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*steps onto main street in the western town serving as an analog to mastodon in this metaphor*


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im back, babey!

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not to be horny on main, but y'all ever seen moss covered embankments bounding woodland streams burbling lazily over stones worn smooth by the centuries?

say goodbye to immanuel kant. now introducing immaterial kat.

my thoughts turn once more towards what comes next. i have very few ideas at the moment, and welcome direction / prompting.

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with the main thrust of the beeble construction complete, all that is left is adjustments and modifications. on the list are:

- 3x3 piston door connecting the beeble pond to the ocean underneath
- minor hive movements
- addition of nametagged bats and bat perches
- giving the bees radical bee names
- greenery additions (ferns, moss)
- proper non-torch unobtrusive lighting
- faux benches and other small objects
- maybe a leetol fox or a single baby slime? who knows

the beeble is not mine, nor anyone’s. the bees do not yet even own it, though in time they may reach an accord with those mighty transparent walls. the beeble does not owe any thanks for its construction. if necessary, it would have self-manifested in spite of our failure to serve as its heralds.

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i cannot wait to log into minecraft tonight after work and continue construction on the big beeble (big bee bubble), a gargantuan undersea hollow glass sphere which will, on completion, serve as the home of a great swarm of bees.

me: only logs onto minecraft when i get a cool idea i want to actualize

they throw the ball and try to hit it and if they hit it they get to run unless they hit it wrong, and if they run they have to dodge people who went and got the ball they hit out of the parking lot and are trying to touch them with it... but can’t touch them with it if they’re on one od three save points... and if they run a full circle their team gets a point? is that it are those the rules?

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oh god is blaseball a trojan horse for disseminating an understanding of the rules of irl baseball? i don’t want to learn

it seems i'm venturing into blaseball now. wish me luck

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Microbogging, the exploration of very small swamps

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Oh you excitable little thing. It isn’t springtime, I just started using the heating at night. Silly.

sometimes i want to make profound toots but don’t have profound thoughts to back that up

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In the USA, a typical person has $60000 of debt by the end of their life. Your overall net wealth is very likely to be a negative number, after living to get into debt and perpetually paying it back. Over an entire human lifetime, most people in the richest country the world has ever known, will effectively own nothing and earn less than nothing.

And yet, the idea persists that communism is bad because it means that “you can’t own anything.”

You don’t own anything now.

is it rude to kill the ender dragon on a friend's server while they're asleep

asking for a friend

same with anarchism. i don’t pretend to know exactly which societal structure is the best to create, but i know what direction we need to head, and that won’t happen on its own.

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communism or just a general leftist shift isn’t inevitable. we need to go out and be the ones to create it.

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