Some of the libraries in Finland🇫🇮 have workshops equipped with soldering stations, laser cutters, woodworking tools, 3D printers and sewing machines. The staff is extremely lovely and helpful 😁

That's how staying relevant, as a place of science and culture, looks like

what if one of the smash bros dlc characters was.... shrek


Makerspaces in crisis zones are already helping people around the world: Puerto Rico, Haiti, Nepal.

Instead of waiting for expensive western supplies in makeshift tents, the survivors can get tools and start building new houses and infrastructure immediately. This not only makes the help /cheaper/ but also allows the people to feel more empowered and in control, less prone to long-term traumas.

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One of the most absurd things about capitalism is how it effectively puts "we could've automated the process of creating this with no detectable loss of quality, but we made workers do it instead!" on products as like a sign of quality, and people eat it up

Never feel you're too small to start a movement, you are intelligent, you have passions and you care about things very seriously, and I guarantee there are thousands if not, millions who see eye to eye to you. Get organized in your area. Form a movement, and most importantly enlist the leadership of minorities.

bloop bloop bloop (my thoughts appearing in my mossy pond brain)

PINS!! They’re here!! Preorders are still going until the 20th, and these are mailing out next week!

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11 year old me listening to beautiful soul by jesse mccartny from the barbie hit mix 2 album on my shitty handheld cd player:

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*reads through the local timeline in the morning like a newspaper*

I kin with this untethered vine growing off the side of an abandoned house.

Does anyone have any experience with meshnets? Conceptually they seem sound but in practicality they sound like they would take a while to implement.

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Me: is that my girl?
My dog, wiggling: [desperately tries to lick the inside of my elbow Specifically]

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