hey does anyone know any reliable news sites w a leftist bent for news on what's happening in Afghanistan?

@jude_ I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but the Federation of Anarchism Era has been interviewed on English language anarchist podcasts and they seem cool.


@jude_ others have already posted the Federation of Anarchism Era, so will add another couple links:

Popular Front Podcast episode on the Taliban Offensive (Jake Hanrahan interviewed a journalist on the ground in Kabul)

Drawing a Line in Afghanistan by Suchitra Vijayan (Looks into the history of Afghanistan and the legacy of colonialism in the country)

A Viable—and Perhaps the Only—Path to Lasting Peace in Afghanistan by Vijay Prashad (Takes a look at the peacebuilding efforts and a proposed path to ending the war)

Afghanistan: The Taliban Victory in a Global Context by CrimethInc. (Analyzes the possible fallout of the Taliban offensive from the perspective of an American veteran)

The US’s Failure in Afghanistan Shows the Hubris of American Empire by Alfred W. McCoy (Analyzes the position of the Taliban offensive in the history US interventionism)

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