Thinking about practice and it seems like a lot of the basic ground level stuff one can do personally is just stuff us poors have to do to survive; but that economically privleged probably never need to think about.

@Hylyx that's not that punk... thats #solarhippie ... a #solarpunk takes actions on the streets and provoking the crash of the capitalist system. :acab: I like more the #solarchaos which is something i still have to write a manifesto about.. a mix between #solarpunk and #chaos :anarchoheart2:


@ajeremias I mean, why not both! Not everyone can take to the streets but everyone can contribute.

@Hylyx yeah.. of course.. but if u don't do this second part.. then the meaning of all of this becames really not a struggle of the poor against the rich.. but just a "survival" of the poor because of the rich.. :squat:

@ajeremias yeah. I just meant super basic stuff anyone could do if they cared. (next: *make* them care!!)

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