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the thing that scares me the most about jade eggs is what if it hatches

A prohibition-era GTA-style open world game about a lesbian moonshiner called No Man's Rye.

when Gal is on the bed, she can't thump her back feet to show her disapproval and I think it frustrates her

lil guy said my beard felt like cotton. so I guess that means soft

girls with big noses
that鈥檚 it that鈥檚 the toot

once again I need someone to bring me tea. I think my problem is I want a tea when I'm already comfortable

My 3 year old just yelled "THATS JUST A GOD DAMN OLD BOOK" and I'm v pleased

@Lumb @streetvalkyrie A bigger lesbian carrying a smaller lesbian on their back is called "backpacking".

@interneteh it wasn't a little sleet either. it was piling up in my hair and coat

today it rained, was sunny, it sleeted, was cloudy and was foggy. Oregon

had a random memory of working in a terrible sweaty kitchen when I worked food service and catering jobs, then sneaking away to cool myself off in the walk in cooler or freezer. so refreshing

yes I'm an exister. yes I'm existing. yes I'm in existence.


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