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Everyone keeps saying SBC is shutting down but the one thing I don't see saying is when.

I can't tell in all the incoherence if that's tangible or intangible.

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Hey guys, gals and nonbinary pals. I'm gonna get my ass back over to @interneteh

Follow me there if you don't already please.

Also, boost to help people find me plz

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trying to help make sure sunbeam isn't shuttered. I think we can manage moving responsibilities to other folks and keep it alive. please feel free to message me if you want to help

From a different place and a different conversation, and yet I find it resonates with me for so many situations in my present life.

"We cannot build something better by attacking our closest allies, by assuming everyone who disagrees is acting in bad faith, or that "we alone" can fix it. That is what abusers do.

What good is burning down the system if we build our new one from the same foundation?"

The City of announces that , scheduled for March 13-20 is now cancelled due to concerns around the

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I am not worried, per se. We have relevant supplies and a few more are ordered.

Later today I plan to take a walk on the beach - I live nearby. I'm getting a bit of a cabin fever.

How you doing, #Seattle ?

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I was put in touch with the clothing company, and I picked my shirt and swim trunk outfit and apparently, it's already on its way to me.

I went with the Blue Bottles set.

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sbc history 

when wewereseeds showed back up I got to thinking that maybe we should compile a brief oral history of sbc so that we can maybe learn from this shit show? Unfortunately I didn't spend enough time here to get various important events, so here's what I got---

Cocoron made the instance in Belfast North Ireland on the godaddy service for people who have a solarpunk ethos. I can't find a date for this but I'm guessing early 2018. When I arrived in mid 2018 the local timeline was essentially all diy projects, FOSS stuff, and cool alt. living people. While SBC has always been by and for anarchists early on this was not the emphasis as there was a minority section of liberals and libertarians. The Loomio site was set up in july of 2018 and from there I have a clearer picture of what went down.

I'm gonna write part two of this later when I'm not on my lunch break.

postponed to Summer 2020 continued...

All Photo Ops, Autographs, workshops, evening events & Lyte tickets will be refunded

Small blue diamond March 2020 tickets will not be valid for the new show dates. As soon as we secure new show dates and know when tickets will be on sale, we'll let everyone else know!

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Postponed until Summer 2020

"To all of our fans – you will receive a refund on your tickets, no further action is needed on your part. Due to the volume, we expect you will receive your refund in 30 days. We appreciate your patience and understanding."

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Today in all-staff emails, my hospital is down to a 7-day supply of masks. This is essential protective equipment for workers at high risk of exposure to a variety of nasties, not just #covid19.


If you want to wear something to remind you not to touch your face, use a scarf or a bandanna. Or, here is a free sewing pattern for a cloth mask:

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I realize that some people are wearing masks as a way to mitigate racism while out in public. I will make & mail up to 3 masks using this pattern to PoC who would otherwise buy disposable masks for this purpose.

DM me with your address and color preferences, I have a pile of old men's shirts to use so it's mostly blue squares or blue stripes but there's a couple of dark red plaids and a green checkered one in there too.

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This forum will also be online for a while:

I don't know if that's useful or not.

Public health briefing livestream from Seattle 

and officials give a live briefing on the situation and response

Briefing on Federal Emergency Funding Package for COVID-19 Response
Speakers include:
• Governor Jay Inslee
• Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01)
• Congressman Derek Kilmer (WA-06)
• King County Executive Dow Constantine

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Can anyone please help me mirror the wiki please?

I put it on dat. You just need Beaker Browser:

Just go to this dat address and toggle and click "Seed this sites files".


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A picture of Pharaoh-Let-My-People-Go the Cat and a pretty good shelfie to bless the timeline

Fri Mar 6, Univ of WA suspends in-person classes 

The big new Friday AM is that the campus in is suspending all in-person classes and finals, and switching to all remote learning for the remainder of the winter quarter, thru March 20.

They expect to reopen normally on March 30th for spring quarter.

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Black out day, selfies, eye contact 

Five years ago today the first #BlackOutDay happened over on Tumblr. It was wonderful getting inundated in images of black folks and taking a break from images of whiteness. Being as surrounded by whiteness as I generally am out was definitely something I needed to see at the time.

Here's an assortment of images of me from the past year for this and happy #FineFemmeFriday to everybody.

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