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This is the first book from the library on where I could literally open the book and put practical use straight to work.

Written by a professional organizer who sometimes works with ADHD clients, this book is geared towards efficiency above all else, and breaks topics down by rooms or specific tasks in rooms. It's good for house-wide issues or attacking areas where stuff is piled up.

I will be attempting a variety of these suggestions over the next few days.

The website for the band says they are playing in Oakland CA the evening of Feb 24, but it just went out on :birdsite: that they will be playing live Monday at noon at the (campus gates @ Bay & High Sts)

Wedding the veggie bed, I found a baby that over-wintered. It got picked, washed in cold water and popped into the fridge to crisp up a bit. I figure it’s gonna be two tiny bites.

uspol/Feb 23rd by cartoonist Jesse Duquette 

smash that like button, that subscribe button, fuck it just smash all of them i don’t know which one stops the reactor core oh god we’re all gonna die

I thrifted this cute set of drawers a few years back, and it’s been set aside with two broken drawers for some time now.

I finally made up my mind on or ditch. Not the most elegant glue job but I like the drawers.

🚨 :boost_ok: important SBC stuff, the Discourse :boost_ok: 🚨 

TIL that the and storms in the image I tooted earlier this AM are called a Squall Line.

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Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe member and professional chef Sean Sherman (The Sioux Chef) made this video to explain the perspective about

For non-US folks, it's the mountain where four white male presidential heads are carved, in the state of

DECREASE combined with sincerity Brings about supreme good fortune Without blame. One may be persevering in this. It furthers one to undertake something. How is this to be carried out? One may use two small bowls for the sacrifice. THE CORNERS OF THE MOUTH. Perseverance brings…

concept: short friend wears a shirt that says king sized and tall friend wears a crop top that says fun sized

I did my a day early to avoid rain. Much needed garden repair. Simple but annoying to do, and so satisfying afterward. The frame is now ready to hold netting over the entire garden bed.

Follow up to the Very Queer Health Fair:

1) what an awesome event!
2) have much paperwork for name and gender marker changes and for how to get the costs paid for by someone who is not me
3) got a sheet of breathing exercises to help unkink my back after I wear my binder
4) got my blood sugar tested - all good
5) got my blood pressure tested - all good
6) had a great conversation with a health care provider that does a lot with the queer community and accepts my insurance
7) so many stickers....

I am edgy n wear spikes but I also carry a stuffed animal and I think that's pretty autistic and sexy of me

This is a very tiny guitar-- It's about the size of a human blood cell and can be played with a laser, and is technically responsible for the highest note ever played on a musical instrument. Each of the strings is only about 100 atoms across.

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