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and bad at talking about myself.
Hiii just your weirdo here. Into making stuff, working on my home, reading, simple but tasty drinks with .
New friends welcome, let's build right the fuck over the top of patriarchy, racism, and capitalism and throw into the void.
I love *all* the , follow a diet, and can't wait to buy land in the and go totally . Trying to recruit solarpunks to bring some some good future to -apocalyptic events.

Boosts and flirts ok unless stated otherswise!

Omnes Feles Pulchrae Sunt! (i think that's right. Been a looooong time since latin class)

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PoC who fight back are so much braver than anything I have ever done. yeah I like to think I'm hot shit at an antifa rally in there with the rest of them, but I'm a well spoken white kid who is poor as fuck but I know how to put on that respectability shit, I always have a way out, I won't be killed in police custody, I won't face deportation after having lived here since I was 5, I won't face that same level of brutality when apprehended. every comrade of colour who has the confidence to fight back is braver than any troop has ever been and ever could be, they're risking so much to fight for those who can't

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Knowing someone in ur family or circle that deals w antiblackness means that they deal w it. Not you.

Your approximatity to it doesn't make it ur lived experience. Quit playing.
This is said for anything else. It is happening to them not you. Not yours to speak about not is it an experience to claim.

Feeling restless and like trash. I really want to take the War Box downtown tomorrow for street medic stuff and water/power needs but it's also my literal home sooo if it got stolen by pigs or something i'd be pretty well fucked. :very_angry_ms:

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(This one is unlocked because I

You cannot hide behind the label of, "oh but I'm [insert oppressed label here] so I can't be guilty of [insert different kind of oppression here]"

like, "I'm [queer] so I can't be guilty of [doing a racism]"

it doesn't work that way, and saying that it does is Some Bullshit.

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@ white queer folks 

Don't say stuff like "trans lives matter" or "queer lives matter" etc. That's not our saying to repurpose.

We have a million other sayings/slogans to say about queers in particular- use those instead.

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if violence isn't the answer how come it's the us state's answer to everything

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Undercover cops are provoking violence in order to escalate the use of force.

The few systems they have in place that prevent them from killing us for fun can be circumvented by simply taking off the uniform.

Cops are domestic terrorists.

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It is quite apparent that the internet needs to move away from #cloudflare
I ran an #tor exitnode for a few hours (mostly for testing combined with a miss in config) and now does cloudflare prompt me with a #captcha every, single, minute.

Do youself and your user a favour, and move away from cloudflare


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"Once you realize most of society is quite sick & confused & unconscious, you stop using what 'most people' do or think as a measure of what's good or right for you."

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Toxic ableism 

I keep reading things like Β«In times of crisis you see who your true friends areΒ». That is toxic and wrong.

Your real friends may be the ones that really need your help right now but can't find the courage or the energy to ask for it. So they don't say anything.

In times of crisis you can only tell which people are willing and able to give, and for everyone else you don't know, they might need you.

So if you can, go be a friend, and maybe make new great friends. People need it.

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browser extension that lets u browse amazon then buy that stuff on a website that's not amazon

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Here's a really cool online store that is ENTIRELY Indigenous run!

It is Ojibwe and all the money goes towards helping Ojibwe people!

Hell yeah!

PG enby, ec. 

Happy to have this cheetah to snuggle.

Advice needed: how to tell a very depressed and unwell friend I care a lot about that they're treating me like garbage lately

Iii can't decide, how bout you?

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"Looks like we measured an extra dozen yards somehow, boss!"

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