And Black Friday is already strongly associated with violent engagement in consumerism, with corporations passively standing-by-to-benefit and actively-encouraging,

a display of /individualistic/ violence BENEFITING capitalism,

which would provides a very dramatic counterpoint to the /communal/ violence -- or the communal intimidating-nonviolence -- OPPOSING capitalism.

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The point is, if capitalists/capitalism can steal leftist holidays (Labor Day, International Working Women's Day), then leftism/leftists have cultural and moral license to steal capitalist holidays.

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Post-Car Aesthetic: Multi-level parking garages converted into a vertical ("American-style"?) shuk.

"The Death And Life Of Great Internet Communities"?

(... okay, well, beSIDES the people who love how they have the Right Sort of people in them, and for whom Protecting them involves keeping out Undesireables. I know about that type of "love" "for" suburbs, and I don't care about it.)

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(I finally got around to Jane Jacob's "Death And Life Of Great American Cities", and this edition has a forward that starts off with her talking about "car people" and "foot people", and how the book was written from and to "foot people", and "car people" really didn't enter into its picture at all and reacted generally against it...

And it made me wonder if there ARE people who unironically love the suburbs, and what sorts of things they might be able to love/want to protect about them.)

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The Death And Life Of Great American Suburbs

(Unlike most of the things on this account, I don't have any specific thoughts on this.)

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*media theorist voice* "The Hyperthetical"

weed, n. a plant that refuses to acknowledge humans when they try to conquer and colonize nature

Oh hey Richest Hill started!

The history and current issues facing the Butte Montana Superfund site.
First episode was "to start with how big of a day-to-day issue is it" and second was "what was the mining and how do people look back on it". Next episode is organized labor history!

(This is also me being lazy, but also with a subtext of "there doesn't seem to be that many (any?) people talking about this at all and that feels... weird..? to me?)

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So I know this is me being too-lazy-to-actually-read and all, but does... anyone, have any, easy-to-digest audio/video content (videoessay, podcast ep, etc.) about Debt Strikes?

Like preferably more than just "are good, should do" and actually going into depth on various components? But maybe even just anything?

... The Wastonian(/Canon-analytic/etc.) critical lens is the most widely-practiced form of literary criticism today, but -- while I am nowhere near academic literary criticism to be aware of the newest developments -- I haven't even heard even the slightest hints of the idea of formally discussing it.
(outside of specifically deep fandom circles and never leaving them.)

"Similarly, the entity we call a cow ..."
-- A Symbiotic View Of Life: We Have Never Been Individuals.
Scott F. Gilbert, Jan Sapp, Alfred I. Tauber. 2012.

The DOS of Project Governance.

The Geocentrism of Project Governance.

The rsh Of Project Governance.

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