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My poetry, sad, hope, rough draft 

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Bring down
The capitalist system

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A number of people have asked how to make Wordpress blogs federate with the Fediverse (including Mastodon and Pixelfed).

You can do this by adding the ActivityPub for Wordpress plugin from here:

When the plugin is installed, it allows anyone on the Fediverse to follow your Wordpress blog.

It's still in beta, the plugin's developer is @pfefferle

#ActivityPub #Fediverse #WordPress #Mastodon #Pixelfed

Does anyone know a good site for spare phone parts in the ?

I need a new charging port and headphone port for the Moto G3 Phone.

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If you're a worker and not in a union, get out there and join one

I don't know who this Koch guy but he seems like a total dick

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me: why is my computer so slow, this suuuucks

also me: has 5 browser windows open with 60+ tabs each

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Our latest newsletter is available in... English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian! 😀

- /e/cloud can now be self-hosted
- /e/ smartphones can be ordered! (in Europe)
- join something big!

Read online...

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"a coop house" usually has:

as many bedrooms as possible

only one (large) kitchen per home

social or kitchen/dining space on the first floor or basement

But other arrangements (several apartments in one building, for example, but still collectively owned and operated by the residents) would increase the diversity of the people that co-op housing is accessible to

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becoming a real celestial girl (clothes/fashion/craft request for help) 

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anyone on Fedbook, IG or birdsite: online #solidarity call-out *today*! ✊✊

Next phase in the campaign against Delfin Language School's use of #ZeroHours contracts: tell their business partners to cut them off until they give their workers the security they need

Targets and suggested text in replies.



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♻ RT

Kurds call for world-wide protests against political coup in Turkey.

Let us smash the Turkish fascism. For a democratic Turkey, peace in Kurdistan and a secure future for the revolution in Rojava!



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@kawaiipunk "do you have a pink brain or a blue one?" "Actually mine is red and black"

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reactionaries are the kinda people who recognize that the world is fucked but have been tricked by capitalism into not seeing the source of their oppression

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@denikombucha this is a lesson we've been really bad about learning from the past. looking at unionization efforts that were really effective in the 20th century, for instance, it was like 40% frontline work, 60% support people providing food, shelter, necessities, essentially taking care of the people fighting the fight. we really need to get back to that if we're gonna win these battles long term.

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