i feel like i would be really goot at piloting an evangelion

right wing nut jobs ten years ago: the govt has a plan called Jade Helm. they have busses with restraints and mobile concentration camps in the desert!

right wing nut jobs today: wow im so glad someone was able to rapidly erect dozens of concentration camps along the border!

hey, what was all that drama re: sunbeam.city about?

Mastodon has a very high concentration of adorable weirdos.

Intellectual Property is when you dress up a peanut in a top hat and a monocle and get a lawyer to make sure no one else ever does this

going on an adventure later and i better not learn any valuable lessons along the way!!

Not having anything coherent to say has never stopped me before

might fuck around and willfully suspend disbelief to immerse myself in virtual worlds that offer a greater sense of control than my normative reality

You're in The Sea Terminal.
A dull turquoise light illuminates the area and loosely scattered seas are floating around.

You're on the deck of a hovercraft in The Cove of Missionary.
Loosely scattered gears are floating around and ska music plays from above.

what's with all the italianposting today? yall wanna go to italy and buy a cheap villa?

youtube is a trap that baits you in with Lykke Li songs, then tries to suggest Jordan Peterson videos.

things characters can do besides hurt stuff 

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