#FredMeyer is now hiring scabs in prepation for the possible upcoming strike. $15/hr. So blatant they aren't even hiding.

#PDX #UFCW #1u

pol rant 

The Socialist Calculator Problem

punch in 5318008, turn it upside down, and it now reads MARXISM

Nobody quite knows when this changed, and when we ask the calculators they just smirk

pol rant 

Music hot take 

Hey, i'm just putting this out there, but I have no money 

I've been using @fedilab for a couple of weeks and these are my reactions:
* Excellent feature set, quite impressive
* Doesn't randomly crash the way tusky does
* Because the feature set is so rich, there are a lot of edge cases which need to be handled, some of those have minor issues
* I think the author deserves solidarity because he's pretty clearly not a fascist, IMO he was singled out from all the other clients which don't block gab because he signaled weakness by waffling on the issue.

asking for $ help 

If you fuck up.... That's okay! It happens.

What you need to do then is legitimately apologise, actually understand where you went wrong, and then fix it. Make a legit effort to learn and fix it.

You get called racist? We are all unlearning generations of racism. Just admit it, apologize, learn why it was racist, and correct yourself.

No need to make a scene. No matter how embarrassed you are.

Just apologize and move on. You can gush about your embarrassment later, after you patched it over.

Indigenous people!

Please share this and reply and be my friend! Let's create a community on here where we know we have someone who gets it!

I'll start, I'm Ojibwe. Raised away from the tribe, but am a full member now as an adult.

(If not indigenous, please still share, I wanna reach others)

also you bet your ass i called my property managers and told them josé did a good job. you bet your ass i’m leaving reviews everywhere for josé’s company (which he started himself!!!) mentioning what a great job he did and how sweet and generally excellent he was. SUPPORT SERVICE WORKERS.

Technology is great, but undocumented proprietary hardware is Terrible.

I want to see more socialist science fiction set in space habitats and generation ships, playing off the inherent mutualism in having a relatively small environment that has to be actively maintained and relatively small acts can affect others drastically.

walk into your boss's office, slam your foot on the table, lean into it, shave one eyebrow off into their coffee, leave

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