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and bad at talking about myself.
Hiii just your weirdo here. Into making stuff, working on my home, reading, simple but tasty drinks with .
New friends welcome, let's build right the fuck over the top of patriarchy, racism, and capitalism and throw into the void.
I love *all* the , follow a diet, and can't wait to buy land in the and go totally . Trying to recruit solarpunks to bring some some good future to -apocalyptic events.

Boosts and flirts ok unless stated otherswise!


Tfw when you try to reach out to people on an exceptionally bad mh day and get no support wheeee too bad the main street nearby has a low speed limit so I can't just walk in front of a bus

Awhile ago a friend gave me seeds from his morning glory vine... one of mine had its first flower and it grew up a beautiful varigated friend!!!

Topless enby pic 

Someone objectify me or something so I maybe feel a tiny bit better :boost_ok:

Vegan/gf lemon bars finally cool enough to taste. I don't hate them but the crust absolutely needs some work.


Currently blasting skinny puppy, getting hammered, and making a fuckton of food. Some things never change.

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When asked about fears of automation in 1969, Arthur C. Clarke famously said that we shouldn't worry about automation: "the goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play." I have never seen his answer quoted in full.

Oooo, new A Stick and a Stone album *and* a new Hydrogen Sea album so far this year! I guess not *everything* is terrible. (check them both out at bandcamp!) ASAAS is fronted by an amazingly talanted transmasc person!!


Everything still feels like noncompostable garbage ping me if you care


Oh that reminds me I wanna make that "vulture feed grade A" stencil into a patch


Just looking at maps of death valley and seeing where looks cool and not caring if I return


Just giving up on having a computer. And really hard not to give up on everytaing else right now

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“A praxis that includes refusal, rest and radical care today and always. Giving thanks to my Ancestors for the deep ways they crafted rest and leisure for themselves. Thinking of the power of being subversive and the clarity that comes from stopping and saying NO.

Grind culture can NOT have me. I pray that you also refuse the toxic notion of doing all the things to simply prove your worth. Our existence is our worth. Rest and ease is our birthright” - The Nap Ministry

If you know the song, sing along:
*myyyyyyy* to-do list is eight miles long
Absolutely everything has gone wrong
Let's all scream at the void and sing this song
My to-do list is eight miles loooooooooooonnnnnggggggggg[

Ethanol mention 

Absolutely attacked by this meme

Super cool for my laptop and my slate (e-ink book reader) to die in the same week. I just don't get to hve any post 1970s tech.

Anyone have a Thinkpad they're willing to part with? My laptop finally died for good and I wanna go back to a thinkpad. Preferably with a dvd drive so I can use that space for a second hdd. My budget's like $300. Thanks! :boost_ok:

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Direct action is the insistence, when faced with structures of unjust authority, on acting as if one is already free.
-- David Graeber

#anarchism #quote #bot

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