i think the most powerful way to convert someone from centrism to being a leftist is making them realise that the current way of doing things (everybody has to work for a living and we have to work for wages and 40+ hours a week) is not the only way of doing things and our attitude towards work is not precedented in history or necessitated by economics - and i think it's actually surprisingly easy

@cocoron whenever i ask somebody how long they think people worked 500+ years ago, they say stuff like "seventeen hours a day!"

yeah. for one week a year. at peak harvest season.

like, do you know how much "work" a goat shepherd does? they sit under a tree most of the day, smoking and reading!

it's almost the same amount of work people do in their office jobs, except it's more sensible, and less stressful because there's no manager they have to fake "progress" to


Dear user of the fediverse,

today, it is my birthday. I have but one request, and I am sure you already know what it is. But, I will still choose to reiterate myself.

For my birthday, as a gift, I would like some boosts. I hope you can fulfill my request.
Thank you in advance.


Evelien "Citrus" Twee

@ckeen @pinkprius @Laurelai there is also this idea:

(TLDR: don't go mechanic energy->electricity->comressed air->electricity->mechanic energy
when you can go mechanic energy->comressed air->mechanic energy
and then you don't lose a ton of energy

bay area tech leftism is: posting about the revolution while being socially anxious and ignoring the person restocking snacks or fixing the elevator so i am 0% surprised we don’t have solidarity and aren’t getting big things done

including myself in this critique btw

Fun fact: if you open a png in VLC it'll just go "I guess it's 10 seconds long" and just plays it as a video


Any money I receive will go straight to the Forest Cafe. Again, you can walk in and make a donation, or probably call them up and find out their bank details. I just want to make it easy to get money to them.

We can help them get through the month and reach financial stability again. The Forest is our last free community space, supports independent art, and gives free food and a safe space to people who need it. Edinburgh would be lost without it. ✊️


hey friends. I’m told the Forest Cafe (a leftist institution in #Edinburghen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_C) is in rather urgent need of cash.

You can walk in with money and tell them it’s a donation. If can’t make it there in person, I’m happy to forward on money along with my own donations, and I’ll make sure to say it came from you if you want. Just get in touch.

If you don’t have the spare money, please shout about it so other people know. If you do have spare money, donate it, then shout.

tired: chicken coop, where chickens are exploited for their surplus labor

wired: chicken co-op, where all the chickens pool their labor, and make sure no chicken goes without

Some of ya are using the internet and it shows

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I really don't like doing this, but my university application - coming as it did at the end of the month - sucked the last £18 out of my bank account.

I have got nothing until the end of February and I have two job interviews and (hopefully) a university interview to travel to. I need £200 to pay outstanding bills and survive the month. Every tiny bit would help.

I am a trans NB person trying to dump old baggage and start again with life now that I know who I am.


There is no ethical consumption under capitalism, but it does not follow from that that all consumption under capitalism is equally unethical.

so last night at the warming shelter I helped keep 21 people and a doggo out of the cold. it's damn hard work, but if our community of mostly queer and trans anarchists can run a low-barrier non-hierarchical emergency shelter when the state can't i wonder what else we can do

TFW an HN comment just casually fucks your mind:

'The word "revolution" is probably the most deeply ironic one in the whole of the English language. You fight and die to overthrow the oppressor only to end up back where you started.'

Who of you would be interested in a #solarpunk pen and paper role playing game?

I feel that a lot of Solarpunk enthusiasts dont see a potential for worthwhile conflicts in Solarpunk. Its as if after rebelling against the system and corporation suddenly we enter an utopia-like state and everybody gets along.

Solarpunk has a lot of hard questions to ask. How to govern ourselves without hierarchies? How to be meritocratic without engineer dramas?

I have $1 in my heckin bank account 🙃!! And I'm hungry as fuck!!
Love Pokemon??? Love a CERTAIN POKEMON? WANT A Traditionally painted 10 x 8 inch canvas panel of that certain Pokemon sent to you???!!
$20, shipping included. USA only. Please dm me if interested.
(The pictures are examples of what I've done, though they aren't 10 x 8 canvas panels.)

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