Gosh, is it "mastodon.social is bad" season again already? This year really has flown by.

"Your instance is bad."

"What's an instance?"

"Well, it's sort of like a small mastodon that's connected to the big mastodon. There are lots of them."


"You must choose!!"

"Wait, but is this permanent?"

"You can change it later."

"Is that easy to do?"


"Ok, I think I'll choose this one."

"You need an invite for that one."

"Why do I need an invite?"

"Because we don't want lots of people joining our instances."

"So can I have an invite?"

"No, we don't know you."


"Hooray! I got a new instance!"

"Cool. It might disappear without warning in a few months. Pretty sure it'll be fine though."

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah, that happens sometimes. Hope your admin doesn't turn out to be a fascist. Good luck!"

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