@InvaderXan @garbados The best part of the new Harley Quinn tv show is easily Lake Bell's vocal performance as Poison Ivy, and combined with the laid-back tone of the show it certainly leans into this interpretation of the character, ie. as clearly the most moral entity around.

"'Supervillain'? Actually, I identify as an 'Eco-Terrorist'."

@InvaderXan remind me again why Poison Ivy comics are named after (and focus so much on) the villain Batman?

@InvaderXan you don't own the building has the same energy as but where will you get the money

@InvaderXan It does get harder and harder to see Ivy as a villain. All she'd have to do is explicitly stop murdering and she'd be at worst an antihero.

@InvaderXan Also who wants to bet that the building in that frame is owned by Wayne Enterprises?

@offby1 @InvaderXan Naw of course not, it's owned by GothCorp*

*now a wholly owned subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises

@InvaderXan The more I think about this, the more I wonder how much, if any, critical writing has been done about the differences between Poison Ivy and the Punisher.

@offby1 I wonder this too, actually. Both are quite comfortable to use violence against adversaries who they believe to deserve it. The only difference is their reasoning. Considering how often she acts for nature and the planet itself (at least in later comic books), you could easily argue that her grasp of the bigger picture gives her a stronger moral compass than Punisher.

Though as always, it depends heavily on the writer!

@InvaderXan Of course it does; both can be portrayed on one or other side of that very fuzzy grey area. But it's interesting to me -- now that I've had the idea put in my head -- that the man's vengeful misanthropy makes him a hero while the woman's protective misanthropy makes her a villain.

I am, of course, simplifying the long history of each character significantly.

Also such a fucking scathing indictment of Batman himself.

@pettter @InvaderXan right? "This will be beneficial for multiple scientific reasons"

"but property rights"

@PsyChuan @pettter @InvaderXan the reason people like property rights is that if they are not present then some rando can come and fuck your shit up. It looks cool when you think the shitupfucker is doing something nice, but there is no guarantee that all of them will be.

@byllgrim @PsyChuan @pettter @InvaderXan Which would be a fine argument from a random citizen or an officer of the law, but from the mouth of a heavily equipped vigilante rings rather hollow. Of course little rich boy with issues Wayne would protect the building over the people. ;)

@Steinar @PsyChuan @pettter @InvaderXan I'm not entirely sure why that would be hollow. But anyway, wouldn't it be kinda weird if a hero decided to enforce an ad hoc law and use their might to overrule the justice system? Or (I don't know batman lore) are the lawmakers of gotham corrupt and batman is powerless to make a change?

@byllgrim @PsyChuan @pettter @InvaderXan The point is Batman is breaking laws himself, and rather more serious laws than property damage. “Vigilantism looks cool when the shitupfucker is doing something nice...”

New head canon? Batman is an invincible hero with the best plot armor in the business, and a multibillionaire to boot, that he is unable to change Gotham shows he is somehow in the game himself.

@PsyChuan why do you say this? None of the other replies under the op was in response to an explicit request for opinion. Neither was your own first post in this thread. So why exactly do you respond in this way to me?

@InvaderXan @kensanata when she’s not being all murdery, Ivy is the hero we all need 👍

(Every Batman that came after Adam West and Michael Keaton is a villain imho. Their decision to make Commissioner Gordon the hero in “Gotham” was a good one)

@InvaderXan Counterintuitively, smog slows down climate change

But CO2 does speed it up

@schratze what if we allow climate change to, you know, "wash over"? could we spray the smog with bleach? @InvaderXan


@nergal @schratze Ok, I need to clear this up, because there are all kinds of things wrong here.

Firstly, smog is created by a photochemical reaction when unburnt hydrocarbons (emitted by combustion engines) react with solar ultraviolet. In principle, this kind of air pollution can increase the albedo of Earth's atmosphere, making it more reflective, which can cause global cooling. But to have that kind of effect, it needs to be present on a global scale. We do NOT want this to happen.

Smogs are associated with areas with high levels of CO2 emissions, and the environmental damage caused by smog cannot be overstated. In humans alone, they have numerous damaging effects on health, including lung damage, premature death, and birth defects.

Removing/reducing the number of combustion engines, reducing the emissions, and purifying the atmosphere is a feasible remedy.

Bleaching the atmosphere? I'm afraid this idea doesn't even make sense. That would just... make the smog white?


@InvaderXan but we bleach food. the food gets white. it is still good! how do we know the environment has no process to make use of cleaning the smog with bleach?

rapidly cooling the planet's surface would encourage the magma to push to the surface making more liveable space. it would also renew oil reserves.

no matter how crazy this gets, keep the discussion going.


@nergal @schratze I'm sorry, but literally none of this makes any sense.


@InvaderXan true. was imagining some profit-centric, entitled, disconnected, mega-rich person arguing.

there are studies that refute climate change and global warming through things like saying samples are corrupted by cloud cover and lack thereof.

i do not support cancel culture.


@InvaderXan "We are not going to correct those ideas, to enlighten him towards rejecting them and deciding to treat women as equals through a punitive approach! The only approach that could possibly work is an educational one! Engaging in speech, dialogue, discussion and leading him to re-examine his own ideas." wetheweb.org/post/cancel-we-th
this makes lots of sense to me.

@InvaderXan I have spent hours trying to find which issue this clip is from. Where did you find it?

@vidyasagar I forget where exactly I found this panel, so I went looking. It's from Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1, written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, and illustrated by Bret Blevins.

You can read it online here:

@InvaderXan why does anyone like Batman when Poison Ivy is right there?

@InvaderXan I think she has a pretty sound argument that vines are allowed to grow up buildings all the time and nobody gets in trouble for it but whenever SHE so much as thinks of doing a little gardening fucking batman shows up
there are no laws against plants growing up buildings, what she's doing is 100% legal

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