speaking as infrastructure as resistance libraries' continued existence is a MAJOR act of resistance against the Capitalist World At Large's need to profit and drove me into a degree as a librarian. supporting public libraries brings resources to the community-at-large instead of those who can afford them alone and i just have a LOT of feelings about libraries??

@jinxedlucky My local library even has a toy library so people can borrow toys for their kids! The one in my old town had a fully operational makerspace with several 3d printers, too. Honestly libraries don't get enough credit

@anotheradventure That's super cool! I've been watching Makerspaces get built for a while now and it's super cool, but a toy library? I don't think I've heard of that. I'd love to see a program to get more makerspaces into rural areas, but I'm not sure what the most effective way to do that is to support both the librarians and the communities they serve! I'm still learning!

@jinxedlucky I regard libraries as holy places. I worked in a university library for a while. Our local public library is one of my favorite places.

I studied library tech in community college (didn't complete a degree tho) and I have been kinda wanting to go back to it once I go back to school. I also volunteered in my high school media center and did workstudy in my college library.
There's certainly things I miss about it, in particular the amazing work libraries do for their communities. I enjoyed helping people to use the resources, and the librarians actually listened to my ideas to help make things more accessible.

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