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After german Ministry of the Interior threatend to illegalize 'Rote Hilfe' last year, many took the step and joined in! Now, more than 10.000 lend a hand and a dollar for 'Out of Action' support such as legal information, financial support on lawsuits or fines and, maybe most important, immediately taking first legal aid on your behalf after taken into custody.

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das des Linksextremismus verdächtige Bündnis EndeGelaende lässt sich kesseln, während diese Schulschwänzerbande von FridaysForFuture in den Tagebau hoppst und den Bagger stoppt ;)
<3 <3 <3

Aaaarmes Team Blau, alle machen wattse wollen, so kann man doch nicht ar-bei-ten! ;)

#keinmeter #alledoerferbleiben

Love is revolutionary. Love for your comrades. Love for your partners. Love for the cause. Love for liberation and love for life. But it’s not a strategy. Love won’t make the old world fall away. It only prepares us for what the world can become.


Eigentlich sollte gestern die #Interkiezionale-Demo durch Neukölln laufen, um gegen die Räumung der Kiezkneipe #Syndikat zu protestieren. Stattdessen löste die Polizei die Demo auf.

#B0108 #B0208 #Syndikatbleibt #Rigaer #Liebig34 #Liebigstays #BerlinDemo #Neukölln #Berlin


Remember folks, sunsets on the Blue Planet are red and sunsets on the Red Planet are blue.

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Heute in 12 Monaten wird die Speicherung von #Fingerabdrücke​n im #Personalausweis zum Zwang.

Wer das nicht will, sollte sich bis 2. August 2021 einen #PersoOhneFinger holen – und auch politisch aktiv werden!

Mehr Infos: /f

fash, cops being shit 

Leute können ungestört mit Reichsflaggen und ohne Maske rumlaufen, die wenigen Antifas werden stundenlang festgehalten und dann die Häuser-Demo mit massivem Polizeiaufgebot begleitet und aufgelöst :P

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"solange der Hubschrauber nicht mit Scheinwerfern kommt, ist nichts passiert"

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The protesters in Seattle must be so happy to be gassed by their first lesbian mayor. Really makes you feel like the crimes against humanity have become more progressive ❤️

Here in Turkey, we have no intellectuals. We have professors and we have politicians and we have ex-militants. Government preemptively throws all three classes into prison to prevent any threat of intellectual. Tho, we have dead poets instead.

Wer mit Atilla Hildmann in den Wald geht und nicht alleine wieder rauskommt hat die Kontrolle über sein Leben verloren

Translated: Here you see the CEO of an institution with assets worth 200 billion Euro in Germany that doesn’t pay a cent in taxes. Next to him - Mark Zuckerberg.

What they discovered in that cave was this. Giant Crystal Cave, or the Cave of the Crystals. Some of the largest crystals ever discovered, bigger than trees, beneath the Chihuahua desert they had been growing in the perfect environment for 500,000 years.

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"Dad," she called, "there are monsters under the bed!"
"Are they?" he called back.
She hadn't thought about that.
"Monsters?" she whispered.
"We are dust bunnies."
"But you sound scary."
"We grow. We watch. We grow... angry. We grow..."
"Yes! Lead us to the rich!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"It is a third world war. Without exception, all major powers of the world are fighting, openly or covertly, an imperialist chess game for hegemony and resources."

To all marxists out there:

If you feel empowerd by the revoluton of Rojava, don't forget to read Abdullah Öcalan's critique of marxism.

To all anarchists out there:
There's also a critique of anarchists that's worth to read, ending with "They are one of the important forces that is needed to collaborate with in the works of re-construction of democratic modernity."

"The question they have to answer is why they did not develop an assertive activity and construction of a system. This brings our minds the deep gap between the theory and their lives. Were they actually able to overcome the modern life they criticize a lot? Or, how coherent are they in this? Are they able to leave the Euro-centric life and step into a real global democratic modernity?"

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