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I've offered this on tumblr for a while now but for everyone on here: if you ask me to I'll look up and groups in your area that you can join! I've been doing this for a while so I know where to look and what keywords to use. Getting connected on the local level is very important for getting real change to happen!!

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Alright, I'm going to start bringing over some of the best resources from my tumblr using non-tumblr links in toots. I'll also give them a unique hashtag so you can easily look through them all - probably

Longer text posts will come when is added to SBC or the character limit is expanded. The How to Expropriate series will be put on hold until I can simultaneously post them to tumblr and the fediverse

I've got bad news Mastodons have been dead for 11,000 years

They're coming for us. They're coming for us all.

This seems relevant to my masto friends:

"So all the Animorphs books are available online for free with [Katherine Applegate]'s blessing, btw"

Or like, fucking talk to each other instead of passive-aggressively vaguing

So Reddit (not a site I recommend anyway!) now blocks interaction in Samsung Internet / Firefox Focus until you choose either "App" or "Chrome" πŸ™„ Pressing Chrome just continues in the same browser, so it's not really blocking, but poor identification. There's more browsers than just Chrome!

Piracy discussions always have the same problem. One side says "pirate from massive corporate studios" and the other says "don't pirate from independent artists" and they'd both realize they agree with each other if they'd just state their views clearly

Mastodon isn't political enough. Anyway, please donate to our local DSA chapter. We run it like a collective as much as possible. We're working on feeding food insecure college kids, pressuring the cops to release evidence about someone they shot, and training citizen lobbyists to fight for improved housing and land use policy.

Mastodon Is Crumbling-- Not Enough People Are Telling Girls How Cute They Are

The fact that our crypto-dual-power is scaring the crypto-proprietors is a damn good thing. Let's keep building :D

Eugen does NOT hate Twitter 8ecause how it's ran. Eugen hates Twitter 8ecause He's not the one running it. And that's that, on that

Every thinkpiece underselling or misrepresenting the fediverse as unapproachable, unattractive, or simply dying is actually helping us maintain our bubble. Our popularity is growing, and before this bubble pops, we do need to develop way more mechanisms for design flow and accessibility. But until then, let them complain, we don't need the attention.

why the fuck have you buried him then, jesus, he's gonna fuckin suffocate, you daft cunts. get him out.

Reminder that pundits have been saying that Mastodon is failing since at least 2017, and we keep proving them wrong every time the platform grows, and new federation platforms emerge

People's Harm Reduction Alliance, a group of s in the who promote strategies of drug safety through a need-based needle distribution program, as well as HCV advocacy


:pixelfed: Profile Grid or List Mode, shipping in v0.8.0! #pixelfed πŸš€

This Sunday, Jan. 20th, join us and a host of other anarchist organizations for the Yiddish #Anarchism Conference after party. We'll be connecting the movement's past to present struggles with timeless drinks, tunes and celebration. Stop by our table.

Hey friends, if you share my interest in 1.) praxis and 2.) pawbs, I made you some stickers. Get them here -

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