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re: vox contract / union fight, the phrase "health benefits for part timers" almost made me cry. Fuck America.

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i love unironically and uncritically reporting stories about obvious USA false flags and being a boomer journalist in 2019. just fucking repeating whatever the police or military pr depts tell me.

Moving day has been alright so far! I’m currently slightly over an hour into the 4 hour drive from Miami to Orlando; just ate lunch

some famous 'probably bi' characters from history:
- gilgamesh
- socrates
- jesus
- Lao tsu
- cleopatra
- leonidas
- ruth
- david
- Mary magdelene
- boudica
- shakespeare
- Emily dickinson
- ummmm
- Charles Darwin? nah probbly not

getting a flood warning in my area like 'oh cool. please. great. sweep away all this passive violence and quiet depravity. let me just once struggle for survival against an enemy I can see. cleanse this whole damn continent.'

the worlds gone to shit. no one knows whats up anymore

Danny didn't really fail in GoT, she just did a targaryen speedrun.

The circle of leftists with all their various flags surrounds me, the last sectarian, "We're finally united, you're going down, disharmonious sectarian."

"North Korea" I say out loud. They immediately turn upon each other and rip themselves to shreds

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