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Here are some of my favorite books of the year so far:
Them Charming Gargantuans - "Five Days" Butler
Stone Chalice - Embold Cinnebock
China Doll Doomship - Summord Korn
Kinematic Elucidations - Dorvin the Elementalist
Koans for the Brokenhearted - Alice Shake
Shame and the Reinvention of Hysteria - Herinvoltinus Cumlax

@wintgenstein every great post consists of 3 parts. "the pledge", the poster shows you a bad post. the second part is "the turn" where the post is good,, actually. now the reader is looking for the secret but of course they're not really looking. they want to be fooled. because making a good bad post isnt enough. now you have to prove you can actually write, which is the hardest part. we, in the posting game, call this "the prestige"

Americans need to resist as long as they are alive. Move to Philly. Buy a loft. Start a noise band. Get six or seven roommates. Eat hummus with them. Book some gigs. Paint. Smoke cloves. Listen to Animal Collective. Start some type of salsa company.

BDSM teaches us that the only healthy hierarchy is pre-negotiated and temporary.

it is impossible to own living things. or anything. ownership is a delusion.

I have inspiration but I guess not enough discipline to work? like, I have a project but I never write

y'all ever write a story where there aren't any protagonists and the character you most relate to is the one who said "fuck it, making decisions sucks" and gave herself up to a deity she doesn't understand

Holy crap I downloaded Lynx ( command line web browser ) and it has such a cool like old school/cyberpunk feel to it I love it!

Restating this for #ArtTips :

You need to create for the job you want. You need to make illustrations if you want to be an Illustrator, you need to make games if you want to make games, you need to make comics if you want to make comics.

Do it with passion! Do it with indulgence! Create these things for yourself! Personal works in your relevant field can be ESSENTIAL for a portfolio!

one of the most revolutionary ideas about education is that classes (esp higher level classes) are basically just book clubs. follow the right reading lists and you'll be basically as well informed was so-called intellectuals, just without the formal paperwork saying you are

some of those topics:

-capitalism is destroying me
-we're not gonna fix climate change and everything's gonna be ruined by the time I'm 50
-We'd all be so much healthier if we lived more communally
-Why Are People In Tech Like This(TM)
-My life will be better if I spend my tax refund on [nonessential thing]
-Classic Rock as a radio format was a product of a racist society and still reinforces it
-the racism and homophobia behind the Death of Disco was horrifying and mostly unacknowledged

AOC turns me into the House Un-american activities committee asmr

where can u go when its all in ur head;
these were the last words that i ever said

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