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Me selling paintings I made, boosts help me find clients 

My wife was explaining to me the reason why I have excellent spelling while writing, but not when reciting it out loud is my working memory is shit. ADHD symptom probably. I understand, but I dunno what to do with that information.

I said sorry, I get pissed when people don't respect others sexuality or make it all about them. Fine, your school is woke ok

He did have a girl classmate who is gay and she had a creepy guy around her who kept being like "are you suuuure are you suuuure" and kiddo asked us what to do in a situation like that.

We said yeah, that's a creep thing to do, and you should stand up to creeps whenever you can.

I made some comment like "huh, the school isn't so woke after all" and he acted offended like "dad! It IS woke." Lol

Most of his friends have something or other that in the culture my schools had would have gotten them made fun of, but nobody seems to think twice about it. In general they're cool.

Kiddo has a friend who was running up to him to say hi then he suddenly went "smooch smooch" like a kissy face and he asked "why'd you do that?" Friend says "oh I have tics." And they both laughed. I'm glad he doesn't judge people or make them feel weird about the stuff they deal with

This actually has a really good and consistent pro consent message

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Commercial: A clammy looking boy with a center part reaches into a dusty bowl of Turkish delight. “I do love my sweets,” he whispers in the most mucousy voice you’ve ever heard.

Watching "Good Boys," a comedy. It's kind of the same joke over and over again, which is that kids don't know how things work, but shit it's making me laugh

Lol shit. Lil guy tied a knot in his stuffed animal's tail after I put him down for bed because he said he was practicing for tying his shoes.

I like caring for babies, animals, plants, people... It kinda makes me feel like I made things a little better.

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Possum Lady is one of my top visions of the sort of Lesbian i want to grow into being.

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Dicks aren't what makes one a man. Testosterone doesn't make someone a man. Wearing a binder with those cool guy fieri flames on it? That is what makes a man.

I think I feel at my best when I'm caring for others. It makes it so I'm not endlessly thinking in anxious circles. I'm focusing on what I can do for someone else.

This is that nurturing thing that men aren't supposed to be interested in or good at.

I hate hearing when someone I care about is having a rough time and I can't do anything to help them out bc I'm too far away or busy or otherwise constrained. I wish I had the time and ability to help everyone feel a little better

I legit didn't know the ivy league schools had sports teams. I figured they just did war crimes

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@interneteh Due to a coding error, all freeways out of Portland just come back in on the other side

Portland is an hour away from Portland

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