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Shout out to all the folx doing wage labour and social reproduction today Show more

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Bring down
The capitalist system

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A white #FOSS nerd twitches nervously.

For a moment, on some level, he understands. The hidden surveillance systems in proprietary software are working to *defend* his privilege, not attack it. His fears of 1984 coming true will only ever be hypothetical for him, but are already everyday reality for the people his society criminalizes --- immigrants, muslims, sex workers, ex-convicts, left wing radicals.... Oh god, oh god! All this time the real problem was---

The moment passes. He returns to his keyboard to resume a rant that is only about software.

Solarpunk Anthem

Another World - Anonhi as "Antony and the Johnsons"

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"The people suffer. With the childlike faith, with the good humour of the masses who believe in their leaders, they think that 'yonder,' in the House, in the Town Hall, in the Committee of Public Safety, their welfare is being considered. But 'yonder' they are discussing everything under the sun except the welfare of the people."

-- Kropotkin
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Watch Nae Pasaran if you haven't already. It's a bloody amazing documentary on worker's solidarity and will be sure to make you feel a broad spectrum of emotion.

It actually somewhat restored my faith in humanity, and I'm super grateful for that... Thankyou to the RR workers of East Kilbride from the bottom of my anarcho-communist heart :ancomheart:


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The first Co-op Shop Talk is coming up in just two days! Put it on your calendar and Zoom in for this informal on-line conversation. Info here:

#Coops #WorkerCoops #P2P #MutualAid

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amazing anti-iww propaganda Show more

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@alcinnz I hated when my boss would ask me, the resident tech, if we could do something, because my answer was always "yes, if you have enough budget, let's not talk about what i can do and let's talk about what you'll allocate resources for, because we don't live in post-scarcity space utopia. So of course the implication there, for users/clients, is: "if we're not meeting your needs, it's because we don't have the resources. you probably gave us enough resources. we misspent. whoops


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Invidious is an open-source and #private alternative front-end to YouTube

(Some) Features:
- No Ads
- Only show unseen videos
- Dark Mode
- Does not use any of the official YouTube APIs
- Subs without Google Account

(Current) Drawbacks
- No streams
- Max. resolution 720p

Official Onion page
* kgg2m7yk5aybusll.onion
* axqzx4s6s54s32yentfqojs3x5i7faxza6xo3ehd4bzzsg2ii4fv2iid.onion

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vox is striking, please do not click on any polygon/verge/vox/sbnation/etc articles until the strike is over.

Surveilance, China, UK Show more

The Raincoats - Lola

This cover reclaims this song into queer culture.

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The Beat - Whine & Grine / Stand Down Margaret

Balsall Heath MASSIVE

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If you are poly you really need to make it clear to every new partner you meet right away. Telling them later when they feel invested is manipulative. Some people really just cannot handle it and do not want it so you shouldn't force your relationship structure on someone else.

The same goes for monogamous people who start dating polyamorous people and lie about being okay with it. That's not going to work out either.

Remember to respect each other! :polyamory_flag:

what the fuckkkkkkkk. My friend showed me this channel today and it is so rad and relaxing.

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