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By the way, I have a big (and growing) collection of and resources on my tumblr. Check it out if you need ideas for projects, or

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I've offered this on tumblr for a while now but for everyone on here: if you ask me to I'll look up and groups in your area that you can join! I've been doing this for a while so I know where to look and what keywords to use. Getting connected on the local level is very important for getting real change to happen!!

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Tumblr acting so weirdly smug with periodical "reblog if you use 'dude' as a gender neutral term!" over the past like 5 years has undoubtedly resulted in several "lol no dude I'm not misgendering you it's gender-neutral! no I won't stop saying it!" cases and I can't imagine it's ever resulted in any good whatsoever other than the tiny rush of "lol that's relatable"

Winter comes and within weeks our baby peach trees look VERY different. Their stems (trunks? when does that distinction happen?) are a lot woodier, rather than leaves everywhere they're just in clumps at the ends of the branches, and the leaves themselves look and feel different too

I know peaches need cold weather to grow properly it's just the process is really interesting. I love my plants!!!

I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and eating all my money


* "bean"
* "liberal"
* "variety"
* "spaghetti"

Convince me

Unpopular opinion: as much as we like to pretend that was always a radical movement and that its politics were informed by , we HAVE the original tumblr post that proposed the idea and it never mentions a political aspect and flat-out says that it's based on steampunk

The message shouldn't be "solarpunk was political from the beginning," but "solarpunk means whatever we make of it"

I found a curated list of tech co-ops! Its a small list but there's lots of interesting resources here. Last commit was 5mo ago, last open pull request 1mo ago so not a too terribly dead github page either.

Hey all, I wanna open up this invite again. I really want to grow This instance is a space for community organizers and we welcome folks trying to bring that work into a proper social media space.

The #fediverse is vast and has been amazing, but #OrgSoc is way too small :P

Here's an invite link:

We wanna encourage a diversity of voices and joining this instance will mean you are a part of deciding how it operates.

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

I keep seeing these very official protest signs, and yet – it persists.

today I walked into an Amazon building and stole about $50 worth of sandwiches from their catering table. Gave a bunch to the homeless people outside and then gave the rest to my co-workers.

yes I am bragging, but that's because what I did was cool as fuck

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