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please have something in your profile before sending me a follow request - i'm far far more likely to accept your request if you have a profile pic, a bio, and at least a handful of toots.

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book rec list: 

Octavia's Brood
Lakota Woman
Trail of Lightning
Peter Darling
Lost Boi
Becoming Dangerous
Walking the Clouds
Every Heart A Doorway
Bloodchild and Other Stories

(will continue to update this - i've discovered it's basically impossible to have a 'currently reading' thing because i tend to read books in one sitting. feel free to ask for trigger warnings or summaries for any of these

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hi, patch commissions are open! i can do either hand-drawn fabric paint on black, white, or off-white fabric, or i can do embroidery - either normal embroidery, or cross stitch, on various fabrics or colors of aida fabric.

if you have the extra funds, consider getting a patch for yourself or a friend, or at least give this a boost!

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more trans politicians =/= trans liberation
trans liberation NOT trans assimilation

book rec list:, kink mention 

"leatherfolk: radical sex, people, politics, and practice" by mark thompson. had some very good essays in it, but the last section, which focused on leather culture through a spiritual aspect, leaned v heavily on indigenous ceremonies. definitely a product of the 80s/90s, but worth a read if you're interested in leather kink history or gay male culture.

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hh i hate working with elastic instead of fabric covered elastic, but fabric coated only stretches a certain amount, whereas just elastic cord will stretch to fit your wrist over time >:(

personal, + 

guess what arrived today! the pin i impulse ordered my brother because i had been gifted some money! unfortunately my brother's birthday is november 29th and the thought of waiting that long to see his reaction to it is... hrrrgh. maybe he'll get it for graduation?

it's a really beautiful, biblically accurate seraphim pin, black enamel and brass, and it's really heavy and good quality i was actually surprised by how nice it is.

/happy stims because acquiring presents for people is good and serotonin boosting/

please have something in your profile before sending me a follow request - i'm far far more likely to accept your request if you have a profile pic, a bio, and at least a handful of toots.

shoutout to aldi for having mini bottles of hand sanitizer small enough they fit in my front pocket

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I don't say "antifa" anymore. I spell it out. Anti fascist. Just jump over that pothole and skip the script. Also can't stop looking funny at anyone who pronounces it ohn-TEEfuh.

how about we not use "treasonous" as the explanation for why the actions at the capitol were bad

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okay so you know how in cyberpunk everyone is either poor or rich

techwear is the rich person's cyberpunk clothing, because it costs so fucking much

you wouldn't see a regular person in a cyberpunk setting wearing it

what WOULD you see them wearing? DIY techwear, for lack of a better term

the kind of shit i make

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what's punkwear?

sewing extra pockets onto something to give yourself more storage space

putting spikes on your jacket so people stay away from you on public transit

mending and reinforcing holes in your clothes with sashiko

and much, much more! i've just given you the term and a few examples, it's your turn to have fun with it!!!

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apologies for being sappy about my partner, i'm drunk and very much in love and this march will be our fourth anniversary

that month was the best part of the year. i helped make dinner and empty the dishwasher and walked to the postbox to drop off etsy orders and hugged my partner when he got home from work and kissed him goodbye at 4.30 when he left for work. it was so good. i cant believe up until that point we'd only had week long visits.

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that child is not being fucking greedy or something they've literally been chronically denied care and support to the point where they've had to develop extreme behaviors in a last ditch effort to attract the attention of adults who should have fucking been taking care of them this whole time. this isn't some sort of entitled character flaw. you don't get to be angry at them

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2020 had two good things in it - one was living with my partner for a month, and the second is that i managed to build up a decent physical correspondence with multiple people. it's lovely being able to find postcards and cards and things that i can shove into bubble mailers for my friends.

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you ever think about how as a kid you were so proud of "not doing things for attention" and then stare off into the distance in abject horror as you come to terms with the facts that literal adults directly in front of you insulted neurodiverse and/or traumatized children for trying to express a basic human need

o fuck dad's back at work so y'all know what that means

found a postcard stamp id scraped off a charity postcard nd mailed that off, painted a mothman doodle and sent that to a friend, havin fun

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wow ive reached the point where i could actually use a physical address book..

not since i was 11 and had multiple catholic homeschooled penpals have i needed an address book

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