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Dundee Anarchist Bookfair have launched a fundraiser to help us pay for BSL interpretation and child care for our event.

If you've got any spare shrapnel, this is something I'd personally really really love to see be a success and some of the best people I know have put in a lot of work to help make the bookfair happen - please help us make it as inclusive as we can!

It's #folkloreThursday
So let's talk about the Babylonian myth of Ashuhunamir, the first nonbinary person.

After the goddess Ishtar got herself trapped in the underworld, the gods created Ashunamir, a being who was neither man not woman, to seduce Erishkigal, the Queen of the underworld, and free Ishtar.

They succeeded in their quest, but for thier troubles Erishkigal cursed them and all those like them to always be viewed with suspicion in human society, but Ishtar, to counter this, blessed them and those like them with wisdom, prophecy, healing and that they would always be held sacred to Ishtar.

#nb #nonbinary #mythology #pagan

@alyaza this post really resonates me.

The way many socialists, communists and anarchists simply wait for the revolution can easily be compared to christians religiously waiting for the rapture.

Kropotkin himself described a period of evolution, before any revolution could occur, where horizontal institutions of popular power were constructed and an attitude of ungovernability was fostered.

Lest we slide into utopianism, revolution must be seen as a consequence of evolution. In fact, revolution can be defined (literally in some languages) as re-evolution or more evolution.

I don't necessarily think DeLeonism is the way forward, but DeLeon certainly appreciated the diversity of tactics that would be required to build a libertarian socialist revolution.

During the Spanish Revolution, the Friends of Durruti suggested an alternative to participating in state electoralism could be found in popular assemblies alongside the pre-existing militant unions

@alyaza I think states spend a lot of money and time making propaganda to seep into every aspect of our lives that tells us the state is this all-powerful, unavoidable god-machine, but even the surveillance state has its limitations and overlooks shit, and it can take aaages for them to rifle through the masses of data they collect. The government and the police are humans capable of mistakes, and more importantly vulnerable to being overcome by humans, but the easiest defence of the state is to convince people that victory is impossible and therefore attack is useless

These same arguments were used against revolutionaries under feudalism.

@scottishwobbly aye, police states aren't a new invention, they've existed for some time now, as have methods of resisting them.

The fact one of the fiercest ongoing revolutionary movements in the world is in a colony of the PRC (the de-facto example of an authoritarian surveillance state), proves the effectiveness of these tactics.

i feel like there’s something i’m forgetting to do

*glances at empty bed*

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trans goddesses 

No, it's not real, but no reason it couldn't be

people who claim philosophy is intentionally obscurantist very rarely seem to level the same criticism to, say, physics. try reading a physics paper and a philosophy paper with no background in either and see which is easier to understand

Concerned about the next generation and about how kids are being treated?

Pour into your local teens! Volunteer with kids!

Be that support you know they aren't getting elsewhere!

If you hate kids, donate money or things to a youth charity that you do trust!

Those kids need the support that they sure as hell aren't getting elsewhere.

Street art; US pol; Charlottesville 

Some stuff from in . More to come later, I hope.

terrible #instanceIdea :
a peertube instance that inserts fake youtube style ads that are just parodies of typical youtube ads

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