downsizing my chungus to fit my tiny house lifestyle

once an airport gets big enough, it develops a malicious sentience. Hartsfield-Jackson, as the world's busiest airport, is the single evilest building ever created. it has to consume about 20 people per day to satiate it's sinister hunger -- all of whom vanish completely unnoticed among the 300,000 daily passengers with the misfortune to enter it.

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Imagine being so gay that 2400 years later the term for people who come from the island where you live still means gay.

Is there an open/libre alternative to Twitch? Something where you can make a profit?

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Jazz music plays from everywhere and a white grid covers every surface.

casting myself into the fire
to finally incinerate entire
send a message without a wire
replace email with a pyre

it's almost time to stream Caves of Qud. I can feel it.

everything's going to shit but i still gotta eat and keep my lights on

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