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This is the first book from the library on where I could literally open the book and put practical use straight to work.

Written by a professional organizer who sometimes works with ADHD clients, this book is geared towards efficiency above all else, and breaks topics down by rooms or specific tasks in rooms. It's good for house-wide issues or attacking areas where stuff is piled up.

I will be attempting a variety of these suggestions over the next few days.

As the admins drift off to slumber, and the local is eerily silent, we shall relax and murmur to each other of hopes and dreams.
Welcome, sunbeam, to

@checkervest there's literally nothing homeowners hate about homeless people that wouldn't be solved by giving them a home.

They leave trash around! Yeah they lack garbage pickup. Give them a home

They are always ranting and raving. Me too, but I have four walls so nobody sees. Give them a house

They're dirty. They don't have a room dedicated to getting clean. Give them a home

My watch of the day was a DVD from the library, Worlds of

It's an overview documentary, looking at her entire career, with interview bits and commentary from writers whom she influenced.

I recommend it, :_witchhat: :_witchhat: :_witchhat: :_witchhat: :_witchhat:

If anyone finds any artwork with floral robots, please send it to me! I want to see all of the cyborgs gardening. The robots inspired by nature. The mechanical mixed with the aesthetic

New moderators; SBC meta 

Totally not a pagan celebration at all. Just a big blowout before Lent. Honest.

Here is late winter . They corms are starting to wind down after a winter of up-taking nutrients. I expect it to take to the end of March for all of the saffron leaves to die-back.

On February 19, 1942, FDR signed Executive Order 9066, which forced over 120,000 US citizens of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps, where they stayed until 1946.

The Japanese-American community observes today as a

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

Does anyone here who's in attend the Ingersoll Center's support groups?

If so, what was that like? How has that been for you?

labeling the ink toner cartridge with "CONTAINS 0% JUICE"

A bit on the blunt side as far as pruning goes, but having my make fruit that it drops over the fence into the neighbors yard will be stopped by my sawing off the end of several branches. I had to thin so much of that fruit anyway, I don't mind that part of the tree will produce less while it recovers and grows some new spurs.

call to action, democratic civil engagement 

@cosine those interacting with adults need to know that they are all adults, and those interacting with accounts that could be minors should be informed that they are underaged. So, hopefully, there is no accidental boundary crossing.
Like, for example, my choice not to interact with underaged users. I need to know, even generally, how old the other user is before I interact so I know what parameters to work with. And if a minor interacts with an account, and it gets personal, the minor may chose a different reaction based on the age of the user.

Put your pronouns in your bio. Put your age in your bio.

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