is getting fired for 'asking your boss for tips on unionizing' praxis, cos I'm thinkin about doing that, ya kno, as a bit...

@GreenandBlack @qyliss yeah, Signal is incredibly hostile towards forks/alternate clients, and moxie loves to argue in bad faith about that... (response from matrix to an anti-federation blogpost from moxie) (response to his signal advertisement talk at #36c3) (only good thing he's ever written)

"ya I'm anti-capitalist anti-cop. ya I called the cops to bash in my tenants heads when they formed a union and had a rent strike, so what"

one of my managers who has been, in the past, an ardent supporter of capitalism, started dating a communist girl recently and is now larping as anti-cop, anticapitalist, all those things... but his dad is a landlord and owns an apartment building among other properties and he plans on taking over the family business when he inherits them and I'm having the hardest time not screaming at him about how earning money from capital that he inherited is the most capitalist thing a person can do.

zoomers are always being like oh im gay and i'm dying

my notifications still won't update on tusky or in the browser... is this an issue with SBC?

gonna Siddon my GM tonight for shitting the bed every time he makes the schedule

Édouard Siddon's works, written around 1807, became revered for their power and feared for their complexity. Already, Siddon became known as a kind of modern Heraclitus: he came to be known as Siddon the Obscure. His final words, according to tradition, went as follows: "One man alone," he said, "ever understood me. And even then..." Siddon whispered, turning his head against the wall for his final breath, "... even he never truly understood me."

@garfiald late stage masto is garf writes an 800 page philosophy textbook and publishes it under the name edouard siddon. it becomes mandatory reading for all new registrations

idk if it's my phone my router or tusky but masto is misbehavin rn

every time shit pops and I go digging to see what happened it's always some white fool running their mouth about shit they know nothing about with no intention of learning only doubling tripling down on their bullshit

*me tuning in late to the discourse as always*

white ppl stfu and open ur ears

🎵 I just took a DNA test
Turns 👏🏽out 👏🏽I’m 100% in the FBI database 🎵

Who the heck called it a “torn hamstring” and not pulled pork

i would like to see even more PoC run instances

*about to have sex, taking out my dick*
me: content warning. my dick and balls
partner: show more

With the capitalist-defined hallmarks of adulthood (stable employment, car, non-shared housing) often beyond our reach,

And amatonormative hallmarks of adulthood (monogamy, marriage, nuclear families) often deliberately rejected

A huge challenge is building the kind of stable connections that lasts through the decades into old age, with it's looming isolation.

We may think it won't happen to us, but so did our queer elders, many of whom now face loneliness and lack of a support system.

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