xmas, christianity, blood 

My mom (not religious) and her parents went to church and brought back these two big candy canes. She told me before I ate it I had to know what she went through to get it and told me the story the preacher told her

so anyway if you turn it one way it's a J like Jesus, the other way it's a shepherd's hook, and the red is for the blood of Christ and the white is for how he purified us of our sins and made us clean and white

so I was like "oh so no Black people then" and she was like "yeah apparently not"

anyway I sucked it until it turned into a shiv and now if I wave it around it's going to have more blood on it than just Jesus's. this shit is DANGEROUS I'm not exaggerating at all

@starrycosmos your profile picture makes me hungry. wanna eat it

I'm so excited, this holiday season I'm home for the break and I'm going to be dming a game of d&d for 3 generations of my family. dungeons and dragons, the great uniter (I mean I pressured my parents into it)

us politics (lmao) 

u know the president said he would be proud to shut down the government? I think he should do it. I think he should shut it down completely. I think he should keep it like that

mental health & meds (+) 

when I go home for the holidays I'm finally going to get a prescription for adhd meds & I'm fuckin psyched, maybe this semester I'll have more of a handle on everything

my parents were always like "drink water and get a good sleep schedule and then we'll consider it" but at the end of this semester I was just like "you don't know my life, we're doing this"

anyway I'm pleased

today's mood: pissed off because I really want to grow food but I'm living in a dorm and there's no community garden on campus available to students

I just got most of the way through the conquest of bread, first time reading it, and first off yeah and second off I'm definitely going to be incorporating those ideas into the story I'm working on (lemme know if you want to hear about that) :ancomheart:

wish I had anarchist friends irl but my university is kinda really bourgeois and all I've found is a small communist group

so many things I feel like doing but I have an exam tomorrow. also I haven't studied yet. so how do I become a paid protestor again...?


last time my neck was this sore was after I ate pussy for the first time. spectacular

cops (ACAB) 

(or fbi agents in the case of blindspot. feds, cops, what's the difference)

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cops (ACAB) 

like I can enjoy cop shows, brooklyn 99 is fun, blindspot is clever so far and Women Hot, but holy SHIT do they both romanticize cops abusing their privilege, breaking the law, and lying to people

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cops (ACAB) 

every cop show/fbi show/etc that I watch (pirate) just makes it clearer that they're all propaganda. every single one. none of them are immune

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twitter: please do not say anything mean about nazis. they are our only protected class and we will have to suspend you.

mastodon: to complete the signup process, please hit a nazi in the face with a brick.

ok seeing as I'm part of the tumblr mass exodus I should probably do ? my name is Rowan, I use she/they pronouns, and I love plants a lot. if you want to learn about plants native to the pacific northwest I got you

it goes without saying that I'm also gay and anti capitalist. specifically what leftist ideology I align with isn't clear to me yet but eat the rich

fun story! someone I went to high school with & was friends with has apparently been a climate change denier this whole time, who told an anarchist "you don't trust the government, so why do you think they wouldn't pay scientists to make up climate change" so I told her she was absolutely right, every government in the world was paying their scientists off, but she shouldn't talk about it publicly because she WILL be assassinated and uhh she uh,

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