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Bring down
The capitalist system

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"Is LineageOS without Google apps 100% Google-free?": No, it isn't.

– some LOS services like NetworkMonitor still connect to Google (
– some settings like the phone's DNS server can still send data to Google
– besides, LOS, many apps, and the whole internet heavily rely on libraries, protocols, and standards (e.g. HTTP/2, Certificate Transparency) developed by Google, so there will never be a "100% Google-free something" for average users

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We finally get men on Mars and they discover an old Soviet flag placed down decades ago. The Soviets won the space race but for whatever horrifying reason didn't say anything.
#writingprompts #writing

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As you can see in this picture, cops were using a double-decker Lothian Bus to transport arrestees (including one activist in a wheelchair) from the roadblock to the local police station. This is an absolutely appalling use of public transport infrastructure, and Lothian ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing this.

This was likely a decision of the hostile management, who have been known for bullying their workers.

Contact details -

Lothian Buses:
0131 554 4494

Unite the Union:
0131 556 9676

Unite Regional Officer Lynn Turner:

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Agitating against landlords, posters, large file warning! Show more

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So given the Matrix outage, I went and made an XMPP account.

People like to talk down flagship servers in the federated ecosystem, but honestly hunting down an xmpp server as a host with was a pretty needless exercise. I went with Are they any good? No idea!

It didn't help that out of the pro-XMPP posts boosted into my TL, not one of them recommended a particular instance to set up an account. Without recommendations, I default to wanting something authoritative.

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The Edinburgh Tool Library is the UK's first tool library, for a small membership fee you get access to a huge selection of tools that you would otherwise need to buy or rent. They currently operate out of Leith and Portobello and are open biweekly, they also organize regular workshops for skillsharing.

More tool libraries like this around the country (and the world) would mean literally seizing the means of production.

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Matrix: "An attacker gained access to the servers hosting The intruder had access to the production databases, potentially giving them access to unencrypted message data, password hashes and access tokens. As a precaution, if you're a user you should change your password now."

Ups! Passwörter ändern!

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By the way, I'm happy to find local activist/leftist groups for you if you DM me your general area (county, closest city, etc). I've been doing this for a while so I know generally what to look for, though I'm not as familiar with the organizations outside of the so-called US, and the language barrier will make it tougher in countries where English isn't the primary language. But I still try and rarely ever come up with absolutely nothing

Please boost this! Getting organized at the local level is very very important!!!

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Hey! I’ve set up a gofundme to rise money for top surgery! My quality of life is vastly hindered by my chest and I’d be so so thankful for all the help I can get. Even £1 makes all the difference. Thank you 💕

Please share! :)

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Interesting project, open source music:

Note that this isn't just free recordings, but MIDI-style files with individual notes and tracks in a form that can be copied and remixed 👍

It is the source code of music :blobaww:

(via @pendragon )

#Music #Musical #OpenSource #MusicProduction #Audio

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@Wewereseeds ' patch arrived today :D , got a temporary home on my wall b4 I get around to sewing, thank u so so much it's beautiful

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@inditoot @lanodan @pixelfed online "debates" are causing anti-vaxxers to exist and rapidly grow in numbers. it does _not_ cure ignorance. ignorant people are easily manipulated and persuaded to believe incredibly stupid ideas because of their lack of basic logic and reasoning skills.

they need education to help them identify people trying to prey on their ignorance. they need education to help them demand people making bold claims provide verifiable data and facts from reputable and peer-reviewed sources.

simply creating a platform for people to argue all day is not healthy. especially when these people are looking for acceptance from like-minded people. they are vulnerable. they are victims. the cure is education.

Old farty leftists: We hate identity politics! Down with the LGBT-XYZ agenda.

Rad leftist trans folks: We hate liberal identity politics too. We just want to be treated with dignity and respect as part of the working class. We spend our time organising. Fuck cops.

Old farty leftists: The (white) muscled proletarian worker will rise and seize the factories and get rid of the people wearing the top hats. All hail the central committee of the international anti-imperialist old men wearing the flat caps. Send in the tanks. Why is no one listening to me?

Transphobia, the left, Morning Star Show more

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In North America, albino redwood trees are quite well known. Unable to support themselves, they survive purely through the help of the other trees which surround them. In a forest, those with more always give to those with less, so that all can survive.

That's an example for all of us to learn from.

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