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made a new coupon code for the month of october - use "HALLOWEEN" for 10% off your order 🎃 :boost_ok:

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they’re not completely finished - they still need a glossy topcoat - but if anyone wants a magical pronoun pin, they’re sliding scale, $8~$15 each, plus $3 shipping! 💜 :_stars:

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so i have sticker sheets now! they're 4x6, and since i don't have a cricut machine or anything, they're diy cut them out yourself stickers. you can leave em black and white or color them in yoursel. they'd be 4 dollars each (one for shipping, three for the sheet) - dm me if you'd like one or more. shipping might be more if you're not in the US. and if you don't have the money for them but would like some, let me know and i'll send some to you.

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book rec list: 

Octavia's Brood
Lakota Woman
Trail of Lightning
Peter Darling
Lost Boi
Becoming Dangerous
Walking the Clouds
Every Heart A Doorway
Bloodchild and Other Stories

(will continue to update this - i've discovered it's basically impossible to have a 'currently reading' thing because i tend to read books in one sitting. feel free to ask for trigger warnings or summaries for any of these

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hi, patch commissions are open! i can do either hand-drawn fabric paint on black, white, or off-white fabric, or i can do embroidery - either normal embroidery, or cross stitch, on various fabrics or colors of aida fabric.

if you have the extra funds, consider getting a patch for yourself or a friend, or at least give this a boost!

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my current living situation is falling through due to my abusive family, i have no car, i've been unable to find a stable job in my area or file for unemployment for most of the pandemic, and i have three weeks to find a new place to live. i might have a potential job opportunity lined up, but transport is expensive and its critical that i can stay afloat for a bit while i'm finding a place to live. please help if you can

(please boost)

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Maybe a niche request: anyone have any recommendations on artists who specializes in retrofuturism? Thinking 50s comic book style kind of stuff. Looking specifically for landscapes.

this is probably the first time ive actually had a favorite singer? ive always been more of a "i listen to whatever, i like songs not bands or singers" person, but goddamn every pat the bunny song feels like a fuckin gut punch

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and the anarchists have started
filling potholes, collecting garbage
to prove we don't need governments to do these things

and i'll wake up, burning times square as we sing
"throw your hands in the air 'cause property is robbery!"

might also use kofi to sell the one-off t-shirts i've been making

emsenn brought it to my attention that Kofi Shops came out of beta! From what I could find, there's fewer fees on kofi, so with that in mind, i put most of my patches up on my kofi, with prices a couple bucks lower than my etsy ones, and PWYW turned on. not going to completely switch to kofi, but i figured this was a nice option to have as well.

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On decolonizing my Web use:

"…I am online… but my most recently piece of hardware is a ~6 year old smartphone.

"And it feels like every day, another part of the Web increases how much power it requires to use, and effectively says "either buy new tools or be excluded."

"The Internet, if it is a "space", is non-Euclidean… Your neighbor who uninstalled Instagram because it started draining their battery? The neighborhood... warps and wraps to bury and erase the existence of the neighbor, perfectly stitching over where it was with a neighborhood that is less than it was.

"This has implications in a society living under physical isolation, like we're now doing because of COVID, that horrify me.

"If the Web is our community, then our community has no space for people who are not Collaborators, because it is only Collaborators who can secure the technological privilege to participate.

"I think it's worth pausing here, to ruminate on a question: how much work would you, personally, have to do to form a friendship with someone who doesn't have Internet access, today, given COVID.

"Now, consider: it requires financial privilege to secure technological privilege (e.g. Internet access). In effect, we're saying that people need financial privilege in order to be able to socialize in a society living under physical isolation.

"That is, in a word, assimilation: it is using the threat of loneliness to coerce people...

"The effect of all this is that by using the Web, by continuing to socialize on the Web, through COVID, we are coercing people to become more active Collaborators with the contemporary kyriarchy, creating more Web users, coercing more people...

"Not to understate things, but: bummer!"

full essay at

wishful parenting thoughts 

my partner doesn't want kids and im 100% on board with that usually but sometimes i really like. want to have a kid and just be so good. i could be such a good parent i wanna make sure that kid has the best fucking life possible. i love little kids so much.

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Asking for help, financial aid 

Hey everyone. I'm currently financially in a bad situation. Lockdown is back, I have no money, I'm disabled and I can't buy food. If you could help, don't feel obliged to, but any help is welcome. Thank you, boosts appreciated.

i feel like every "organizing tips for small towns" type resource i see assumes that you already have a IRL friend group of leftist / radical folks and that there is even the slightest smidgen of either leftist sentiment or at least tolerance in your town lmao. no representation for homophobic trump towns with under 5k populations /s

the issue with landlords is that that landlords actively cause harm and exploit human needs (secure housing) for profit, not that they don’t “contribute” to society, and whether you realize it or not, making "landlords are parasites / don't contribute / live on other peoples' backs" part of your rhetoric perpetuates the idea of worth being tied to contribution

worked on my furbies for the first in a while. didn't actually modify anything, but i have a wizard furby who has a purple robe with just matte yellow stars painted on it, so i went over all the stars with gold metallic paint and it looks so much better now

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I'm moving off Patreon (took a bit to get the payment stuff set up).

You can now use Ko-fi to send me monthly recurring donations instead of just one-time donations.

I'll be emailing patreon supporters about the changeover tomorrow (it got late!) but if you've been looking for an excuse to start donating (or just wanna throw me some money), Ko-fi is a waaaay better alternative than Patreon.

(Also, inspired by @RadioAngel , I'm going to start prepping downloadable documents for pay-what-you-want sale on my Ko-fi, so folk can like, download collections of essays.)

(I also have a Liberapay which is a great great service too for just no-hassles doing a donation, BUT its "recurring" donations are actually lump-sum, which isn't feasible for a lot of folk.)

reclaimed f slur 

my brain on a loop: fag/fags/fagself

pregnancy mention 

i really wish people would tag or spoiler for pregnancy photos. i know that's a great thing and i'm glad you're happy about it but seeing photos of pregnant folks makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

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Welp.. true to form, just as we're about to have our eviction situation sorted out, the universe fucks us and our car breaks down and we lose all our deposits money..

The timing couldn't be worse and i HATE that doing these are my only option to get help

If you can help or boost?$luxotek

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