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please have something in your profile before sending me a follow request - i'm far far more likely to accept your request if you have a profile pic, a bio, and at least a handful of toots.

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book rec list: 

Octavia's Brood
Lakota Woman
Trail of Lightning
Peter Darling
Lost Boi
Becoming Dangerous
Walking the Clouds
Every Heart A Doorway
Bloodchild and Other Stories

(will continue to update this - i've discovered it's basically impossible to have a 'currently reading' thing because i tend to read books in one sitting. feel free to ask for trigger warnings or summaries for any of these

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hi, patch commissions are open! i can do either hand-drawn fabric paint on black, white, or off-white fabric, or i can do embroidery - either normal embroidery, or cross stitch, on various fabrics or colors of aida fabric.

if you have the extra funds, consider getting a patch for yourself or a friend, or at least give this a boost!

why is it that every time i stay w my partner i get nightmares multiple times a night the first couple days?? i literally never get nightmares

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so i made a thing, i don't really have much to add that i didn't already write in the gfm post but if you feel so inclined to toss a couple bucks and maybe share this around i would be so, so grateful 🖤

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trans planet pin is now in my shop!

all money made from this pin will be saved for my top surgery 😊 :trans_heart:

alcohol, - 

oh my god im so fucking hungover

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Thoughts on 'growing up', capitalism 

Honestly, 'growing up' is such a bullshit idea on so many levels and we shouldn't have to ever. All I got out of it ever was having more expected of me with less and less help and understanding.

The expectations of reaching certain milestones at certain ages, having to prove your worth in an academic or economic sense are just messed up and I'm just totally sick of it and fed up.

Why should we have to do any of this bullshit when it doesn't grant us any joy or other advantages?

So yeah, I'm over 'growing up'. I'm going to be a child now in the best sense possible and all y'all should be able to too.

i got a sheet of beautiful paper at the craft store the other day. it's got a pattern of a really old-fashioned style world map on a purple galaxy background, except the map and all the text is done in silver holographic foil that goes rainbow when you tip it. i'm gonna make some cool envelopes out of it.

i've got a fucking AWFUL headache which isn't unusual except it came on at night which almost never happens.

also took my depakote for the first time in a couple weeks last night so. i don't know if it's that? it probably is just stress honestly but it's fuckin annoying im trying to focus on shit

i can always tell when keith decides to check mastodon bc my notifications just yell at me for a solid five minutes. hi keith <3

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Holo prints came in tonight if anyone wants some. $10 ea plus shipping. I'll be working on packing orders this weekend.

song rec

It's been sixty weeks since I saw Vienna
A bandage and a wide smile slapped across my face
I'll pick up my hiking boots when I am ready
And I'll put down my roots when I'm dead

@shade has a fuckin rad etsy shop and ive bought pins and stickers from him before and the quality is always super good and they ship quickly and nicely packaged. if you wanna get a gift for someone / yourself or just support a cool person (felix) you should check out his shop

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i also take commissions and am about to finish up the avatars i'm working on so now's a good time to get one 😊

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soooo chances are i am gonna have to pay completely out of pocket for top surgery and idk how we're gonna raise the money yet but i'm just gonna leave my shop link here in the meantime ty (i'll have a new acrylic pin coming in soon!!)

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Seen in the fab parking lot: an extended cab pickup with a trans pride flag, a "I'm TRANS and I VOTE", and a "this machine kills fascists" bumper sticker.

There's also one that reads I BRAKE FOR SQUATCH with Bigfoot on it

Ngl I kinda want to high five them

is there a verb of special interest. like there's hyperfixating / hyperfixation, i know..

thinking about getting into cosplay but exclusively characters that a content creator accidentally created lore for while streaming a game exactly once

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ive finally packed most of the clothes im bringing at least

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What happens when a community expels politicians, kicks out the cops, + fights off the cartels? Crime drops + communal power grows. In this podcast, @incandesceinto
speaks to a community member of #Cherán, 9 years after the town declared autonomy.



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