Thinking about practice and it seems like a lot of the basic ground level stuff one can do personally is just stuff us poors have to do to survive; but that economically privleged probably never need to think about.


to me, means that we have to get everyone to change how they live, and not just focus on our everyday lives.

People who have never gotten on a plane in their lives have to get private airplane ownership and use banned.

@raye oh absolutely, I was thinking oneaneindividual level, to start with.

@Hylyx that's not that punk... thats #solarhippie ... a #solarpunk takes actions on the streets and provoking the crash of the capitalist system. :acab: I like more the #solarchaos which is something i still have to write a manifesto about.. a mix between #solarpunk and #chaos :anarchoheart2:

@ajeremias I mean, why not both! Not everyone can take to the streets but everyone can contribute.

@Hylyx yeah.. of course.. but if u don't do this second part.. then the meaning of all of this becames really not a struggle of the poor against the rich.. but just a "survival" of the poor because of the rich.. :squat:

@ajeremias yeah. I just meant super basic stuff anyone could do if they cared. (next: *make* them care!!)

e.g.: the poorest folks at a monthly event I attend take transit and/or carpool, but financially comfortable folks drive the 100+ miles alone and the richest fly from cross-country.

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