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*steps onto main street in the western town serving as an analog to mastodon in this metaphor*


_ ,..,.藳藳_藳.,, 藳.,_,_,..藳藳__藳,.,.,__ 藳_藳_.,.,.藳藳

馃尦 / \ 馃彲
_ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _馃殠\_ _ _
馃彚 / \ 馃尩
馃彨/ \
馃彔 馃彙
:fern: 馃拹:blobhyperthink: :aloe:
im back, babey!

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not to be horny on main, but y'all ever seen moss covered embankments bounding woodland streams burbling lazily over stones worn smooth by the centuries?

mentally cobbling together a leetol pixel terrarium builder

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my head is filled with fog in exciting new ways

the council demands a gentle kiss on the forehead.

meanwhile in my brain:
[heavy industrial turbine]
饾惏饾惍饾惁,,, 饾惏饾惍饾惁,,, 饾惏饾惍饾惁,,, 饾惏饾惍饾惁


i hadn't realized how bad covid was getting until maybe an hour ago when i looked at the numbers for the first time in months.

if you remember, back in july the US's daily reported covid cases peaked at around 75k new cases a day.

right now, we're at 192k new cases a day and climbing. that's before the massive influx thanksgiving is sure to bring.

more now than at any point before, stay safe and exercise caution.

don't text, mourning my big brave buzzy minecraft boys 馃槶

@Kat the server swallowed five of my beehives... fifteen brave bees, lost to the digital abyss,,, 馃槬

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okay minecraft you've crashed for the third time now. if you ate my precious beehives again i'm going to be so not jazzed about it :blobcathissing:

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Arh forgot how completely absorbed I get when making games. I loose every sense of time and place.

hmm. minecraft crashed, i restarted my computer, and now my computer really isn鈥檛 jazzed about booting up

uspol, capitalism, military 

having some thoughts that most of y鈥檃ll probably already agree with.

i鈥檝e written the point of this post in two discord servers and hashed it out verbally already so i鈥檓 too tired to really get into the meat of it. i hope y鈥檃ll don鈥檛 mind me just putting screenshots here instead.

i鈥檓 not transcribing them or copy/pasting rn because i want to nap, but if anyone wants me to or thinks i should for accessibility鈥檚 sake just shoot me a message and i鈥檒l happily do that

say goodbye to immanuel kant. now introducing immaterial kat.

my thoughts turn once more towards what comes next. i have very few ideas at the moment, and welcome direction / prompting.

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