pnw stands for "pwease no weftists"
--- anti-antifascists

mastodon is just a Pacific Northwest recruitment site

I found a lovely biography on frank lopez (the stimulator from on some nazi blog. they try and make him look so evil, but me being me, it just makes me like him more lol.

the virgin Dropkick Murphys:
- all about that iRiSh aEstHeTIc
- politically vague
- pathetic posers

the chad Black 47:
- actually of Irish descent
- hammering out working class anthems
- consistently socialist

i've got 99 problems and trolleys are all of them. please help my transportation budget, my family is dying

trolley problem: a trolley is about to run over 5 people. you can pull a lever that gives everyone on the trolley a free t shirt commemorating the event

I need some Mastodon help please. How do you do a mass DM when you move instances? Cheers 😀

citlali about to be back at it with the human sacrifice posts

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Ok fine, I'll go to bed

Don't do any good posts till I get back

american nightcrew and europe morning crew are the truest allies

do night crew do anything except shout "night crew" at each other

where do people even get this idea that cops were workers. "another day at the law and order factory"? I don't think so

when i listen to people born in the ’80s or later talk about how, like, papa don’t preach was probably really popular one summer in 1986,

but they don’t remember having to sit through GTR’s “When the Heart Rules the Mind” playing on the radio every three hours because they have no idea who GTR were

small hometown reaction to protests / kind of long 

lmao. the local PD is saying that the gun shop owner saying a bus full of antifa was headed to a certain town and that residents of the town should arm themselves and stop it, and the residents arming themselves and stopping it were unrelated incidents. shocker.

... I'm probably doxxing myself but damn this shit's crazy ...

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in other news... my girlfriend has been posting extensively on snapchat in support of the the protests. I'm not on snapchat so I don't really know exactly what she's been saying. but last night I ran into my friend's brother who follows her. he called me over and said "i don't know about your girlfriends bullshit but if anyone gives her shit i've got you guys". so it's good to know hes still a fucking racist but is willing to protect antiracist white people. gold star brian. I'm never asking you for help lmao.

small hometown reaction to protests / kind of long 

the occupants of the bus turned out to be a mixed race family, of I think 5, on a camping trip. blockaded by felled trees and surrounded by armed white supremacists, the family required a police escort in order to leave town.

you'd think that the family itself would be proof that it wasn't antifa. and that a photo of a bus is, itself, not any proof of anything. but no. now people are saying that that bus was a decoy to get people off the backs of the other buses bringing in antifa.

I wish this weren't true and I wish this weren't my town.

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