When capitalism falls, we must fell it to a soft floor of grass and moss and shrubs and flowers.


Capitalism must fall not from a bullet to the head, but from entangling vines.

To be cushioned by the vines.

To be buried by the vines.

(Uh, this is kinda subtooting @cocoron 's last post. But. like. in a "yes and" jumping-off way, not in a "you're wrong" way.)
(Just so as to not have unexplicit subtoots, and all.)

@gaditb Didn't someone make a toot recently that was like "*sunbeam.city voice* so I have this new idea to destroy capitalism, first we plant vines all over wall str"

That toot predicted this one

@socalledunitedstates Oh!, I didn't see that one but NICE!
(Also I am extremely Called Out.)

@gaditb @socalledunitedstates I'm not sure I completely understand, but I like where you're going with this.

Seems like this is a way out of the dichotomy of:
* rev vanguard smashes capitalism but also freedom, or
* democratic methods get blocked, watered down, & rolled back

@waterbear @socalledunitedstates I mean, I would feel presumptuous to call it a "way out", when it's so full of metaphor and imagery and not-in-the-slightest anything even leading up to an actual policy proposal,
but it's... an insistance on acknowledging the potential/likely points of failure? and on developing plans and infrastructure beforehand?

@waterbear @socalledunitedstates Also, while attacks on freedom by the revolutionary vanguard(s?) are one possible issue, I was also (mostly) just thinking about simpler things -- current medicinal, food, communications, etc. infrastructure, and making sure that their inevitable temporary disruptions don't become permanent and/or kill people.

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