one of our mps was asked about her sexuality and she was like "I'm not coming out of the closet because I was never in the closet" and that she appreciates that new zealand has the respect for our politicians to distinguish work as work and home as home. big newspaper tried to write an article and everyone is like "yeah whatever, hey nzh can you write articles about something important? thanks" like even the media's attempt to stir shit doesn't work because we just don't gaf so thanks nz! 👍👍👍

i can't believe my crush wrote a rap about how he has a small cock but he's actually 7" like

more scared of you than you are of me by Smith street is tonight's breakup mood :^)


I just wanna kiss you sometimes

doctor: yes you appear to be suffering from a mild case of *checks clipboard* symptoms

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Louis got taken to the hospital for heart stuff and they told him he was symptomatic

I'm bored who wants to watch a movie or something on rabbit

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Wu Tang is so good!! I've had to leave a couple of times bc sensory overload but Louis insists on coming with me which is kind of him

also crush man has to lean over and whisper in my ear and his stubble keeps running against my neck rip

why are they playing kanye west at a fuckin Wu Tang concert like. you had SO many other options

crush man is crying because his weed dealers were nice and gave us good weed at 1:30

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fuck I'm touch starved. crush man was stroking my ankle real gently and I actually almost moaned ffs

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from masked-up.tumblr to boost audience 

if any1 has info please dm him.
9TH DEC London
At approx 2.50 an older female activist was assaulted by police outside Canada house by Trafalgar square, this was slightly before police blocked the march. Injuries: 2 fractured fingers, 2 cracked ribs, cracked jaw, bruising to shoulder, head and knee. Did anyone see this or get the number of the filth who done this, before this activist was taken to the ambulance?

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