can we bring that thing from tumblr of calling TERFs FARTs

Feminist Appropriating Reactionary Transphobe

@scottishwobbly You're a bit late to that party. That was reposted here a while ago. :blobthonkang:

@scottishwobbly problem is, that denies that there's lots of transphobic feminist history. TERFs aren't appropriating feminism, they're using it to fuel their own ends. sure, it's funny, but I've seen trans people rolling their eyes because so what if we change the language? we need to confront the roots of the issue

@lesbian @scottishwobbly the term TERF has gotten so diluted as well, encouraging extra terms to it isn't gonna help that

@kyleparker @lesbian wasn't being totally serious, don't particularly care what you call them but I like posts that take the piss out of TERFS

@scottishwobbly @kyleparker of course, I just figured it should be said. whatever we call them we can agree that TERFs fucking SUCK

@scottishwobbly @lesbian yeah I get that. I guess it's just that I personally don't want to make fun of terfs, I want to take them seriously, because they're violent. making fun of them on the Internet isn't going to do anything, and it feels like a lot of people don't take it seriously haha. like. feel free to make fun of terfs as long as ur also vocal about the violence and death they cause trans ppl every day ✌️✌️

@kyleparker I can see that and it's important not to forget or shut up about the serious violence & damage they cause the LGBT community, but I also think there's something in making TERFs, like fascists, feel like their vitriol will cause them to be ostracised and ridiculed

@scottishwobbly I have never heard of this term. Careful though, there are some .. strong willed .. people here, where if you try to bring up legitimate concerns biological women have (for example: sports or giving HRT or puberty blockers to kids), they will mob and rail against you and claim there are "no legitimate concerts about someone's genitals." Then they'll go and ban your entire instance.

@scottishwobbly [stern mom voice] cringe and bluepilled, also factually incorrect. try again after you actually have read enough feminist history and theory to understand that feminism is not egalitarianism!

@saga how 'bout we take shitposts less seriously and focus on making TERFs feel as ridiculous as they sound

@scottishwobbly with enough studying, you realize that it's literally the legitimate successor to the radicalism of second wave feminism 📖. doesn't mean the ideology is good, but christ don't bring in ignorant tumblr shitposting to the pure, unsullied fediverse

@saga if u think there ain't shitposting here then idk what instances you've been in kiddo, also I've seen the transphobic garbage you toot n you can fuck off my post

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