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*steps onto main street in the western town serving as an analog to mastodon in this metaphor*


_ ,..,.˛˛_˛.,, ˛.,_,_,..˛˛__˛,.,.,__ ˛_˛_.,.,.˛˛

🌳 / \ 🏯
_ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _🚎\_ _ _
🏢 / \ 🌵
🏫/ \
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im back, babey!

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not to be horny on main, but y'all ever seen moss covered embankments bounding woodland streams burbling lazily over stones worn smooth by the centuries?

hmm. last time i tried to figure out switching to linux on my computer didn't go great, but i'm thinking about it a lot again.

cautiously gonna dip my feet in and hopefully i'll get further this time

apparently there’s a whole mess of history behind it and it has significant psychological implications. time to read five wikipedia articles and then get distracted

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hey uh. quick question. is there a reason we depict the earth this direction instead of flipways?

ideally gender studies scholars or whatnot already has a better framework and i just need to read a textbook for once in my life

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I always recommend as a good place to start if you’re looking for alternatives to Google products:

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but like. we got

- chromosomal sex
- assigned gender
- assumed gender
- gender identity
- gender performance
- gender socialized as

and i highkey need better words to crack into those concepts. like, we need to raze the terminological and conceptual hellscape of gender-and-gender-adjacent subjects, and build a new framework for approaching it out of the ashes.

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i was writing out a post about the terminology useful in explaining and defining gender and its related concepts, but then i second guessed and deleted it, and will instead be opting to simply say “gender? i ‘ardly know ‘er!” for the thousandth time.

once more the currents of life’s lazy river push me into the mastodon segment of this incredibly depressing metaphorical waterpark. i am small and weak and will drift away on my inner tube unless latched onto and reeled into shore

mentally cobbling together a leetol pixel terrarium builder

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my head is filled with fog in exciting new ways

the council demands a gentle kiss on the forehead.

meanwhile in my brain:
[heavy industrial turbine]
𝐰𝐮𝐦,,, 𝐰𝐮𝐦,,, 𝐰𝐮𝐦,,, 𝐰𝐮𝐦

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