show its inner layers.

It turns out this one has 5 layers: the inner and outermost layers are non-woven fabric, presumably skin-friendly. These fabrics are composed of coarser fibres and are tough against tear but not very useful as filters.

Sandwiches within are three layers. The inner two are made of a fine, less tough fabric that can be torn like paper. The outer one is thicker but very soft and porous, a bit like cotton wool but finer. These three inner layers are responsible for filtering out particles, including viruses.

There are various designs of the N95/KN95 masks, while most of them have a number of fine filter layers inside. Fake products may not have them, or having defective material inside.

The main difference from a normal surgical mask is that the latter one’s inner filter typically has just one layer, and usually thinner.

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A lot of you were asking how did I know the KN95 masks I got were fake. So the fake is on the left in black. It's made of the same stuff the ordinary paper mask on the right is. The one in the center is real. You can see it's a little thicker, but the main thing is they don't feel the same. If you squeeze the one on the left, it feels like a paper mask. The one in the center is heftier and has some give to it. Unfortunately they look real enough online.

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this is the only one of these I've ever seen, a memorial to covid-19, specifically commemorating the workers who kept working through the pandemic - shop and council workers, bus drivers, and so on

there is a police officer, teacher, carer and nurse, and a volunteer bringing a bag of food, an old person and a little schoolgirl, and around the edges it lists all the different workers

on one side it says "Barnsley's fierce love holds you forever in its heart"

ukpol, satrical violence reference 

the peasant masses will have justice

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ukpol, satrical violence reference 

Can we just have Boris hung drawn and quartered yet or wot?

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So the BFG (1986) is British anime and it really slaps.

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I just recently realised, that proprietary social networks are not social networks but entertainment networks. That's why at least my friends have a hard time switching to mastodon or pixelfed. People expect to be highly entertained the first second they enter the network and kept that way all the time. Being confronted with a network that is stripped from all these addictive tools is a massive cultural clash.

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ADHD and hyperfocus 

Getting into hyperfocus is different than flow for me.

Flow is like a gentle ride through the countryside with space for my mind to wander and my attention to shift with the curves of the road. I can pull over gently and look at the scenery when I want to.

Hyper focus is more like driving a car that is way too much power for me at 80 miles an hour down a clear highway. I’m really getting somewhere fast and nothing gets in my way. The downside is that trying to stop is like throwing on the parking break at full speed. Any adjustments mean I have to grind the gears.

I’ve come to really understand that while hyperfocus can be useful, it really isn’t good for me and is just as bad as my distraction state. There’s the illusion that it’s better because I get work done, but I feel just as crappy and drained in the fallout as I do after fighting distraction. It doesn’t matter if the work is personal or professional either. It happened yesterday while on vacation working on a personal project with zero deadlines. Coming down from that hyperfocus felt like a hard day at work. And that sucks.

I’m trying a few different techniques to manage myself better to start the new year. I’m looking forward to the experiments and being a bit kinder to myself as I find some iteration that helps me be a better gyroscope.

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hi friends, i was in a car accident on sunday evening, i’m mostly okay (car is totaled) but i have pretty bad whiplash and am wondering if anyone has suggestions for dealing with that beyond heat and aleve

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