"I don't know who needs to hear this but you are not a capitalist. You are a salaried employee working in an industry owned by an actual capitalist. People keep confusing simple commerce-- which has always existed--with capitalism, a specific type of economy." — Bree Newsome

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capitalism likes to pretend it invented trading a thing for a thing

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not capitalism: me trading some tomatoes with my neighbor, who trades me some honey back

Also not capitalism: me selling you a painting (which I'll do btw)

Capitalism: me invading my neighbor's yard, declaring all her shit mine, and offering her the opportunity to groom and harvest crops for me, which I will then sell and give her a portion of the profits.

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Capitalism isn't even the only way to have a business. It's just the production method we are most familiar with.

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@interneteh This is why we need to be making the worker's coop model as widespread and well-known as possible. So many people just assume that the only way to start a small business is by becoming a petty bourgeois, and I honestly wonder how many people genuinely started out wanting to help their communities but became increasingly exploitative because they thought their only option was to compete in a market where only the cruelest survive

@socalledunitedstates I don't even know if it's an answer to every problem necessarily, but I do know "fire your boss" is something people can wrap their heads around

@socalledunitedstates @interneteh When I first came to fediverse/mastodon, I somehow came across worker-owned co-ops. and it sorta blew my mind. It just hadn't really occurred to me that this was a realistic "business" model.

(One reason why "non-commerical" clauses in creative commons things don't gel with me)

@melissasage well, I guess it's been going on for a while then.

@interneteh bree is great. I hope she doesn't endorse any of the democratic candidates (note the use of the word democratic).

@interneteh totally agree, social market dynamics are not the same as "the market" (as in the invisible hand of the market) and certanly not the same as capitalism. It may sound out of tone nowadays and maybe it's not the kind of logic we need right now at this stage of late capitalism and corporate bs permeating everything from popular culture to "common sense" but ... it may be more suited for everyday needs than let say, a purely centralized planned economy.

@interneteh my gf just found this and it reminded me of this conversation. sex worker twitter is rife with communism.

@fr33l0 sex workers are more advanced than other workers cuz they have already seized the means

@interneteh they've been on the front lines since forever, since before marxism, and marxists still try and discount their work, both monetary and idealistic, as "immoral bourgeoisie decadance that must be snuffed out" smgdh

@fr33l0 anyone who talks about "decadence" is fascist in their soul

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