Ok I was wrong. I have enough for people to see what I can do. (Also notice another in the background that isn't for sale)

oh are we airing grievances about job hunting? hell yeah

what about the age old "please upload your resume" and then "please type in everything on your resume in these fields"

if I were a cis white person, I would simply Listen To The People Who Are Affected By An Issue. rather than Forming My Own Opinion Based On What I Imagine The Issue Is Like

I have just been shown the greatest comic panel of all time

Names are also kind of a thing. They call her Regina at school, but her friends and family call her Reggie. Then when she goes to the magic space dimension, she's known as Twelve. So she has a male, female and non-binary name

@interneteh the other other one is ofc, she-ra, with numerous canonically gay characters -- Bow's dads, Scorpia and Catra, and That Buff Lesbian Outlaw Leader spring to mind. and lots of normalizing of queer crushes and different ways to dress/identify. it's a Good Show.

Some people have noticed the main character could be trans. They're a 12 yr old girl who goes by Reggie. Her shoes are trans flag colors too. The antagonist is called the Butt Witch, who someone here on Mastodon said could represent the fear of going through the wrong puberty. Fear of puberty is definitely a theme

Watching Twelve Forever with the kids. It looks like the show is aiming to be the new queer coded space adventure show for kids after Stephen Universe. Actually it's not even that coded. There are openly gay characters in it who kiss and work through their relationship and stuff.

🎢 mr sandman
come catch these hands
put up your dukes
fight me like a man 🎢

I haven't played Animal Crossing since the old days, but I always used to crave coffee so hard when the characters would describe the coffee

People like saying things are corny bc it's a way to say "I'm cooler than this"

A friend came over and we watched Paranormal Activity 1 (Micah is still THE WORST) and Venom

I just spent most of both movies doing Venom voice to go "Eddie can we stop for fries
Eddie I want tater tots
Eddie can we stop on the way home to rent InuYasha"

coming out of my space egg house thing and i’ve been doing just fine

Since turning off the SFW lock, the autocorrect for swiped words can be pretty alarming

Anyways it's almost the time of year to go to the orchard for some assholes

I have an art show today. 😁 Not sure what to expect. Suddenly I have this fear that I don't have enough paintings.

asjdnxbznznnznsnns wHAT

"The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot" is, apparently, a real movie. that was created by humans. and then Delta Air Lines decided to put on its list of films to show passengers, alongside blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.

I'm gonna fucking lose it y'alle

Australia sex guys be like β€œyeah nah, I’m β€˜avin a bingo bango with a Sheila, mate”


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