Gosh, is it " is bad" season again already? This year really has flown by.

"Your instance is bad."

"What's an instance?"

"Well, it's sort of like a small mastodon that's connected to the big mastodon. There are lots of them."


"You must choose!!"

"Wait, but is this permanent?"

"You can change it later."

"Is that easy to do?"


"Ok, I think I'll choose this one."

"You need an invite for that one."

"Why do I need an invite?"

"Because we don't want lots of people joining our instances."

"So can I have an invite?"

"No, we don't know you."

"Hooray! I got a new instance!"

"Cool. It might disappear without warning in a few months. Pretty sure it'll be fine though."

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah, that happens sometimes. Hope your admin doesn't turn out to be a fascist. Good luck!"

@InvaderXan If you're enquiring what's happening, I can assist.

@porsupah I'm sure it's some variation of whatever happened last season. Do we have official seasonal decorations for this time of year yet?

@InvaderXan @porsupah i’m curious about what it is, but like. more out of boredom and a gravity towards drama.

@porsupah @InvaderXan idrk what i expected, but it’s not the fun kind of drama so i’m just going to poke my head back into my tree


"But I can just run my own instance on my own domain and avoid all these problems forever?"


"And are there any downsides to this?"


"Alrighty then..."

@moparisthebest Because nothing says casual social media use quite like setting up and administering an entire web domain

@InvaderXan Why not? It's very easy to set up and maintain an instance and we should be encouraging everyone to do this so they can own their own identity.

@InvaderXan @moparisthebest With solutions like it’s not very difficult. You can even get pre-installed servers with this solution from some associations.

@InvaderXan mastodon dot social always has been hurtful to fediverse
And yeah, the famous mastodon network

@CaptainKateCapsize I'm pretty sure you're not the only one with this kind of experience

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