When you buy vegetables like pak choi, you are buying a plant. So treat it like a plant. Don’t dump it in the fridge where it’ll wilt after 3 days. Put it in water where it can stay alive and healthy for weeks.

Eventually roots will start to grow. After you strip off the outer leaves for your dinner, leave a few of the tiny inner leaves. You can then plant it and leave it to grow back.

@InvaderXan It's an absolute mess right now but later in the week I plan on photographing and documenting my in-house food storage.

I like, keep carrots an stuff submerged in cold water filled with hydroponics pebbles and stuff; all my veggies are alive and growing up to the point they're used.

Yes, please share ! Some people seems using sand for roots like carrots, turnip, etc. But I always wondered how to handle leeks, cabbage, onions etc.


@0gust1 @InvaderXan I realized that later in the week it will all be clean... because i'll have eaten all the veggies. so i'll have toshow you nextweek.

But i just set them on top of moist well-drained "soil" (in this case, the same hydroponic pellets the carrots getsubmerged in.

Y'know I guess in theory I could probably do it all in one thing, just float the onions on top as long asnot much of the onion goes under water...

some caps 

@teslas_moustache When I have enough living space, I'm looking forward to setting up some hydroponic systems, myself!

@InvaderXan green onions are like this! once you eat the green part, you can put the white part with roots in a jar of water, or plant it in dirt and you'll get more green onions for basically free, it rocks

@InvaderXan i've had my onions going for six months now, it's great; trying garlic now too

@bonzoesc Garlic is super easy to grow. And the garlic greens are very tasty too.

@InvaderXan It's so great to have your post abouts plants back, you make the timelime beautiful 💚

@InvaderXan this is really interesting! So vegetables that appreciate this would be like:
* mustard greens
* lettuce
* cabbage
* fresh spinach

Right?? Any of those incorrect? Are there others I could add? I'm assuming root vegetables are still just as happy sitting in my cupboard or fridge for the week.

@Lambdanaut You'd ideally need something which has some of the base stem, where the roots grow from. It's harder with things like spinach if all you have are the leaves. Not impossible, but not easy either.

@InvaderXan yes! Please be cautious about planting non-native vegetables outdoors, though. Many will fare poorly, and some can cause issues for local wildlife if care is not taken in their handling. Invasive spreading is only rarely a concern.

Your local university agriculture department will often advise you on such matters at no cost, and in most cases it’s not complex or expensive to handle it properly


@InvaderXan Glad you're back! Gonna set up a full edible hydroponics system in my kitchen when I get my own place.

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