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My poetry, sad, hope, rough draft 

Painted nails chipped and dirty
Form a fist with skinned knuckles
Caught between redevelopments
Our city rendered unrecognisable
A watching eye on every corner
A cop in every phone
Unrecognisable regeneration
No space to feel alone

If one day we could tear it down
Every office block a home
Destroy every shopping centre
Every police station closed
Repurpose, redistribute
A seedling in sunlight grows
Rewild, regrow together
No need to feel alone

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Bring down
The capitalist system

Covid-19, Travel 

As Bowie said "Is it any wonder?"

When the govt are telling people that everything will be ok when you're fully vaxxed when clearly you can still suffer the terrible effects of long Covid

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Covid-19, Travel 

Wear a mask challenge 2k21

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Who wears it better? Total depoliticisation or total appropriation? Peak pinkwashing or homonationalism? Our allies really outdo themselves in this troll contest. Guess I'll wear a black flag for Pride.

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NHS data grab postponed to Sep 1 

The NHS data grab was pushed back a few weeks. As a result, you have a bit more time to opt out of your data winding up with the likes of Palantir - Sep 1, where before it had been Jun 23. Best, though, would be to get it to your practice a week or so before then, to ensure it goes through in time.

Note that there are two parts to this - first is a "Type 1 Opt-Out", which prevents them from sharing your GP data; the second step prevents non-GP info like hospital treatments being shared. The first is the most important, and needs to be done by Sep 1. The second can be done online, if it's just for yourself.

The above link has one version of the form, or you can use NHS Digital's own (docx, unfortunately):

You should be able to email this to your practice, or NHS Digital can post a copy to you if you call them on 0300 3035678.

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adhd girls be like 

"yes let's"

(when invited, asked, or suggested anything)

Euros, England vs Czech Republic 

Brilliant cross by Grealish

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Euros, England vs Czech Republic 

He's incredible

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Euros, England vs Czech Republic 

Come on Raheem. We love youuuu

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"If you believe systemic oppression isn't "real", or nothing worth to act towards its transformation/abolishment, you're kindly asked to unfollow this account and never engage with it again, until your mind changed.

Go away fascists, racists, colonialists, sexists...! You are not welcome. My values aren't for sell out for a potential higher reach."

Thank you for your existence to everyone else! Your existence matters and is important!

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The #Briar messenger explained.

It is finally something new and fullfils my yesterday's idea of serverless apps. It is not just another chat protocol. You could build chat, blogs, filesharing or dating apps on the top of it (using the #Bramble framework). It even does not need internet to work, can synchronize messages over bluetooth or wifi.

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in the matrix, we see a shot of neo's passport which says that it expires on 11 september 2001. it also says neo is a resident of 'capital city', suggesting the matrix and the simpsons take place in the same universe

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But what if you really want to share a Coke with Palestine?

Well, you can… just add an exclamation mark to the end ;)


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shit you can do in #gotosocial now:

- connect to it via tusky or pinafore
- post/delete post
- reply/delete reply
- fave/unfave
- post images and gifs
- boost stuff/unboost stuff
- set your profile info (including header and avatar)
- follow people/unfollow people
- accept follow requests from people
- post followers only/direct/public/unlocked
- customize posts with further flags: federated (y/n), replyable (y/n), likeable (y/n), boostable (y/n)
- get notifications for mentions/replies/likes/boosts
- view local timeline
- view and scroll home timeline (with like 10ms latency hell yeah)
- Stream new posts and notifications and deletes of post through a websockets connection via pinafore
- More stuff i'm probably forgetting

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As an aside: This is the second time this has happened without an update or explanation from the company. So if anyone knows of a good, UK-based, customer-focused cloud storage provider, please let me know.🤔

ps. If anyone mentions AWS, I'll be very, very annoyed... just sayin'.

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